The knife attack in reading, UK, is currently or is related to terrorist attacks

 The knife attack in reading, UK, is currently or is related to terrorist attacks

Although the police have not released casualty data, at least three people have been killed in the current incident. British police said that a man had been arrested at the scene, and the media revealed that the incident may be related to terrorist attacks. (CCTV reporter Bai Hua)

Released at 4:30 on June 21, Beijing time:

There is no news that the knife attack in the garden of Redding in England is related to the protest

On June 20 local time, a serious incident occurred in the garden of Redding fubury, UK. The Thames Valley Police said on social media: there was an emergency at reading forbury garden. The police are rushing to the scene and investigating the incident. Social media reported that many people were stabbed in the incident.

Police have blocked the area and warned people to stay away from reading. It is reported that two air ambulances and a police car have arrived at the site of the incident.

The mine has recently been a gathering place for anti racial demonstrations, but there is no official information that the incident is related to any protests.

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