Written on fathers Day: the greatest wealth a father can bring to a child is family style!

 Written on fathers Day: the greatest wealth a father can bring to a child is family style!

They are like a piece of shining steel. We have thought of approaching it and picking it up countless times, but we are afraid and awed by it. Until one day, we are really mature and grown up, and really like I am today, we have become a father. We will have a deeper understanding of the role of father when we have a burden that can not be discarded.

His spiritual height is the style of his family; his achievements are the strength of his family; his dreams are the direction of his family. The role of father almost always conveys the family atmosphere, style and fashion to the children with the power of illumination.

And this is what we call family style!

No matter our ancestors are farming, reading and inheriting families, or scholars, farmers and businessmen, in our fathers body, will bear a family style and spiritual strength. We can find a lot of potential family genes in the family style.

A good family style is superior to all the forces of law and morality. It will become a ubiquitous code of conduct, bring us a continuous stream of spiritual power, and let us know where our roots are, where they come from, and where they should go.

But the ethos of these family styles has always been in the spiritual gene that our parents have passed on to us, and they have passed on from generation to generation, and every minute and inch of daily affairs of parents is the fiber that weaves childrens personality. Especially the father, who symbolizes the inheritance and authority of the family, can hardly be replaced.

Since ancient times, there are no more than three generations of wealth, but only family tradition.

All the people and things in our real life. The ultimate cause of the decline of those families whose children do not become useful and have all kinds of bad luck is mostly due to the lack, distortion and inadequacy of the role of father in a certain link. It can be said that what kind of father, there will be what kind of family style; what kind of family style, there will be what kind of children.

The realization of fathers role is never in too many words, but in his own accomplishment and concrete behavior. Compared with the role of mother, father undertakes more personality education, innovation education and humanistic quality education for children. He is better than his mother at teaching children how to become a social person.

Therefore, no good mother can replace the important role of father in the family. Although I didnt feel it when I was a child, the seed that my father once sowed when he was a child was the key to a social persons psychological maturity.

The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked. Those fathers who are not good at their own work and only embody their own value with material wealth, most of them can only cultivate extravagant, impetuous and top heavy children. Such children, as long as they walk a little faster, will fall heavily.