Dads love: 1 in mouth, 10 in heart, 200 in wedding

 Dads love: 1 in mouth, 10 in heart, 200 in wedding

A Portuguese father suffering from severe color blindness, his world has been dark for decades.

Wearing glasses, father saw the color of the world for the first time.

The blue of the sky, so beautiful.

He cant wait to take out his mobile phone to see what color the dogs hair is.

Back in the car, the father hugged his daughter with emotion.

As soon as he changed his old image of tough guy, he couldnt help wiping a tear.

Father is like a superhero, holding up a sky with his hands. Over the years, they have been used to forbearance and strength, and we have been used to being protected. But when we really grow up, we find that he also has his own vulnerability.

What are the warm stories between you and your father?

When father s day came, we chose several screen works to show you the secrets of the role of father.

Fathers love is the source of courage and strength

In Japan, there is a program called chupai, which records the story of more than 2000 children going out for the first time.

Without the company of parents, children need to face their own problems in life.

Li AI, who was only 3 years old, took the first step in his life with his fathers encouragement.

Her task to challenge is not easy:

First, go to the supermarket to buy the stew materials that dad wants, then go to the flower shop to buy the carnation for mom, and finally get the cake back.

Uneasiness, fear, loneliness.

Although I couldnt help crying all the time, I didnt stop.

Because she remembered what her father said: go ahead bravely.

However, just after shopping in the supermarket, she could not help sobbing when she thought of herself as the only one.

When everyone thought she was going to give up, she felt something in her pocketu2014u2014

He peeled one and put it in his mouth, as if it was full of strength and courage.

As she cheered herself on, she continued to finish the task that her father told her.

On the way, friendly strangers are encouraging and helping her.

On the other side, in fact, Dad stayed where he was and didnt leave.

Until he saw the child with a big bag and a small bag, he finally put down the big stone in his heart.

The child burst into tears, and the father was already in tears.

Although distressed, but Dad did not get up to help her, always waiting in place.

The last section of the road must be completed by herself.

Our life is full of countless first time challenges.

When I was a child, I crossed the road and rode a bicycle for the first time;

First time staying in school and traveling alone in childhood;

For the first time in adulthood, looking for a job and falling in love

Behind every breakthrough and growth, there is a silent watch and support.

In most peoples impression, fatherly love is not as delicate as maternal love, it is silent.

But this love, invisible gave us the greatest courage and strength.

In the movie wrestling dad, the winner of the competition, Gita, said:

I can do it because my father always believed that I could.

This line touched countless people.

Wrestling Dad

Children will leave their parents one day. What parents can do is not to protect them all the time, butu2014u2014

Teach children to be brave and independent, and learn how to face growing problems.

Just like that little courage candy, lets forget about fear and loneliness and move on.

02 dads dream when he was young

When we talk about dreams, have you ever thought about what Dads dream was when he was young?

There is an episode in please answer 1988. Several dads sit together and talk about their dreams when they were young.

The hardware stores Zhenghuan father dreamed of becoming a scientist when he was a child.

The father of the watch shop, his dream is to be a wrestler.

Donglong father, the teaching director, once wanted to be a dancer who dominates the stage.

Mention once dream, dads slightly show vicissitudes of life on the face suddenly have light, the corner of the eye also has a smile.

So, what is the dream of Deshan dad, the bank chief?

Theres no explanation in the play, but when she was leading Deshan, her father told her that it doesnt matter if she didnt think clearly when she was young. Dreaming of this kind of thing will come out slowly.

Deshan became relaxed and asked Dad with a smile:

Whats dads dream now?

Dad said that his dream now is oneu2014u2014

I hope the three children are safe and healthy.

The thoughts of other dads coincide with those of Deshan dada.

Donglongs father, who loves dancing, hopes that his son will not be too young like himself, just playing and not studying.

Zheng Huans father also said that he didnt expect anything else. He only hoped that the child would be healthy.

Very simple, very simple.

Is this the wish of the father all over the world?

Hearing this answer, many people, like Deshan, cry red.

When every father was young, he also had a bohemian youth and dream. They also had fire in their hearts and light in their eyes.

Like you and me, Ive chased popular songs, fashionable and beautiful shapes, loved trends and fantasies, and also had some unrealistic dreams Rebellious, crazy, and obsessed with poetry and distance.

Until the arrival of children, their lives have been fettered.

There is a topic in human observation. If my daughter and boyfriend are more than ten years older than my father, what will my father do?

The father in the movie staged a big face fight sceneu2014u2014

Before his daughter went home, he was optimistic that age was not a problem in front of love.

When he saw that his daughter was married to an old grandfather, his father said with great concern:

Although this is the trickery effect of the program, the father said the true voice of his father all over the world:

Dad, always the most critical person in the world for your boyfriend.

When my daughter marries, my fathers first reaction is fear. Im afraid that the other side cant take care of you. Im afraid that you will be wronged in the future. Im afraid that youll have a bad life.

Recently, there is a very popular wedding video on Weibo.

On the day of his daughters marriage, his father said to his son-in-law, if your daughter is too headstrong, you are not satisfied with her, and do not raise your hand to beat her.

I cant forgive you. You tell me I can come and pick her up.

Micro BLOG @ anchor Jin 3S

Many people say that the most moving moment in a wedding is always when the father takes his daughters hand and hands it to the groomu2014u2014

In please answer 1988, the most tearful segment is Paulas marriage episode.

Paula sent his father a small shirt size, leather shoes to buy a big, but the father has been laughing and said just right, the daughter knows her best.

It wasnt until the wedding ceremony that Paula found out that her fathers shoes were stuffed with paper towels.

The father who is not good at words always hides his love.

It was not until the day of his daughters marriage that he wrote a letter to express his inner feelings for the first time:

Paula, I hope you dont forget that from the moment you were born, you are Dads most precious gem.

Thank you so much for being my daughter.

When we were little, we always fought with dad.

We complain that he is always so strict and tough, that he doesnt know himself at all.

After growing up, I slowly found that under the hard shell of my father, there was also a weak and soft side.

He will also be afraid that you will leave and that you will no longer need him.

As Paula said:

When I was a child, Superman lived in my family. When and where anyone got into trouble, he would appear and solve everything.

When I understand, its not easy to understand that Superman is also human. The reason why dad can survive is that he has people to guard.

Dad was never Superman until you became powerful.

Once they held up a sky for us, now its our turn to protect them.

I wish the father of the whole world happiness and well-being.


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