14 year old driver! Japanese girl won the F4 first show at the age of 11

 14 year old driver! Japanese girl won the F4 first show at the age of 11

Noda Shurun just turned 14 in February this year. Due to the age limit, many official competitions held in Japan are not qualified to play. Therefore, the whole family came to Denmark from this year to participate in the local F4 series, and the age at least 14 meets the age requirements of F4 in Denmark. Affected by the outbreak, the battle time of F4 in Denmark was delayed by one and a half months, but this did not affect Yeda Shurun to prove himself.

As the so-called tiger father has no dog, Hiroshi Noda is the daughter of former F1 driver Hideki Noda, who became an F1 racing driver in 1994 and the only Japanese driver who has participated in F1, indylights and Leman 24-hour endurance race. Noda has undoubtedly inherited his fathers racing pedigree. At the age of 3, he began to contact the kart, driving F4 at the age of 9 and F3 at the age of 10. Needless to say, although he is young, Noda has become an old driver.

In addition to driving for a long time, Noda Shurun, a young man, has also achieved outstanding results. In 2017, Noda Shurun, who is about 1.4m tall and weighs only 30kg, drove F4 racing car to brush the result of 1:32.8, creating the lap speed record of Okayama International Circuit U17. Known as the youngest female race car driver in the world, Noda Shurun is also the first primary school professional race car driver in the world. At the age of 11, she drove the car at the fastest speed of 240km / h, and became the youngest formula F3 driver in Japan.

Nodas goal is to open the door of F1 hall and become the first female driver to win the F1 championship. Although it is still far away from this goal, Nodas progress is indeed very fast. It is worthy of being a talented girl in the racing industry. After winning the Danmai F4 championship, it means that Noda has the capital to advance towards her dream.