Theres a secret in the palace: you can travel all over the palace to punch in the Internet

 Theres a secret in the palace: you can travel all over the palace to punch in the Internet


Who am I? Sorry, forgot to introduce, this meow frost eyebrow, Yu Feng Qiu long, Yu Shu Lin Fengs Yu cat.

Benmew didnt come out easily. This time, he was entrusted by his friends to act as a guide, take you to the palace city, and reveal the little-known secrets of the palace to you.

Benmeow loves you all and brings you the interesting coloring suit of secrets in the palace!

This is a coloring product with the theme of palace culture. It can not only paint, relax and decompress, but also understand the little-known secrets in the palace.

In addition, benmew accompanied the whole process of explanation, in order to find a fun for everyone, relax and relax. Dont worry, dont take your dried fish.

This work is interesting. Open it, you can enjoy the palace city without visiting. Cattle, right? Theres something better. As an informed cat, I continue to nag my friends.


There are two kinds of suits in the secret of the palace: Classic (color lead suit) and exclusive (color lead u00b7 watercolor suit).

The so-called two flowers bloom, one for each. Lets talk about the classic first.


[color lead suit

The classic edition includes a color lead coloring book of the secret of the palace, 24 bookmarks of the beast in the palace and 12 colors of the color lead in the palace.

Among them, the secret of the palace color lead painting can be said to be the C-MAN.

Well, those first questions are from this coloring book.

In the secret of the palace, benmew will take you, while using the way of coloring to punch in the palaces net red punch point, while exploring the palaces little-known secret.

In summary, there are five main characteristics:


Benmew takes you to the wanghong punch point in the palace

Tell you the secret of size in the palace.

Hey, benmew is walking on the roof all year round,

No gossip in the palace can hide my titanium alloy meow eyes.

Its just fun.

My little friends, Jixian, can testify,

They are also sexual,


The beauty of palace city, let you see one time enough.

Dont blame me for being drunk.

Zero basis can also be drawn, because its too simple.

After painting, you can directly dry the circle,

Sometimes, its so easy!

Look, is it fun? Is it interesting? Not to mention you humans, even our cats will love claws.

The classic model is equipped with 24 bookmarks of the beast in the palace, and the rare birds and flowers in the palace are selected as the creative elements. Contains 12 color bookmarks and 12 colored bookmarks.

Color bookmarks can be used as color reference, color bookmarks can create your favorite bookmarks. In addition, there are 12 colors of lead to make your paintings more attractive.


[color lead u00b7 watercolor color suit

At this point, I think you cant wait to know the exclusive payment of theres a secret in the palace.

Dont worry. Eat one bite at a time, and roll one piece of dried fish.

Among them, the watercolor edition of the court elegant collection is worth mentioning.

The elegant collection of the Palace consists of 10 watercolor coloring pages and 10 postcards. It takes leisure life and beautiful scenery in the palace as the creation materials, so that friends can easily experience the palace life with the color in the palace.

Ten watercolor colored pages are full of palace city flavor; ten postcards are too beautiful.

Postcard: it can be used not only as a reference for watercolor painting, but also as a postcard.

The exclusive style is matched with palace color watercolor paint and high-quality watercolor pen, a total of 24 colors of watercolor paint, making the creation more free and free.

In general, there are secrets in the palaces exclusive section contains two experience ways: colored lead and watercolor. It has more playing methods and is naturally favored by Benmao.


Its said that there are two Baoma in the creation team. In the process of creation, they put down cruel words: as soon as they come out of stock, they immediately make a set to take home and play it and paint it with their baby.


Of course, if you have a higher creative talent, you can definitely create the work of flash benmeow titanium alloy meow eye.

Almost forgot to introduce, there is a secret in the palace coloring suit produced by the palace culture, supervised by the courtesy and festival brand. The illustration is mainly composed by mung Dou, a famous illustrator.

Lets say that the coloring suit of secret in the palace has the characteristics of new theme, more playing methods, rich collocation, high cost performance, etc. who uses it knows.

Self use: can leisure decompression, increase insight, improve painting skills;

Send to a friend: the content is vivid and interesting, the knowledge content is high, it is the ideal choice to send to the child. This is no, 61 gift. Are you ready?

Palace culture products,

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