A letter from Grandpa, 100, to the graduates after Xinguan recovered

 A letter from Grandpa, 100, to the graduates after Xinguan recovered

There are always opportunities in the crisis. Today, you are in the crisis, and opportunities are hidden in it.

In 1958, Han Tianqi briefly taught astronomy at the former Wuhan University of Surveying and Mapping Technology (later merged into the new Wuhan University), and taught the kingel time measurement method.

In June 18th, after novel coronavirus pneumonia recovered two months later, he wrote a letter to Wu Da graduate, condensed his life experience into these proverbs, and encouraged graduates to bravely advance.

In his letter, Han recalled that Chinas astronomy had developed from a poor country to a complete theoretical and technological foundation, saying that opportunities lie in crisis. Although 2020 under the epidemic situation is not easy, on the other hand, the rise of digital ecology also brings new opportunities for human beings.

He encouraged graduates to try bravely and firmly grasp the opportunities of the times, not to be trapped by the success or failure of the moment.

Life has infinite possibilities, measured by the immensity of time and space, he said

Dear young people:

Since the beginning of 2020, it is not easy for people in all walks of life. But the most difficult is that you are going to face the difficulties of this year and go to the society after graduation. This kind of difficulty may surprise you. Its a change from the outside world that makes it hard for individuals to parry. When you leave the campus, you may find that learning is the fairest thing. You can get as much as you put in. And work is not. For example, if we look at the stars, maybe for decades, we have no good luck to see a new thing.

Kant said that the stars in the sky were awe inspiring and constantly aroused his surprise and thinking. Indeed, in the past few decades, I have been observing the sky, measuring latitude and longitude, the vastness of the universe, the constancy of the stars, the loneliness of scientific research. I have often reminded people on the ground that their vision must be broad and they do not like ups and downs for one day and one night.

In my whole life, I have gone from being a pauper in Chinese astronomy, observing stars with the naked eye, to establishing a complete and necessary theoretical and technical foundation of geodetic astronomy. In addition to believing that there will always be brighter stars waiting for us, no matter how dark the surroundings are, I can see the light by making the observation mirror deeper and wider. It is in the past 100 years that there have been several waves of science and technology in physics, astronomy and surveying and mapping. Technological innovation can bring the accuracy and imagination of scientific research to a new level. Of course, it can also give you new opportunities and directions. Since the epidemic, even at my age, I have also felt the vigorous development of the Internet. Health code, takeout, shopping, online consultation and prescription are all around everyones life, and the digital ecology is bound to flourish. This is bound to bring many new opportunities.

This year, the state also proposed a new infrastructure plan represented by digitalization, which is a sign of the arrival of digital trend. My students give me an example. Only Alibaba is a digital company, its ecology is all inclusive: there are not only R & D and technology application posts of new specialties such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, but also digital infrastructure posts such as online operation, content creation and basic applet development facing the market, as well as digital distribution, digital sorting and virtual service for digital microcirculation and ecology Warehouse management and other new blue collar.

I dare not say that there must be something suitable for you, but since new opportunities have emerged, we must try and firmly grasp them. In the history of China that I have experienced, there have been many stories that dare to be the first and try. And we can have todays economic achievements, the first attempt is the joint production contract system of Xiaogang Village, the new model is constantly promoted, and the spring breeze of reform and opening up is rising.

More than 70 years ago, Chinas astronomical survey work was mainly based on the survey rules of the Soviet Union, and a group of teachers and friends of the geodetic group of the Institute of geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences tried some new measurement methods, which were later called Chinas Ginger time measurement method, and completed the geodesy with high precision and large quantity. Thats the time when all industries are waiting for prosperity. We are facing difficulties that you cant imagine today, but we also have more opportunities.

There will always be opportunities in the crisis, which will generate more energy than when the wind is calm. Today, you are in a crisis, and opportunities lurk in it.

The sky is bright and dark, life has ups and downs. When we look at it longer, the stars are always bright and life is tortuous and upward. Children, you are very young. The future is promising. We are looking forward to you, and you are looking forward to yourself.

Han tianqi

June 18, 2020

Towards a better self,


This paper is selected from Wuhan University.


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