Beijing war epidemic day 10: millions of people cant be too strict to check nucleic acids

 Beijing war epidemic day 10: millions of people cant be too strict to check nucleic acids

From June 11 to 20, there were more than 200 newly confirmed cases in Beijing for 10 consecutive days. Most of the cases were directed to the new market in Beijing, and the epidemic has spread to Zhejiang, Hebei, Sichuan, Liaoning, Henan and other provinces.

Beijing Xinfadi market. China News Agency

Due to the seriousness of the situation, Beijing, which has just been transferred to level 3 emergency response, has been transferred back to level 2 emergency response. Zhang Dongs business stopped. He was asked to have a nucleic acid test and isolated at home.

Zhang Dong is just one of more than two million people in Beijing who have done nucleic acid testing in the past 10 days.

In the face of returning to the wartime state of the capital, Xu Hejian, a spokesman for the Beijing municipal government, once said that the prevention and control of the epidemic in the capital is of vital importance to the overall situation, no matter how strict it is, and that all efforts should be made.

On June 18, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China CDC, said publicly that the epidemic in Beijing had been under control. But he later added that the prevention and control work is still arduous, and a slight relaxation of the epidemic will soon lead to dispersion.

From the evening of June 11 when the first local case was reported to the epidemic is under control, what is Beijing going through in the past ten days?

Sudden local cases, leading to relevant market closure

Tang in Xicheng District, Beijing, calmly and clearly recalled everyone he had contacted in the past two weeks, which became the key to prevention and control after the rebound of the epidemic in the capital.

On June 11, a newly confirmed case was reported in Beijing, breaking the record of zero growth of local cases in more than 50 days in the capital, the official report said. Later, local media revealed that the above-mentioned Mr. Tang was the first patient of the Beijing epidemic.

According to Beijing Satellite TV, Mr. Tang, the great man of the West City, was treated in Beijing Ditan hospital. In the ward, Mr. Tang said, it was because the child wanted to eat fish that day. He went to the new hair market to buy it himself, and it turned out that he was recruited.

Mr. Tang recalled all the places he had been in Beijing since May 30, especially the fact that he went to Beijing Xinfadi market on June 3 to buy seafood and stayed for a short time. He provided a detailed list of 38 people, providing important information for relevant departments to lock in new markets and respond quickly.

As of June 20, the number of newly confirmed cases in Beijing has exceeded 200 for 10 consecutive days. According to the case information disclosed by the government, it can be clear that the activity track of most cases is related to the new market in Fengtai District, Beijing.

A freight car marked Xinfadi parked next to a vegetable market in Beijing. Surging journalist Tang QITU

Zhang Dong, 43, a native of Cangzhou, Hebei Province, has been selling eggplant in Xinfadi market since 2003. The wholesale market, once hailed by the media as the soul of Beijing food culture, accounts for about 70% of the total vegetable supply in Beijing.

On weekdays, the market is almost endless, and vendors can operate it 24 hours a day. Zhang Dong tells surging newsuff08 uff09Even when the news of June 11 said that there was a case of local case in Beijing, the market was as usual, and no one knew that the case was related to the market.

According to Zhang Dong, on the next day, June 12, the market hall for beef and mutton was closed, as was the frozen seafood market next to his stall. But at that time, Zhang Dongs work was still as usual. The purchase, the sale and the business have no impact. He said.

However, it wasnt until around 1:00 a.m. on June 13, when some merchants wanted to enter and exit the new destination market that they found that there were staff at the door of the market, and they were no longer allowed to enter and leave the market. Zhang Dong realized that this was to seal the market. All of a sudden, there was no wind in advance. He said he still had 30 tons of eggplant sealed in the market and felt very confused.

Also on June 13, the number of newly confirmed cases in Beijing jumped to double digits, to 36.

The meeting stressed that the wholesale market of Xinfadi should be closed and closed, and the surrounding residential areas and other places should be managed in a closed manner.

On the morning of the 13th, Tianjiao Junyuan, the community where I lived, was not allowed to go in and out. The community organized a unified nucleic acid test and isolated at home. Only after reading the news did I know that there were two cases in the community. According to Zhang Dong, he and the traders who were sealed in the market learned by phone that they were taken to do nucleic acid test on the afternoon of the 13th, and they were put into the hotel for isolation that night, until now.

After the outbreak, aquatic products and seafood shops in a food market in Beijing were cold. Surging journalist Tang QITU

Millions of people test nucleic acid, human health is good

The suspension of normal transactions in the new market has also affected the catering industry that needs to buy raw materials.

Luo Xiang, 35, who is the owner of a restaurant in Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing, told the surging news that when the case occurred on June 11, he didnt think it was too big a thing. After all, he had experienced the business depression under the influence of the Wuhan epidemic. With the development of the national epidemic situation improving, the flow of water in the restaurant has gradually recovered.

However, on the afternoon of June 12, when he went to a nearby vegetable market to buy vegetables, he found that many stalls had been closed. In the early morning of June 13, he went to a large chain market to buy vegetables. At that time, the supply of vegetables had been cut off.

Even though these markets are not purchasing from Xinfadi, due to the impact of the shutdown of Xinfadi, the supply is in short supply. People who originally went to Xinfadi to buy vegetables have come here to buy them. Luo Xiang revealed that friends who open restaurants are communicating with each other, saying we must save more dishes.

Wang Hongcun, a second-class inspector of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, once said publicly that from June 14 to 16, 37 enterprises and 64 stores in Beijing were short of vegetables. Since then, the shortage and out of stock situation in the market has been decreasing.

Since then, the Ministry of commerce also said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Beijing has responded positively for the first time, taking effective measures such as establishing temporary trading venues, increasing market supply, strengthening direct procurement from production areas, and putting in government reserves, etc., making up the market gap in time and ensuring the overall stability of the supply of necessities in Beijing.

A restaurant worker waits for nucleic acids to be tested in Changping District, Beijing. Picture provided by interviewee

Due to the infection of several staff members in several restaurants during the outbreak in Beijing, the investigation of the catering industry has become the key to prevention and control. On June 16, in the wechat group of relevant personnel of catering industry in Changping District where Luo Xiang is located, the staff of relevant departments began to inform them to do nucleic acid test.

At present, Beijing is carrying out the new coronavirus nucleic acid test. The local government will organize the nucleic acid test for six categories of examinees, including the new epidemic related market, the community related personnel involved in the epidemic, the residents of the towns and townships in the middle and high risk street, the employees of medical institutions, the service personnel in the public domain, the returned students and teaching staff, and the front-line staff involved in community prevention and control in key areas u3002

According to the latest data, as of 6:00 on June 20, 2.297 million people had been sampled in Beijing.

Business, step by step. Although luoxiang had realized that the restaurant business might be cold again when Xinfadi market was closed, his wife comforted him that peoples health is good, which was his greatest hope in Beijing.

Office back online, used to home life

Zhang Wei, who lives in a residential area of Yuetan Street, didnt expect that his home was so close to the great master of Xicheng.

He told the surging news that he had worried about the recurrence of the epidemic before. After all, there had been no local cases in Beijing for a long time, and the publics awareness of prevention and control was relatively lax. In particular, on June 6, Beijing had adjusted its emergency response to level 3.

Outside a residential area in Beijing, the staff on duty strictly guarded the gate. Surging journalist Tang QITU

However, in the past 10 days alone, by June 16, there were 137 newly confirmed cases in Beijing. That night, Beijing officials announced that, immediately, Beijings emergency response level was adjusted from level 3 to level 2.

I didnt expect that there would be so many cases due to the new market. Zhang Wei said that as long as there is no confirmed case activity in some food markets near his community, he can still buy food normally, but he has recently changed to buy food online, and take out can only be delivered to the special downstairs container, not to the door.

The current psychological state is not the same as before. Its not as panicky as before and after the Spring Festival. Zhang Wei believes that the community management and control in Beijing has accumulated some experience, and the residents themselves know how to protect themselves better than before.

After the second level response, Beijings epidemic prevention and control nerves are obviously more tense. It is strictly forbidden for the relevant personnel in the middle and high risk streets, townships and new markets in Beijing to leave Beijing. If they really need to leave Beijing, they should hold the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days, completely stop the students returning to school in the spring semester of colleges and universities, and restore the closed management of the community.

Liang Qinglin, who lives in No. 13 yard of West Street of Chezhan station, has led a closed life of home isolation since June 16.

Earlier, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed as a new crown farmer in the market of Tian Tao red noodles market. The Xicheng District epidemic prevention and control task force issued a circular. Since June 16th, the residential community of 7 communities such as Guang Yuan Street has been closed, and Liang Qing Lins residence is in it.

The company cant go. It has changed back to the online office mode in February. Only other colleagues work on the elastic staggered peak, only she works remotely. The hotel opened by lover cant go. Although the risk level of Chaoyang Gate area where the store is located is low, it can still operate, but the purchase, food production, service, operation and other work need to be completed by the store manager And lovers can only understand the stores dynamic through mobile phones.

Liang Qinglin and his wife are now used to this kind of isolated life at home. A few days ago, we had a nucleic acid test in the community. The report hasnt come out yet. When can we go out? The community isnt sure yet, but we rarely have time to think about life. She said that since the opening of the hotel, her lover has hardly cooked for her, and seldom can go home before the early morning, but now they can eat together at home every day, catch up with drama, and roll cat, which makes them feel good.

Normalization of epidemic prevention and try to calm down

Liang Qinglin began to be used to the life of isolation at home. To some extent, it is the epitome of the whole Beijing being used to the normalization of epidemic prevention.

On June 18, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China CDC, said at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Beijing that the epidemic in Beijing has been under control and attracted widespread attention. The next day, Wu said publicly once again that he did not want such a message to be misleading. Now the prevention and control work is still arduous, and a slight relaxation of the epidemic will soon lead to the spread.

Wu Jing, who lives in Haidian District of Beijing, is getting closer to the expected date of delivery, but she didnt expect that the hospital where she had originally set up a file had an epidemic recently.

In June 18th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported by Wu Jing, the International Hospital of Peking University, which had been doing birth inspection. It was a close contact with a confirmed case in Haidian District in June 14th. The case was a nurse in the emergency department of the hospital, and was working before being identified as a close contact.

Exterior view of outpatient Hall of Peking University International Hospital. Hospital official website

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been keeping an eye on Wu Jing, who is involved in the field of medicine and health. Even in the most serious period of the epidemic in Wuhan, when Beijing Rang the first level response, she did not worry too much. She wore a two-layer mask to go to the hospital as usual for the birth examination. She knew that as long as protection was in place.

After the outbreak in Beijing, she never felt panic. On June 15, she also went to a hospital for a birth examination. After Beida international hospital reported the case, Changping District, Beijing, which is affiliated to the hospital, quickly adopted closed management measures. The hospital informed Wu Jing that she would be closed for two weeks, during which time she was due to give birth. Peking University International Hospital also recommended a hospital that could not give birth without pain, which worried her a little.

From the perspective of the general environment, the epidemic seems to be a normal prevention and control, but if it really falls on individuals, it still feels that their power is too small. Wu told surging news that she was trying to contact other hospitals that could give birth without pain by herself, but she received no response from people who had recently been to Peking University International Hospital. Im still in a good state of mind and try to adjust as much as I can. She said.

Lin Yins family, who lives in Fengtai District of Beijing, is doing everything possible to adapt to the changes brought about by the epidemic. Her child, Wang Xiaoxuan, a junior high school student in Xicheng, Beijing, was affected by the epidemic. This year, her child took most of the semesters online classes and ate a lot of instant noodles.

It was a very happy thing for Wang Xiaoxuan to go back to school on June 1. He could not only see his teachers and classmates, but also didnt have instant noodles at noon. However, the days lasted only two weeks. On the evening of June 16, Beijing officials announced that all grades in primary and secondary schools in Beijing would stop attending classes from June 17.

Thats bad news for me. Wang Xiaoxuan told surging news that his father works in Xicheng and his mother works in Chaoyang. He is far away from home and has no time to cook. Once he studies at home, he will go back to a day when he has Internet lessons at home and worries about eating every day.

Wang Xiaoxuan mentioned that the school pays attention to the guidance and regulation of their students emotions. In the recent online class, the psychological teacher mostly talks about how to do a good job of emotion regulation in the face of crisis and change, which helps him to alleviate the bad emotions. After two days of online classes, his mood gradually recovered.

Lin Yin told surging news that before she left work on June 19, she consulted with the company and learned that if there is a child who needs to be cared for in home study, she can apply for home office, but will deduct performance salary. Children are important and work is hard to leave. I havent finally decided whether to apply for home office next week. She said that in order to take care of her children, she applied for a period of home-based work after the new year, and thus deducted all available holidays.

On June 20, the 10th day of new cases in Beijing, Lin Yin promised to make French fries, cakes and fried shrimps for her children in the evening, all of which Wang Xiaoxuan loved. I only hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible and everything will return to normal as soon as possible. The Beijing mother exclaimed.

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