The adults friends are exhausted. One loan is enough

 The adults friends are exhausted. One loan is enough

A few days ago, I saw a news report.

A woman lent 600000 yuan to her best friend, but she refused to return it.

When she met her best friend in the street, she fell down to her knees and begged for repayment

Ill lend you 600000 and pay me 500000.

The woman cried and lost her voice, but the girl was calm, as if she had nothing to do with herself, just asked lightly:

Do you want to go?

I dont know what happened between them.

But they are willing to lend each other 600000 yuan, which is enough to show their deep feelings.

When it comes to money, the relationship between people becomes delicate.

He who owes money becomes a master, and he who borrows money becomes a grandson.

Even kneeling at your feet, but you ask me for money, I still hate you.

Even though you have saved me in the fire, even though you were my best friend.

In life, such things are common.

In general, friends or family members with deep friendship need money in case of difficulties, and the vast majority of people will not stand by.

However, I am in a passive position when I really help.

Some people will return it as scheduled, thanks to the warmth of each others help in time, and the feelings of both sides will be stronger.

But some people choose to be silent and pretend to be stupid. They are obviously not willing to pay back their money.

To be sure, it will turn over in the end;

Dont, its your own hard-earned money!

Many times, people who borrow money have to face the cold face and ridicule of people who owe money.

In the TV play I am Yu Huan Shui, Yu Huan Shui is in such a bad situation.

Five years later, when he needed money, LV started to play missing.

Yu huanshui lost face in front of his family and finally found LV fuming and asked why he did so.

However, LV said in a big way:

I want to lie to you. I want to lie. I want to make your life difficult.

Pay back the money, but it depends on my mood!

Oh, life is such a joke.

When you think of you in the first place, you appreciate your brotherhood;

Now that you pay back the money, you stab your brother in the opposite direction.

I dont know how many people feel that arrogant and shameless.

Do you know how Yu huanshui got the money back later?

Tear your face, smash the wine bottle, and cheat!

It was originally a beautiful story of mutual help. Why did it develop so far?

In the end, its the character of the other party.

When borrowing money, he thinks you are good;

When you ask for money, you have a rebellious mentality.

I think its right for you to give everything without considering that its a two-way relationship.

People can help you for a while. How can they help you for life?

Whats more, every cent is not from the strong wind. Why give it all to you?

No matter what the relationship is, helping is love, not helping is duty.

Dont put any feelings above this foundation, otherwise it will be a chicken feather.

In fact, everyone cant help but encounter this problem, and the outcome must be varied.

Borrowing money is indeed the most critical moment to test the relationship between the two sides.

Sometimes good intentions to lend money to relatives and friends, when they need money, they are hesitant to open their mouth.

Once you ask for money, if the other side is reasonable.

In case of unreasonable, directly throw away your face, pretend to be confused, or simply say no money to deal with you.

Then each other has been in an awkward atmosphere, it will take a long time to slow down the relationship.

Of course, there are also special refreshing ones, which Gao Xiaosong deeply feels.

At his most impoverished moment, he asked Park Shu to borrow money.

Park tree only returned two words: account number.

Later, 150000 yuan was transferred to Gao Xiaosongs account to solve his urgent need.

Later, Pu Shu met with difficulties and gave Gao Xiaosong two words: pay back the money.

Gao Xiaosong quickly turned the money back.

Friendship between adults, if it can be simple to this extent, is the best result.

When Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong divorced, it was revealed that the money was controlled by Ma Rong, and Wang Baoqiang was shy.

In order to prove that this is not true, Ma Rong exposes Wang Baoqiangs bank bill.

Also accidentally exposed Chen Sicheng borrowed 3 million yuan to Wang Baoqiang, and left a message brothers come on.

When something happened to his friend, Chen Sicheng offered a helping hand at the first time.

This matter also won the netizens storm praise, Chen Sichengs trust, I believe that Wang Baoqiang will certainly return.

And in the low point of life, someone helps to walk out, is it not a good story?

But in fact, this is not only a unilateral effort, but also a joint effort of both sides.

When park tree was short of money, Gao Xiaosong paid back the money quickly and praised park tree all the time;

Chen Sicheng film, Wang Baoqiang is not hesitant to agree to starring, but also for his flag.

It is this moment of mutual support that makes them willing to speak to each other.

Because I know that the other side will not let me down.

The friendship of long flowing water is the most fascinating.

I once saw a story about borrowing money, which is still unforgettable.

The protagonist of the story is Hailin, originally a happy little girl.

Later, the family had an accident. The mother was ill and lived in the ICU. The father had an accident and needed compensation.

She grew up overnight and to solve the current plight, she sent an article in her official account.

And made a bold attempt:

Borrow money from 300 people, 1000 yuan per person, 300000 yuan in total.

She will pay back in sequence every month, which will take about five years.

If you believe in her character, please give her a hand.

In her handwritten picture, there are still tears, which is a girls brave mark in the face of adversity!

What she never expected was that in just one night, 300 people would choose to believe her.

She lived up to this trust and the repayment plan went ahead as scheduled.

She numbered everyone and paid off five peoples debts every month.

In the process of repayment, many people even forgot the loan, and only remembered it when she reminded them.

Also more moved by Hailins character.

Three years later, Hailin paid off 300000 loans in advance, and completed a purification journey of the soul.

I believe that with this experience, she will know how to be grateful and believe in the beauty of human nature.

Its natural to pay off debts, but its also a very commendable thing to fulfill commitments.

This will encourage more people to be a pure good person and pass on the love.

If everyone can be as conscious as Hailin, why worry about no help?

In this world, no one should give all for you.

Whenever, please remember to keep a grateful heart.

This heart can make you go further and more stable.

At the same time, dont hurt those who trust you at will. Once it breaks down, you wont have it again.

Encourage all.


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