Geely car news repeatedly bombarded! A share of small partners

 Geely car news repeatedly bombarded! A share of small partners

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. plans to inject capital into Chongqing Lifan Holding Co., Ltd. to become its largest shareholder, the price and scale of the equity are unclear, foreign media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying.

Yang Xueliang, a spokesman for Geely Holding Group, told the associated press that it would buy Lifan shares, denying the rumors and saying there is no such thing.

In the evening of that day, Lifan company announced that it had not negotiated with the third party for acquisition or capital injection at present, and had not reached any intention.

Lifan said in the announcement that the company was concerned that some media released relevant reports on the change of equity of Chongqing Lifan Holding Co., Ltd., the controlling shareholder of the company, and reported that Chongqing Lifan Holding Co., Ltd. would be injected with capital. After verification by the company to the actual controllers Yin Mingshan, Chen Qiaofeng, Yin Xidi, Yin Suowei and the controlling shareholder Chongqing Lifan Holding Co., Ltd., it is confirmed that the relevant media rumors are untrue, and currently there is no negotiation with the third party on acquisition or capital injection, nor any intention reached.

On the evening of June 17, Geely Automobile (0175. HK), the leading domestic automobile enterprise, issued a notice saying that the board of directors approved the preliminary proposal of possible issuance of RMB shares and listing on the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Geely Automobile official said that if Geely can land on the science and technology innovation board, Geely Automobile will open up the capital market financing channels of domestic A shares, which is conducive to further diversifying the financing methods, optimizing the capital structure, effectively improving the capital strength of the company, and supplementing the capital needed for the future strategic development of the companys layout of new four modernizations (electrification, intelligence, interconnection, sharing); in a shares and Hong Kong At the same time, listing is conducive to making better use of the international and domestic market resources and helping Geelys technology transformation and long-term development in the future.

The financial association combed out the list of A-share listed companies with equity or business cooperation with Geely Automobile, as follows:

Qianjiang Motorcycle: the actual controller is Li Shufu, the chairman is Xu Zhihao, and the controlling shareholder is Geely Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Hualing Xingma: Geely Automobile plans to subscribe 15% shares of Hualing Xingma.

Shuanglin Co., Ltd.: Geely is the largest customer of the company, with stable business cooperation in interior and exterior decoration products, hub bearings, gearbox and other products.

Zhejiang Shibao: the company provides electric steering products evenly to new energy vehicles produced by its main cooperative automobile factory customers, including Geely Automobile.

Desai Xiwei: it has made progress in intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and vehicle networking. New products, such as full automatic parking system, have been mass produced in Geely Xingyue and other models.

Beidou Xingtong: as the operation platform of the companys automobile intelligent network business, Beidou Zhilian has accumulated the customer resources of domestic first-line automobile manufacturers such as Geely in the industry.

Zhongyuan internal matching: the companys products have entered many domestic well-known automobile engine projects such as Geely.

Xinrui Technology: Geely is one of the important customers of the company. At present, the company has supplied relevant products in batches to support Geely Automobile.

Tenglong Co., Ltd.: the difficult heat pump air conditioning company has finished products and started to supply Geely.

Hesheng Co., Ltd.: in the field of auto parts, the main products are battery shell, battery tray, sunroof guide rail, porous flat tube of heat exchanger, etc., and the main supporting end customers are Geely, etc

Yinlun Co., Ltd.: the companys main products are battery cooling plate, battery cooler and other components, and its main customers include Geely, etc.

Wan Liyang: the companys passenger vehicle transmission is mainly CVT automatic transmission and manual transmission, CVT currently mainly provides supporting for Geely and other models.

Haoneng Co., Ltd.: a leading enterprise of synchronizer components for automobile transmission in China, complete vehicle factory supporting customers include Geely.

Xinquan Co., Ltd.: automobile interior decoration company, previously supporting the self owned brands such as Li

Yian Technology: magnesium alloy business layout new energy vehicle parts, the company as a supplier has entered the supply chain of Geely and other well-known customers at home and abroad

Chengmai Technology: it has the intelligent cockpit system business of the intelligent automobile industry, and cooperates with many manufacturers such as Geely Automobile.

Changying precision: the new energy vehicle business company has entered the supply chain of Geely and other customers.

Source: Financial Association editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619