Recommendation shares, accounts stolen to receive frequent! Watch out for these lures

 Recommendation shares, accounts stolen to receive frequent! Watch out for these lures

Some stocks were fried after

Wind data shows that, excluding the fact that new shares have just been listed and the continuous trading limit is relatively common, there are 340 stocks with the largest increase of more than 100% in the range in more than four months after the year, while there are 94 stocks with more than 10 times of trading limit during the period. It can be seen that this year some stocks have been fried by funds.

Stock price flickers frequently

When the stock price rises to a high level, capital gains escape, leading to stock price flash. According to wind data, there are 444 stocks with 5 or more trading stops among these surging stocks after the year, while there are 65 stocks with at least 5 or more trading stops in the same period, 36 of which are normal stocks and 29 of which are st stocks. For example, after the year, there were 31 trading stops and 22 trading stops in * ST ICT. Its self-evident that the fund operation was in sharp rise and fall.

For example, the stock prices of Meierya, xiuqiang, ganzhao optoelectronics, Shengyang technology and so on are all fast and accurate.

Only the tip of iceberg for online shipment

Since June, there has been a frequent phenomenon of harvesting retail investors in the stock market, especially the phenomenon of using the network to call for orders to let retail investors connect to the market.

On June 3, there were multiple wechat signals in different live stock groups on the same day, and Shengyang technology was strongly recommended. The sponsor claimed that the stock price would break out in an instant, and suggested that the shareholders should seize the whole position quickly. But in fact, the stock price of Shengyang technology turned down after a brief impact on the trading limit in the early morning of the same day, and ended up with a trading limit. A number of investors with heavy losses found that in the early trading, they clamored to buy the whole position, and the recommendation group with 30% profit space had been dissolved, and the group owners no longer replied to their personal information.

Similar blood case also happened in Jimin pharmaceutical! According to the information circulated on the Internet, Jimin pharmaceutical may have used a set of methods similar to Shengyang technology to lure retail investors to accept the offer and help the makers to deliver the goods.

Jimin pharmaceutical said that through self inspection by the company, controlling shareholders, actual controllers, directors, supervisors and senior managers, all parties have not planned and participated in the event, nor have they inspired others to plan and participate in the event, which has no relationship with the event.

Some investors realize that they may have been cheated. Some investors in the stock bar said they had been fooled into buying 500000 shares and called on the same victims to report the case.

Account theft is more serious

Jimin pharmaceuticals share price collapsed suddenly. I think it was caused by the continuous fermentation of stock recommendation and stealing number and receiving plate , and the trampling of various funds in panic. A private investment director told 21st century economic news.

Previously, investors in many places reported that they bought Jimin pharmaceutical shares after the stock account of tonghuashun was stolen and their positions were cleared. Meanwhile, a large number of wechat groups, QQ groups and live broadcast rooms recommended Jimin pharmaceutical, leading some investors to buy again.

However, tonghuashun responded that some investors were cheated or leaked the trading account and password of the securities company for various reasons in the stock market wechat group, which led to the occurrence of stealing, buying and selling, and suggested to call the police immediately.

Account security is critical

The issue of transaction security has been put under the spotlight again.

Before this, the head of brokerage business of a small securities firm in Shenzhen said that the third-party platform may have software vulnerabilities and be maliciously hacked.

A medium-sized securities trader in Shenzhen initially judged that it was not a terminal problem and suspected that it was a collision with the bank. It is possible that some lawbreakers purchased the users account password information from Taobao, QQ and other channels, and successfully logged into the investors stock account through the collision with the bank.

How to carry out safety reinforcement?

A medium-sized securities trader in Shenzhen also said that after users change their IP login, they need to bind and verify the device terminals. At present, this step is not realized in all transaction terminals.