I regret that I should not send my husband to the arms of a rich sister

 I regret that I should not send my husband to the arms of a rich sister

On September 7, 2001, Ms. Yan, who lives in the dormitory of the family members of a car factory in Xinshao County, Hunan Province, accidentally saw such an advertisement for marriage in a magazine published in the Southu2014u2014

Zhao XX, beautiful, slim, gentle and open-minded, 40 years old, no job, no job, no son and no woman, but with strong economic strength, wants to find a man of the same age, handsome and big, smart and flexible, talented and knowledgeable, with life interest and poor life as a partner. If you agree, Id like to pay 100000 yuan to settle down. Address: Cuiyuan, a certain road, Shenzhen.

Whats wrong? Liu Xinge is a cadre of an enterprise in the county. Because of the poor economic benefits of the unit, he didnt get paid for several months. He was upset and replied impatiently. He didnt even think that his wife had a little nine in her heart.

Ms. Yan put out her idea: you write a letter according to Zhaos marriage request, saying that you are a homeless man with no talent, a bachelor behind his back, and an infatuated man who is devoted to love. If you win her favor, you will go to fake union with her, and when you get the 100000 yuan, you will escape. Do you think this is a good way? If we really get the money, our family will not have to worry about the tuition fees of the children, but also make some new plans for the future life, do you think so?

Liu Xinge was stunned at first, and then repeatedly ordered by his wife. He thought this idea really had some truth. However, when he thought of the law, he was full of misgivings: its illegal. Its not good. Its going to jail!

Ms. Yan disagreed and said mysteriously, you are a fool indeed. Chinas laws are not perfect and many things can be drilled if you have time. Things like this are difficult to deal with. Why dont you try it? Besides, Ms. Zhao has plenty of money

I dont care about 100000 yuan, do you think so? Whats more, if you cheat Ms. Zhao and she wants face, will she smear it on her own face?

Liu Xinge was also worried about money. Hearing his wifes words, he immediately spread out his letter, drew up a letter to be investigated, and sent a picture of his most satisfied personal life with the letter.

A letter tempting her to push her husband to make a fortune

After Ms. Zhaos advertisement for marriage was published, she received more than 100 letters from all over the country. In order to find a reliable life-long partner, she was careful and did not rush to make a choice. Instead, she was always selecting the best and finding the right person. However, when Ms. Zhao received Lius letter, she was moved and intoxicated. This is not because of the beautiful writing style of the letter, but because Ms. Zhao saw through the letter a kind of loyal and valuable spirit of love.

This is how Liu Xinge wrote his letteru2014u2014

Ms. Zhao:

I am an undergraduate from the Department of electronics of Hunan University. I have passed 40 years in my life. In 1987, I got married once. My wife was a classmate when I was in college. She was beautiful, intelligent and reasonable, which made me love to death. But who knows, when we were married for less than a year, our wife was so ill that she died. I was devastated and my spiritual support was completely tilted. Since then, I have no intention to work, leave the unit, and live a wandering life. In order to show my loyalty to my beloved wife, I swore that I would not continue my marriage, so I am still alone. In my many years of wandering career, I have no intention to make money. I have nothing to offer. I am miserable. However, financial constraints do not make me feel pain, but lonely time makes me miserable! It seems that its time for me to put an end to the ghost free life of that person, and also need a like-minded partner to give me spiritual comfort. However, I think so, who can heal the wounds of my heart?

Seeing your notice of marriage, my lamp of love that is going out has been crystal clear. I see the hope of love and the future of a better life again. Therefore, I dare to open my heart to you and hope to resonate with you. If I can do this, I firmly believe that I will cherish this rare all!

Liu Xinge

September 7, 2001

Ms. Zhao read the letter again and again, and looked at the photos again and again, and tears came out. Without hesitation, she boldly wrote a letter to Liu Xinge asking him to meet him in depth. The letter is simple, just a few words.

Mr. Liu:

I am deeply moved by your letter and deeply sympathized with your experience. Im also a traumatized woman,

Zhao XX

September 15, 2001

After receiving Ms. Zhaos letter and remittance, Liu and his wife were ecstatic. In particular, Ms. Yans happy mood is more indescribable. She said to her husband, Zhao is really a Bodhisattva of wealth, which is very simple and childish. With her, our family will have a way out. Make preparations and go early! Then he said: you need to go to the salon to get a haircut quickly. Remember, you need to go to a more advanced salon to get a haircut. It doesnt matter if you spend more money. You need to dress up a little prettier. In this way, it will be more attractive to Ms. Zhao.

Under the urging of Ms. Yan, Liu Xinge asked for a months leave from the company and set foot on the train to Shenzhen with his diploma and ID card.

With little difficulty, Liu Xinge found Ms. Zhao. Seeing Liu Xinge, Ms. Zhaos heart is like a spring breeze. In front of her, Liu Xinge is a man of great stature, vigorous vitality, bright eyes, plain but elegant clothes, bold but not vulgar speech. Ms. Zhao is very satisfied.

Liu Xinge was also very excited to see Ms. Zhao. Her skin is white and graceful, and her eyes are full of emotion, as if she can talk; her dress is light but not delicate, ordinary and rich; her talk is open but not frivolous, straightforward but not tender. Liu Xinge cried out in secret.

Both of them have the feeling that they are too late to meet each other. That night, they talked a lot about love, marriage, family and life. Liu Xinge spoke with a clear mind and a vivid voice, and her unique views on the issue impressed Ms. Zhao. Ms. Zhao speaks in a soft voice, just like telling a gripping story. She is passionate and meaningful Slowly, their hearts drew closer, and they all felt that each other was their only confidant. Ms. Zhao couldnt restrain her inner excitement and shot Cupids arrow boldly at Liu Xinge: you are a good man. With you, I have nothing in my life. At this time, Liu Xinge was full of emotion. He totally left his wife behind and said, you are such an outstanding woman. With you, I really feel lucky to live and die without regret.

Ms. Zhao has never been so close to a man since she broke up with her second husband. Today, she meets a man of her own choice. Her heart is like a volcano, which makes Liu Xinge infatuated.

Make a fake come true

Unconsciously, Liu Xinge has been at Ms. Zhaos house for more than 20 days. They are like a young newly married couple on their honeymoon. You care about me and I care about you. In life, they take care of each other. You wash clothes and I cook. Especially Liu Xinge can make a good dish, which makes Ms. Zhao happy. In spirit, they cooperate tacitly, comfort and encourage each other,

It seems that there will always be endless topics. During this period, Ms. Zhao told Liu Xinge her love story without any concealment. Liu Xinge was magnanimous and truthfully called out the whole process of how he was instigated by his wife and how he came to apply.

In addition to expressing great indignation to Ms. Yan, Ms. Zhao didnt mind Liu Xinge at all. Instead, she admired him even more. She thought, a man can boldly admit his fault, not more confirmed his honesty? Doesnt it show that he is sincere to himself? So she decided to have Liu Xinge at all costs.

Ms. Zhao was born into a family of senior intellectuals. She graduated from the law department of Northwest University in 1982 and was assigned to serve as a secretary in the office of a municipal political and legal commission. In 1984, she couldnt stand the teasing and grinding of the Secretary of the political and legal committee who lost his wife, and she married the man who was like a wolf. Because he went whoring and gambling everywhere, she was drunk and sleepy. Ms. Zhao resolutely went through the divorce procedure under the condition of many ineffective admonitions and warnings. She quit her job in June 1987 and broke into Shenzhen alone.

In Shenzhen, she got to know boss Hong, a foreign businessman who came to Shenzhen to invest and set up a factory. Boss Hong began to vow to love Zhao as much as he loved his own eyes. However, compared with the Secretary of the political and legal commissar, he had never been better. This broke Ms. Zhaos heart and hated the men who had the right and money. Finally, she broke up in November 1997. Boss Hong was generous. Besides giving up an apartment and a BMW, he also gave her HK $1 million.

After two marriage changes, Ms. Zhao finally found that the man who has the right to have money is not a good thing, so she decided to find a good man who is powerless, poor and talented. Liu Xinge was deeply sympathetic to Ms. Zhao after knowing her tragic experience. When in the dead of night, he couldnt sleep. He always compared his wife, Ms. Yan and Ms. Zhao. He thought that her wife was Philistine, selfish and greedy. Combined with years of economic tension, he felt the horror of poverty, and his heart was cold. Divorce, a word he never thought of, suddenly jumped in front of him. In order to stabilize his wife, he wrote her such a simple letter.

Yan XX:

I have been selected by Ms. Zhao, but I cant get the money for the time being, because Ms. Yan is going to examine me for half a year. Just wait patiently!

Liu Xinge

October 6, 2001

Ms. Yan never dreamed that her husband, who has been with her for nearly 20 years, would betray her. So after receiving the letter, she showed a bright smile and thought that 100000 yuan was waving to her!

Twenty years of marriage

Ms. Zhao is by no means an unbeliever. The reason why she promised 100000 yuan in aid when she put on the advertisement was not to boast about Haikou or have any improper purpose. She wants to use money to measure a persons quality and see who comes for money. If so, she will refuse. In more than one hundred letters, most of the candidates exposed such ideas,

She was dismissive. Of course, she doesnt hesitate to pay for her loved ones when they need help.

It is worth mentioning that in order to fully own Liu Xinge and not let herself sit on the sidelines, Ms. Zhao invested 500000 yuan to rent a facade near Shennan middle road in Shenzhen and manage electronic products by using customers who were familiar with boss Hong when he was managing and producing electronic components. In addition, Liu Xinge was a electronics major, and they both had a wonderful business. Over the past few months, it has made a profit of more than 100000 yuan.

In a flash, half a year passed. Ms. Yan, who lives by holding her finger and waiting for her husbands phone call, is expecting a letter from her husband.

I think its time for me to write this letter to you. I have to mention my pen in the agony. You know, our marriage has been nearly 20 years. In such a long love, although we havent turned over the boat, we are not very comfortable. To put it bluntly, our love and marriage are a bit of a mix.

In fact, the reason why I say this is not entirely because of the great difference between my education and yours. The key is that our thoughts and interests are essentially different. To tell you the truth, since you instigated me to cheat Ms. Zhaos 100000 yuan, I felt that you were insignificant. Since living with Zhao, I cant help but feel that she is tall, and our hearts burst out the spark of true love. This kind of spark cant be extinguished. I firmly believe that it will burn more and more vigorously.

After all, we are old husbands and wives. After all, we have the crystallization of love. Therefore, we should send back 10000 yuan first to solve the practical difficulties of going to school for you and your children. If you are willing to go through the divorce formalities with me, you will be compensated another 100000 yuan. I will bear all the expenses for the childrens going to school in the future. Otherwise, well end it! Think twice.

Liu Xinge

March 29, 2002

After reading this unexpected letter, Ms. Yan went down like a thunderbolt.

When she came to Shenzhen, she found Liu Xinge very smoothly. Liu Xinge is very clear about why she came here and is fully prepared. He deliberately chose the address of the conversation at the seaside. When Ms. Yan sobbed out the sadness in her heart, he had sympathy. However, he had realized that sympathy was not love. So he didnt explain it more, he pointed out

The shell at the foot, calmly said: this shell can only lie on the beach, so that people can imagine its appearance when it lives in the sea water. If anyone put it in the decoration shop, even if painted with the most beautiful color, it is just a plaything, it is difficult to connect it with the sea water and the beach. Our marriage is just such a truth. If I am a shell, then I can only lie on Zhaos beach to show the real meaning.

Listen, Ms. Yan despair, head back to the bus station.

Back home, she did not give up, tears into the river. She knew that Liu Xinge loved his children very much, and that they were the trump card to save their parents marriage. So she hurried to the school to call them back, and told them the sudden changes in the family out of context. The child did not know the original reason, and thought that her father was a heartless Chen Shimei. In anger, she and her mother rushed to Shenzhen together.

Seeing his beautiful and handsome son, Liu Xinges tears also wet his clothes. However, no matter how much he begged and blamed his son, he did not retreat. But when the son knew that his fathers change of heart was caused by his mother, he looked at his mother angrily, and after a hum, he left.

Later, after several negotiations without any effect, Ms. Yan had to compromise for fear that she would lose both money and people. On July 27, 2002, Liu Xinge and Ms. Yan went to court. The judge considered that there was fraud in this case, which was caused by Ms. Yan, so he did not make any mediation. However, Ms. Yan had to sign her name on the divorce agreement in tears. Liu Xinge didnt break his promise either. Afterwards, he gave Ms. Yan a check of 100000 yuan.

Now, the check of 100000 yuan has already become cash in Ms. Yans hand. She became rich overnight. However, when she saw people look at her with contempt, especially when she was lonely at night, she could not help feeling that money was small and regretted her greed. There is no regret medicine in the world. I hope people can learn from her and grasp every step of life! (this article shall not be reproduced without the permission of the author, otherwise it shall be deemed as infringement.)

Editors note: Ms. Yan, a smart woman, thought she could easily get her husband to exchange 100000 yuan for a small sum. I didnt expect that 100000 yuan had arrived, but my husband had become someone elses! The inevitable consequences of the deal are the sons defection, peoples contempt and the loneliness in the deep night. In todays market economy, tens of thousands of sisters are learning how to irrigate their love tree meticulously. However, some people are blinded by money. Its a trick to trade with family and feelings. Its a lifelong mistake! Dont think the world is so cheap