An alternative agreement between two men

 An alternative agreement between two men

In silence

On the evening of May 15, 2015, while Jiang Lin was nursing her seriously ill husband Liu Wei at home, she suddenly received several wechat messages, which were photos of the house sent by her first boyfriend Zhan Qingwei. After sending the photos, he wrote affectionately, this is a new house I just ordered today, which is for us to get married. Are you satisfied with it? Seeing that her husband didnt pay attention to her actions, Jiang Lin quietly replied to a wechat message: hes right beside me. Its not good to talk about marriage! Zhan Qingwei returned an embarrassed expression.

Princess Diana once said there were three people in her marriage, too crowded. However, Jiang Lins marriage is also crowded with three people

At that time, Jiang Lin was at the bottom of her life: she was laid off because her company went bankrupt. To make matters worse, her husband Liu Wei has chronic myeloid leukemia. In order to see her husband, she sold the house and sent her 6-year-old daughter to her mothers home for foster care. Seeing Jiang Lin lead such a difficult life, Zhan Qingwei is determined to help her.

Zhan Qingwei, manager of a grain and oil company in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, hired Jiang Lin as a statistician with a monthly salary of 3500 yuan and a bonus. For Jiang Lin, who has worked as an accountant, this job is perfect. Whats more, this job doesnt need to work every day. Jiang Lin can take care of her husband while working. Zhan Qingweis arrangement is really painstaking.

Liu Wei saw all this. Over the years, Liu Wei was both grateful and guilty to his wife. He felt that he had encumbered her and her daughter, causing them to have no place to live. The right bone marrow could not be found. He felt that he was running out of time and could not rest assured of his wife and daughter. One night, he sincerely said to Jiang Lin, I dont think I can. I think Zhan Qingwei is a good man. He is good to you. You must catch him! After a long time, Jiang Lin sobbed and said, Lao Liu, I know that you are kind to me. I have no other thoughts, just want to take care of you as much as I can! Dont think about it. He just pity me and wants to help me... Liu Wei knew that his wife was very kind to him, so he didnt mention it again.

At the beginning of 2014, when Liu Weis condition worsened, Zhan Qingwei directly sent a car to send Liu Wei and Jiang Lin from Suiling county to the first hospital of Harbin Medical University. Later, Liu Wei received chemotherapy and had a violent reaction, anorexia, vomiting, hair loss In just a month, he was tortured to the bone. Because he couldnt bear the pain, on the night of April 2, after Jiang Lin fell asleep, he sneaked to the bathroom of the ward to hang himself. Fortunately, a family member of the same ward went to the toilet in the middle of the night and saved him.

This event greatly shocked Jiang Lin. she cried and begged Liu Wei not to do stupid things, waiting for bone marrow matching. However, years of waiting and suffering have made Liu Wei lose his will to survive. In order not to encumber his wife, he even filed for divorce. Jiang Lin was in a hurry: dont you want me to be scolded and heartless? For you, will you ignore me at this time? Liu Wei was so heartbroken that he choked: I know you are good to me, so I have to think about the future of you and your daughter! Zhan Qingwei is affectionate and righteous. I want to entrust you to him so that I can go safely! Jiang Lin said nothing. Liu Wei could not persuade his wife, so he had to secretly entrust his wifes best friend sun Yuxia to convey his heart to Zhan Qingwei.

Over the years, he has experienced the ups and downs of the business world and seen the deceit of the people. He is more eager for a solid feeling, and more concerned about his character than his age and appearance. Jiang Lin, who can share weal and woe with her husband, is undoubtedly the good woman she has been looking for. For a long time, he told Liu Wei through sun Yuxia. After Liu Wei left, if Jiang Lin agreed, he would take full care of her and treat Jiang Lin and Liu Weis daughter as his own flesh and blood. Liu Wei is overjoyed to know Zhan Qingweis statement, and is really happy for his wife and daughter.

After learning the agreement between the two men, Jiang Lin carried Liu Wei on her back and cried bitterly with her best friend. She couldnt help but say something to sun Yuxia: over the years, everyone has praised me as a good daughter-in-law, but for Lao Lius illness and livelihood, Im really tired! If Zhan Qingwei doesnt show up, I might be able to push myself to survive. However, Zhan Qingwei appeared and helped me to share. If we can be together after Liu Wei left, its really Gods love for me...

Because of Liu Weis entrustment, Jiang Lin and Zhan Qingwei continued to advance. With Liu Weis acquiescence, the two began to communicate. Zhan Qingwei was ecstatic when he realized his dream when he was young. His heart was full of longing for a better life. In May 2015, the hospital issued a critical notice to Liu Wei. Hearing the news, Zhan Qingwei, who was in a hurry, bought the wedding room and waited for Liu Wei to swallow his breath.

On the morning of July 3, a good news came from the hospital: Liu Wei and a volunteer in Xinjiang succeeded in matching their bone marrow! Liu Wei and Jiang Lin cry with each other, crying with joy! When sun Yuxia heard the good news, she asked Jiang Lin quietly, Liu Wei is ready. What can Zhan Qingwei do?

Originally, on June 8, 2003, Liu Wei took Jiang Lin to Chagan Lake in Jilin Province to play. At that time, Jiang Lin and Zhan Qingwei had just split up for half a year, but they had not come out of the emotional shadow. Liu Wei saw the couple rent a boat to play in the lake and startled a pair of waterfowls on the bank. It was not romantic. In order to make Jiang Lin happy, he also rented a boat. Unexpectedly, Jiang Lin accidentally fell into the lake, and Liu Wei jumped down without hesitation. But he couldnt swim at all. Not only did he not save Jiang Lin, he almost drowned himself. After they were rescued, Jiang Lin complained that Liu Wei should not be brave if he could not swim, but Liu Wei, who was weak, said firmly, its a big deal. I will die with you! It was the experience of living and dying together that made Jiang Lin completely let go of her relationship with Zhan Qingwei. A man who can sacrifice his life to protect himself at the moment of life and death is worth her life

In early September 2015, Liu Wei successfully completed the operation. With the help of sun Yuxia and other friends, Jiang Lin raised another 70000 yuan as the cost of Liu Weis postoperative consolidation treatment.

He found Jiang Lin and said angrily, although Im looking forward to marrying you, Im not against you saving him. On the contrary, I would like to express my appreciation to you for your sharing weal and woe with Liu Wei! Because of this, I appreciate your personality and deeply like you! However, you lied to me and lent money to Liu Wei for surgery, which is not only a distrust of me, but also an insult to my personality! Zhan Qingweis rebuke made Jiang Lin very sad. She said in tears, Im wrong. I care about you so much that Im afraid you wont be able to think about it when you know it...

Under Jiang Lins explanation and apology, Zhan Qingweis anger gradually subsided. However, the reality of Liu Weis successful operation made Zhan Qingweis original calm and joyful heart fluctuate. He couldnt help but ask Jiang Lin, Liu Weis ill eyes are good. What are your plans for the future? Who knows that Jiang Lin was silent.

The fire in Zhan Qingweis heart rose again: you have taken care of him for so many years and saved his life. Isnt he satisfied? Morality is morality, love is love. If you love me in your heart, I hope you and Liu Wei will divorce and marry me right away! You know, I love you so much, and I feel like you love me too. After that, Zhan Qingwei added: before, Liu Wei borrowed money from the doctor. He didnt have to pay it back, so it was my emotional compensation for him.

After hearing this, Jiang Lin was very uncomfortable. She replied to Zhan Qingwei, how can feelings and money be confused?? Do you use money to buy my feelings? Zhan Qingwei hurriedly explained that he was just trying to express his sincerity.

Jiang Lin told sun Yuxia about the contradictions and entanglements in her heart: when she married Zhan Qingwei, she would undoubtedly live a carefree life; however, she was reluctant to part with Liu Wei. He has just finished the operation and needs to be taken care of. Can his daughter accept her divorce? Whats more, over the years, her persistence in Liu Wei has become a good story in her circle of friends. If she left at this time, would she not be teased and how to face her daughter in the future?

Thinking about it, Jiang Lin did not come up with a proper solution. Both men are deeply in love with her. She feels that no matter who she chooses, she will feel guilty for the other one for a lifetime. Only to continue to delay, neither divorce Liu Wei nor break up with Zhan Qingwei. However, Jiang Lin gradually reduced her contact with Zhan Qingwei on the ground that Liu Weis body needs to be kept still, hoping that he would leave in the face of difficulties. But Zhan Qingwei, who has been deeply in love at this time, has been unable to extricate himself. After being deliberately alienated by Jiang Lin, he is more and more frustrated and brave. He leaves messages to her on wechat every day, and his mood is more and more anxious and irritable.

On September 19, 2015, Liu Wei was discharged from the hospital under the escort of Jiang Lin. the two returned to their home in Suiling County for three months of immunotherapy. Doctors said that if Liu Wei did not have any rejection reaction after three months, the condition would be stable. Liu Wei, who escaped from death, was very happy.

The houses of Liu Wei and Jiang Lin have been sold for a long time. They rent in the eastern suburb of the county. Doctors say that often accompany patients to nature to relax and chat, for patients to recover health, even more effective than drugs. Therefore, every morning, Jiang Lin will accompany Liu Wei to take a walk and chat in the poplar woods in the suburb, listen to the chirping birds in the treetops, and breathe the moist and fragrant air. Sure enough, Liu Wei recovered quickly. After only half a month, he basically didnt need Jiang Lins help.

One morning, Liu Wei took Jiang Lins hand and stopped at a small tree. He asked Jiang Lin carefully, recently, why dont you see Zhan Qingwei looking for you? Knowing what Liu Wei wanted to say, Jiang Lin asked, do you want Zhan Qingwei to come to me?

Seeing that Liu Wei was speechless, Jiang Lin encouraged him to say, if you have something, dont hold it in your heart. Speak it out. After a long silence, Liu Wei summoned up courage and said to Jiang Lin, I want to take back what I said before. I once said to entrust you to Zhan Qingwei, but now I have changed my mind. I hate to leave you! Moreover, my illness is getting better. I believe I have the ability to make you and your daughter live a happy life in the future! How about three of us? Seeing that Jiang Lin has been listening to him carefully, Liu Wei goes on to say, I will repay Zhan Qingwei with the money I owe him. Seeing her husband so frank and in a dilemma, Jiang Lin was confused.

Zhan Qingwei is also confused. From a rational and moral point of view, he could not blame Jiang Lin for her loyalty to her husband, which moved and shamed him. But emotionally, he couldnt accept Jiang Lins ambiguity. He sent a wechat to Jiang Lin, and sent her the furniture pictures he had secretly ordered and the plan to spend his honeymoon in Europe. He hoped that she could see his sincerity and finally chose him.

Jiang Lin looked sad and forwarded the wechat directly to Liu Wei, blaming her husband and saying, if you hadnt been in a hurry to entrust me to him, there would have been no trouble now! What do you want me to tell him?

Liu Wei has long regretted it, but now, someone has to quit! The next day, Liu Wei contacted Zhan Qingwei behind Jiang Lins back, hoping to meet with him. Zhan Qingwei knows what Liu Wei wants to talk to him about. When he thought of Liu Weis request to take care of his wife and daughter when he was in critical condition at the beginning, now that he has cured his illness with his own support, Zhan Qingwei has a fire in his heart when he comes to negotiate with him as his husband to let him quit. Let go of using perfect people. This man is not authentic! Zhan Qingwei disdains to meet Liu Wei and declares that Jiang Lin is the only one who needs to be clear with him.

Just as Zhan Qingwei refused to meet Liu Wei, Jiang Lin sent a resignation letter to the company and told Zhan Qingwei that she had found a new job to help in uncle Liu Weis drugstore. Jiang Lin clearly wants to draw a clear line with herself! The most hateful thing is that she doesnt even give herself an explanation! Zhan Qingweis unspeakable depression. Jiang Lin asked sun Yuxia to persuade him to open up, but he was unwilling: Im not the kind of person who will come and go, shouldnt she give me a statement? He sent a message to Jiang Lin: you may not marry me, but the economic accounts between us must be clear, right? After receiving this message, Jiang Lin knew that she could not drag on any longer and arranged to meet him at the drugstore where she worked.

On the evening of October 28, 2015, Jiang Lin was on duty alone. At about 6 p.m., Jiang Lin waits for Zhan Qingwei. This time, Jiang Lin said: Qingwei, we have no fate. Dont force us. I have discussed with Liu Wei. The money we owe you will be returned to you in installments. In order not to let you lose, I will give you bank interest for the same period...

Zhan Qingwei smiled lightly and asked, I want to ask you today. Liu Wei sent a message before he died, and you accepted me. Now, what he said, take it back when he said it; when you clearly have feelings for me, you say break! Do you two do things like that?

Jiang Lin said helplessly, dont make your words so bad What I can say now is that Liu Wei and I cant be separated. Then why didnt you say you couldnt be separated? Why dont you die with him? Many days of depression and resentment make Zhan Qingwei feel like a volcano. He excitedly pulls Jiang Lin and forces her to explain to him. Jiang Lin cant get rid of it. In a hurry, she shouted, let go! If you do that again, Ill call the police!

Alarm? You want to call the police? Zhan Qingwei had a wild laugh, which was filled with endless sadness. Afraid that he didnt believe it, Jiang Lin took out her mobile phone to make a call. Who knows, Zhan Qingwei picked up a fruit knife on the table and stabbed at Jiang Lin, who fell into a pool of blood. Zhan Qingwei was so scared that he ran away in a hurry.

A few minutes later, a customer came to the drugstore to buy some medicine. When he found Jiang Lin in the blood pool, he immediately called the police. After receiving the police, the criminal police team of Suiling County Public Security Bureau immediately organized police forces to rush to the scene. According to the forensic judgment, Jiang Lin is dead. Police force divided into three ways, immediately launched a network search. According to the video around the drugstore and the clues provided by the masses, Zhan Qingwei was arrested at the Chunguang small hotel in Keshan town at 11:00 that night. After arriving at the case, Zhan Qingwei confessed to the fact of the killing. He regretted: I was just out of control. From the beginning to the end, I didnt want to hurt Jiang Lin......

Expert comments

A dying entrustment has left three people in a dilemma. They are not really bad people, but they have done wrong. Liu Wei thought it was the best arrangement for her to entrust her wife to her first lover. But he forgot that people are not commodities and cannot be transferred and presented at will. Jiang Lin is an independent person. What right does he have to arrange the rest of her life? His delegation is actually a kind of control. Human is a kind of emotional animal, which can produce a sense of connection through close contact with others, which can not be easily cut off. Because of this, after Liu Wei repented, Zhan refused to quit. Therefore, this kind of trust mentality is not desirable, even if it is out of goodwill.

Zhan Qingweis problem is that he has no accurate grasp of Jiang Lins emotional changes and inner feelings from the beginning to the end. He only pays attention to the external things such as travel, marriage house and money. He is used to using money to solve problems and thinks that he can win. Therefore, after being cheated and abandoned by Jiang Lin, he will generate huge anger and even impulsive killing.

Judging from Jiang Lins acceptance of her husbands entrustment, this woman has feelings and righteousness, but she has no self. Therefore, she was indecisive, acquiesced to be snatched by two men, and finally died. Jiang Lin s example tells us that it is not enough for a woman to only love others. She should know how to establish a complete self in self-esteem and self love so as to love and be loved better.