Todays summer solstice: the summer solstice has arrived, and fathers love is like the sun

 Todays summer solstice: the summer solstice has arrived, and fathers love is like the sun

Renwu moon Yiwei day

he summer solstice

Summer solstice, also known as Summer Festival and Summer Solstice Festival in ancient times. The ancients said, when the sun is long, the shadow is short. When it comes to the end, its extremely long, so its called the summer solstice.. When the sun moves to 90 u00b0 longitude, it is the summer solstice node, which is generally on June 21-22 of the Gregorian calendar. On the summer solstice, the sun shines directly on the Tropic of cancer, at which time the daytime time in all parts of the northern hemisphere reaches the longest in the whole year.

The scorching sun lingers in the summer, and the night brings nine days of shade and summer.

At 5:44 on June 21, 2020,

Summer solstice.

Three rites and righteousness said:

The summer solstice has three meanings:

One is to show Yang Qi to the extreme, and the other is to show Yin Qi to the beginning,

3. Tomorrows journey to the north is called to the north.

The summer solstice,

One represents the prosperity of Yang, and the other represents the emergence of Yin,

Three represents the northernmost position of direct sunlight.

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Xia Xiaozheng: keeping white at times.

The so-called nourishment means long or forever.

That is to say, in midsummer, there is often a phenomenon that the day is very long.

The reason is that it is sometimes,

It means that we didnt realize it was inevitable every year.

Moon 72 Hou Ji Jie said: summer solstice, mid May.

Yun Hui said:

In summer, its fake, but its extreme,

All things here are great and extreme.

Hanshu: the winter solstice, Yang Qi, Jun Dao long, so he.

In the summer solstice, the Yin Qi rises, and the monarchs way declines, so he doesnt celebrate.

In ancient times, the so-called winter solstice was the most Yin Qi,

People congratulate each other.

On the summer solstice, when the sun is full and everything is prosperous,

But not congratulations.

he summer solstice



In ancient times, people divided the summer solstice into three seasons: the first one was antlers, the second one was cicadas, and the third one was Banxia.

he summer solstice


Seeking rain and stopping rain are all good crops

Zhou Li, spring official contains: to summer, to the local object mandrill. During the summer solstice of Zhou Dynasty, the sacrifice to gods was intended to eliminate the barren years, hunger and death. The summer solstice is the harvest of wheat. Farmers not only thank God for the harvest, but also pray for the autumn report.

Records of history u00b7 Fengchan book contains: on the summer solstice, sacrificing land, all use music and dance. There are still remains of this ritual. On the summer solstice, there is a custom of offering sacrifices to Tian Gong and Tian Po in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, that is, offering sacrifices to the God of land and praying for agricultural harvest.

There is a lot of drought in the north, and it is popular to ask for rain during the summer solstice.

However, if there is too much rain, people use witchcraft to stop it. For example, the sky sweeper in folk paper-cut is the magic of stopping rain. In some places, the woman who used to be a magic double was also worshipped by the God of rain.

Eating noodles, eating melons and cooling off the summer

According to historical records, there was a custom of summer solstice in Han Dynasty. Although there are differences in eating customs in summer solstice, eating noodles is common. Because the new wheat has come on the market in the summer solstice, the noodles also have a new meaning.

According to the customs of old Beijing, lettuce and cold noodles can be eaten every summer solstice, because the climate is hot at this time, eating something raw and cold can reduce the heat and appetizer, but not damage the health due to the cold. Pan rongbi, a Qing Dynasty man, recorded that the capitals family was eating cold noodles this day, which means crossing the water.

On the day of the summer solstice, people in Wuxi eat porridge in the morning and wonton at noon, which means chaos and harmony. There is a saying that the winter solstice group of wonton in the summer solstice brings people together in Ankang all the year round. After eating wonton, we need to weigh childrens weight, hoping that children will gain more healthy weight.

Summer solstice is the melon season, people sit under the melon shed to enjoy the cool and taste watermelon. Watermelon and balsam pear are heat clearing and heat relieving foods. Hot sun, more than water is ice.

In the Zhou Dynasty, there were officials and ice cellar equipment to store ice in winter and use it in summer. Tang Dynasty Zhang Zhongsus miscellaneous songs, palace music: Jiangguo, yaochi, Jinpan, dew, well ice. The spring will be a summer resort, and the hall will be bright and clear. It can be seen that people in the palace eat frozen fruits to relieve summer heat.

he summer solstice

health preservation


Avoid eating cold at night: people who are short in summer, a little older or a little weaker in physique are often cold in the abdomen and not easy to digest. Lettuce, melons and other foods that should be avoided in summer, especially at night. At night, also pay attention not to eat meat, noodles, raw and cold, sticky things, or you can see abdominal distention, diarrhea and other diseases.

Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach: drinking too much tea, especially on an empty stomach, can easily cause the tea to consume the Yang Qi of the human body. If people like to eat salt, the salty taste will lead the tea into the kidney, and they are prone to suffer from arthralgia of hand and foot pain, diarrhea of deficiency and cold of the next yuan. Therefore, it is advisable to drink two or three cups of tea after a meal in summer. If you feel hungry, stop drinking immediately.

Avoid lying at night and being cool: Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the head is the meeting of all Yang, and the head is the gathering place of the bodys Yang Qi. Lying at night and blowing cold can easily lead to the loss of Yang Qi. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the fact that you cant sleep all night and turn on the air conditioner. This habit is easy to cause cold, facial paralysis, joint pain, abdominal pain and diarrhea, which is very serious to the body.

he summer solstice


[Tang Dynasty, Yuanzhen

Hear cicadas everywhere, notice the middle of May.

The Dragon dives the other water and the fire helps the sun palace.

After the rain frequency flies the electricity, the line cloud repeatedly takes the rainbow.

When Rubin was removed, he was angry to the West and to the East.

he summer solstice

Zhang Lei, Song Dynasty

The world is full of unknowns, and the tiny Yin gives birth to nine elements.

If you kill animals suddenly, you will grow up in the cold and summer.

Cui Wei is a dry cloud tree, safe and fragrant.

A few things are neglected, and the gradual reason is inevitable.

Weizai guanhuazi, sit in silence and forget to speak.

Mount liantian temple in the early summer after the summer solstice

Its too early to step down, too late to move everywhere.

Its not when youre cool and have a rest.

Fathers love is like the sun.

When the summer solstice meets fathers day,

I wish the father of the whole world: good health and success in everything!