More than 3000 domestic weekends fly! China Easterns aviation stocks have turned around?

 More than 3000 domestic weekends fly! China Easterns aviation stocks have turned around?

(source: WeChat official account of China Eastern Airlines)

According to the product introduction, passengers can take China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines Flights unlimited times to major cities in mainland China on any Saturday and Sunday in 2020. The product is purchased under the real name system, and will be sold from June 18 until the end of the sale. Each passenger is limited to 10 sets at most.

After the launch of the product, the circle of friends immediately burst, and the purchase channel of China Eastern Airlines was once crowded. In addition, there were many reselling links of weekend fly at will on the second-hand platform. Some people bought 10 sets of products at one time and tried to resell them at a price of more than 4000 yuan each.

In this regard, China Eastern Airlines had to issue a note on the relevant situation of weekend flying products late that night, saying that after the product began to be sold, we found that there was a phenomenon of online price increase and reselling. We hereby solemnly remind you that this product is only sold in the Eastern Airlines app at a price of 3322 yuan. Please purchase and use it in official channels to avoid economic loss and use problems.

Institutions are optimistic about investment opportunities of aviation stocks

According to the latest research report released by Huatai Securities, five major listed A-share Airlines (Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, spring and Autumn Airlines, and Jixiang Airlines) released their operation data in May, with the overall supply and demand down 56.6% and 64.4% respectively, and the drop rate was 12.0/11.0pct, 67.2% and 14.6pct respectively, up 2.2pct on a month on month basis. In May, the airline companies increased their domestic transportation capacity significantly, with the supply decreasing by 35.1% and the decrease rate shrinking by 17.7pct compared with April. Meanwhile, the demand recovered significantly. The domestic line passenger rate was 68.1%, 1.9pct higher than April. The overseas epidemic situation is still uncertain, and the CAACs five one policies maintain low international line operation data. At present, the pessimistic expectation of aviation is sufficient. The three major airlines are only valued at about 1.1xpb (LF). The low price of oil price will benefit the marginal cost, but it is still necessary to observe the risk of the second outbreak of the new crown. Recommend China Eastern Airlines, Spring Airlines and Jixiang airlines.

Source: Financial Association editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619