It turns out that Kanghui was almost replaced when he was admitted to the college entrance examination

 It turns out that Kanghui was almost replaced when he was admitted to the college entrance examination

People cant bully honest people, because no one should be kind, they just choose to be kind.

Source: Mr. Wang Er (huangezishiba)

In the past two days, Chen Chunxiu, a peasant girl from Guanxian County, Shandong Province, was falsely replaced to go to university and was eagerly reported by various media.

Countless netizens filled with indignation, and some readers left messages for me to make me voice.

In fact, I have been paying attention to the progress of things.

Especially yesterday saw a video of Chen Chunxius father accepting the reporters interview, the mood was unable to calm for a long time.

As long as I can pass the exam, I will also provide iron and steel. When an old farmer has a way out, school can change his fate.

When this honest and dutiful father said these two words, my eyes also turned red for a moment.

As we all know, for the vast majority of people, college entrance examination is the only way for us to achieve advanced life.

But 16 years ago, Chen Chunxiu entered Shandong University of science and technology with 546 points, but he failed to wait for the admission notice.

Chen said he asked his daughter if he would go back to school for a year, but she refused.

Because Chen Chunxiu knows the poverty of her family, in fact, she cant support her to go through the college entrance examination again.

Therefore, Chen Chunxiu, who is also honest and dutiful, acquiesced in his own life.

For 16 years, she worked as a worker in an electronic factory and a waiter in a restaurant Working at the bottom of the society.

If the network is not developed now, the student status will be exposed repeatedly.

Chen Chunxiu would not have thought that at the other end of the city, a woman named Chen Yanping, took her admission notice and went to Shandong University of science and technology 16 years ago to register as a college student.

After graduation, I also returned to my hometown and joined the Audit Office of the street office.

Recalling his study, Chen Chunxiu couldnt help crying and said that he was born in a poor family, thinking that he must take the exam.

Turn off the light when the dormitory arrives, but the light in the corridor will not turn off. I will go to the corridor to read.

But thats it. Some people still doubt that the family was selling education for money.

So, this is the words that Chen Chunxius father said when facing the camera.

You may have seen the elder brother who knew that his younger sister was good at learning and gave up studying in junior high school to work;

And Chen Chunxiu, the girl who could have walked into the ivory tower.

Three peoples lives, all destroyed.

There is an old Chinese saying:

People are good at being bullied, and horses are good at being ridden.

In the face of such a simple family, some people still have to divide right from wrong and add up evil words.

Can bullying honest people really last forever?


Ive read this passage on the Internet:

Honest man is a wonderful word. It contains the character of honesty, and it also has a tragic color of being bullied by others and suffering from losses. In the eyes of many people, honest people are bullies.

China news. Com once reported such a news.

In July 2013, 200 sanitation workers in Xian City, Shaanxi Province were paid 4 months in arrears. Some workers only had steamed bread and hot water for lunch.

When the reporter went to interview, the 63 year old sanitation worker, Mr. Liu, stood in the middle of the road, struggling to pick up the waste left by the vehicles.

He told reporters: older, every day hang noodles, steamed bread, really cant carry

Being owed four months salary, I can only cut down on food and clothing, but I dare not make trouble for fear of losing my job.

She said: we are temporary workers, afraid to find leadership, afraid to be dismissed.

But whats more amazing is still to come. According to the global times, during the Spring Festival in 2014, a Xian sanitation worker surnamed Li heard that he had some consolation products, but was taken away after he ran to get them.

Master Li called the leader of the environmental sanitation management institute to inquire:

Do you give or not give the hair?

The final answer is:

You go to the street office, Ill give you a mouth. Youre old and confused. Ill beat you.

Pay arrears do not send, condolence goods do not give even if, even to add up, personal threat.

Why dont you report to the above?

Master Hans answer is:

No, I am a farmer, who knows? We dont care about that. We just sweep the floor and have no culture.

Doctor Zhang Wenhong said, dont bully honest people..

What is an honest man?

I wanted to live a good life, but the more honest you are, the harder life will be.


There is a famous law in Economics: bad money drives out good money.

When we are standing in line at the bus stop, you will always see people scrambling. When you get on the bus, there will always be one or two people pushing you;

When we work hard and work overtime to finish the task, you can always find that the person who follows the boss every day and laughs at his face is always one step ahead of you in promotion and salary increase;

This society is very realistic, often is: good intentions do not good mouth, gentleman fighting villain.

Honest people, because they cant be hypocritical, they simply act for others, but give others the chance to hurt themselves.

People who have seen Fanghua know that:

The leading actor Liu Feng is an honest man.

Lin Dingdings watch is broken, because its an imported watch, no one dares to repair it. He bought a book and repaired it while learning.

He put all the boiled dumplings into his bowl and gave the good ones to others.


But it was such a good man who didnt have the slightest glimmer. Later, in a night full of misunderstandings, touching event happened.

Because of touching Lin Dingdings back, he was put down to work as a lumberjack.

Those who have received his favor have all become whistleblowers for a moment, driving him into the abyss.

Since then, Liu Feng has fallen to the bottom of his life. In the war, he lost his right arm, retired from the army, became a bookseller, a handyman, and got cancer

If not met with the same kind he Xiaoping, life is doomed to be lonely.

No matter how much good people support justice, they also fill in the black hole and malice in the heart of bad people.

People cant bully honest people, because no one should be kind, they just choose to be kind.


Chen Chunxius being replaced by an impostor reminds me of one of the things that CCTV host Kang Hui did in his autobiography average score.

In the year of Kanghui college entrance examination, three examinees in Hebei Province got the cultural examination notice through the professional examination. Among them, his professional performance was the best, and his college entrance examination score also passed the key score line. The family was full of confidence in being admitted by Guangyuan (China Media University).

Who knows, full of joy waiting, but looking forward to a Tianjin business school hotel management professional admission notice, which scared the family.

Kang Hui is still haunted by this incident, he said

Finally, it was found that someone didnt submit Kanghuis results intentionally, in order to make their children less than a competitor.

In Kanghuis view, this thrilling experience is almost the rite of passage in his life:

For the first time, I realized that the world is not what people want. If you do your duty well, you will not get the expected result smoothly. Many factors, even those you dont realize, may affect your life.

After all, there are only a few people who are as persistent as Kanghuis father. If such a thing happened to me, the old father who faces the Loess and faces the sky all his life may also live like Chen Chunxius father.

And will I live to be Chen Chunxius second?

Like their peers who didnt go to college, they locked themselves firmly in the assembly line of the factory, or rushed to a construction site to make a living

When I was a child, my family often taught me not to make trouble outside, and to be honest and kind in life and work.

After growing up, I found that some people in the society like to choose soft persimmon.

We can be honest people, but we must not be the honest people who are bullied.


There is a classic line in the name of the people:

Cant always let honest people suffer losses, let honest people sweat and shed tears.

Remember the Kunshan anti homicide in 2018?

Yu Haiming is a part-time worker. He was beaten and kicked by brother Huabi and threatened with a knife.

As we all know, Long Ge, who has been wandering in the Jianghu for many years, was killed on that day.

And the law gives a just verdict:

Yu Haiming belongs to self-defense and does not bear any criminal responsibility.

At that moment, the whole country was in a frenzy. Everyone was talking about the progress of law, but I would like to say that it was actually a victory for honest people.

In a society where helping the individual may face blackmail, we can see at least a hint of justice in the world.

Similarly, we have seen that in Chen Chunxius case, there have been lawyers involved to help her protect her rights.

Never bully an honest person. All sincerity and kindness need to be cared for.

It is also hoped that one day when ordinary honest people like you and me are bullied again, there will be more voices for you and me.

No matter how the world goes, I always firmly believe that kindness is the most lasting and powerful choice in the world.

But if goodness and honesty are failed again and again, no one knows how the balance of the world will tilt.

They light themselves in silence and shine on the world.

To protect every honest person is to protect ourselves.