Venus talks about Yang Liping: childless is very failure? Every choice deserves respect

 Venus talks about Yang Liping: childless is very failure? Every choice deserves respect


This time, I dont know what that netizen means? The biggest failure of a woman is that she doesnt have any children, so that she can live in a Mongolian way, so that you can be 30 years younger. When you are 100 years old, can you still look 30 years old? No matter how beautiful or excellent you are, you cant escape the devastation of the years. At the age of 90, you cant enjoy the happiness of family. Leave a message for Yang Liping, even if I try not to take out the meaning out of the context and make random guesses. But this is also a targeted message. Is childless really the biggest failure?

Yang Liping said: a flower can be my daughter, a tree can be my son. Its a joy of family, which is also very good. People will grow old and die, no one can save you, but your spirit is young, your breath is beautiful, and it will send out a special flavor. As long as you think youre doing well and dont hurt anyone else, you can. Thank you for your understanding and love. I hope we can all be at ease, like me. And the free state of life is what Venus pursues. So Venus came out to talk:


The reason why the world is so rich and colorful is that we have different people. Diversity is the most abundant place in this society. Only by allowing diversified people to exist and diversified thoughts can this society be healthy. As a dancer, whether or not to have children should not affect the career of the dancer. The audiences aesthetic should be upgraded to the appreciation of mature art, not only the young face. However, people now understand that happiness is too narrow. As if other peoples life path is different from their own, others are different, or they have gone the wrong way.


Venus is honest: (Wen / piaoyutang) every choice should be respected. Dont define other peoples lives with your own values. The truth is the truth, the fact is the fact. However, Peacock Princess, like Yang Liping, has been questioned by boring people. Im afraid that other people of unknown origin have to face more gossip and finger pointing. Do you want others to respect your choice when you dont want to do it to others? But you just dont like what others think. Such a double standard is really not good. Venus has one say, three views is positive!


Venus and Yang Liping are not friends, but they appreciate and respect each other. Well, its so good