Dad, what is a condom? The fathers answer is wonderful

 Dad, what is a condom? The fathers answer is wonderful

But ah, you think sex education is too early, bad guys will never think children are too young.

Its unwise to cover up or give incorrect answers, which may even affect a childs life.

What should we do?

In todays cartoon, there are answers.

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On the issue of sex education for children, in the recent book from diapers to dating, there are several places that impressed me and I want to share with you.

(1) Teachable time

For example, if you see a pregnant mother playing in the park, you can tell him that the aunt is pregnant, she has a baby in her stomach, growing up slowly in the womb;

For example, when hearing the news about AIDS in the car, you can give children a simple science popularization.

Sex education is a continuous process, which should not be carried out in the form of one or several serious talks, but should be infiltrated and communicated at the right time in life.

(2) Explain it to TA in words that the child can understand.

Children are image thinkers whose abstract thinking ability will not be developed until a certain period of adolescence.

It is better to use words and concepts suitable for childrens development level and use metaphor to describe them properly.

(3) What should I do?

Three step communication method:

The first step is to understand what the child already knows;

The second step is to clarify the wrong information and give the right information;

Third, share family values.

The third step is also one of the things she emphasizes repeatedly in the booku2014u2014

Family with sexual health.

In short, parents should make their children realize that they are questionable and that they can discuss everything at home.

There is an episode in the American TV series modern family, in which Mitch and cam, the male partners who adopted lily, finally ushered in their daughters early tide.

At the same time, her daughters mood has become volatile. They came to their relatives and friends to help appease them, but it didnt work.

Finally, they stood at the door of Lilys room and said:

As like as two peas, you dont have to face it all alone. We may not have exactly the same experience as you.

But you know what? In the seventh grade, our boys bodies will change.

And those changes are confusing, but that also means youre growing up.

We are your parents, we will make mistakes, we dont know the answers to all the questions, but when you want to talk, we will be here with you. We love you.

Let children feel that parents are always their backing, and parents will give their children strong support.

Only in such an environment can children grow up healthily, no matter what.

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