What does love attract?

 What does love attract?

Why do some people always meet and be attracted to the same type of men / women?

When this happens to us, what can we learn in this situation? How to understand?

Xiong Ling:

As an emotional animal, humans inner structure is a combination of numerous complex. From the perspective of marriage and love matching, why are some people always attracted by the same type of men / women? Jungs complex theory is the best explanation. What Carl Jung has the final say is what kind of complex you have in mind. For example, if you have a fixed saving father complex (because the father carved into your young heart is a masochist or alcoholic), you will always meet someone who is very similar to your father and be attracted by some of his characteristics. Psychoanalysis also has a saying that a persons past parent-child relationship model determines a persons internal relationship model, and also affects his future, realistic intimate relationship model.

If love is a disease, then we have reason to know more about it. this formulation is a deeper topic that can be reverie and improved understanding. I think, not if love is a disease, but love is a disease. Just like life, this is a process of experiencing bitterness and bitterness. As you can see, three quarters of the flavors condensed at the symbolic level are the sick flavor. Besides, love and disease are things that can bring benefits to people.

Love contains not only excitatory hormones, but also invisible toxins, such as impulse, irrationality, selfishness, and derivative side effects, such as pain, resentment, revenge, etc. Therefore, in the play of love, we all experience the feeling of a disease: pain and happiness, groaning in the lovesickness of indulgence in love, and falling into the abyss of love. Because of the constant fighting of love and hate, we cant get sick at all.

This further shows that love is a mirror of peoples mental health. It can clearly see whether you are brave or cowardly in the melting pot of love; whether you are authentic or complex and crafty; it can also accurately reflect whether you are suffering from a certain disease and the severity of the disease. For example, if you see yourself in love with a heavy virginity complex, you can consider whether to adjust your values; if you find yourself in marriage with a deep Oedipus complex, intimate behavior, fear of sex, etc., then you can start to analyze yourself or accept psychoanalysis, learn to know yourself, and try new ones The establishment and construction of intimacy. In this way, people who are lost in love and hate can wake up.

Love is also a good medicine. Many emotional wounds are finally healed by getting love.

There is an old saying in China called the same smell. Is it easier for two people with psychological problems to attract each other? Or something else?

In other words, are there any psychological problems that will affect the mutual attraction?

If some psychological problems do lead to a greater attraction for a person, will there be any hidden dangers in the long run?

In the process of mutual attraction, does Professor Du and Qian Songyi have the function of psychological problems? If they keep going like this, what will happen?

Xiong Ling:

From the perspective of personality theory or emotional conclusion, each of us has complex or psychological problems. Therefore, the ease of attraction between the two sexes / the same sex does not lie in whether there is a psychological problem, but in the similarity of smell or the attraction of difference. It is easy to have a stable and plain relationship with the same smelly pairing. It is precisely the people who walk together by differences that are prone to conflict, ups and downs of emotional waves, which are hard to be separated. The reason is that behind the pairing, it complements each others serious psychological defects. Even when one party wants to leave the hateful other party, it will suddenly feel lonely and frustrated, which often drives people to stay in the relationship. If there are any hidden dangers, I think all of the above are right.

Professor Du and Qian Songyi in Korean dramas belong to the love of difference sucking. Both of them, first of all, are people with deep psychological problems (this need not be analyzed). What they attract is what they lack and what they have in each other. In reality, people are attracted by the power of falling in love, either the bright spot - good that they lack, or the shadow - bad that they are oppressed by. And the difference between the two is also included in the two parts, especially by the others shadow bad (duminjun, a super self-made, cold and deep, gloomy and passive man, qiansongyi, a super narcissistic, simple and extensive, domineering woman), and the greater the difference, the deeper the attraction. So their emotions seem to be in full swing of love and full of conflict, but it is a strange love journey after all. This kind of love is very similar to the antidote of poison in martial arts novels. Only it can resolve the strange emotional injury and make the dead love live.

But notice that they are all taught the uncanny fate of love stories. The story is for people to appreciate and ponder, to comfort the lonely souls of men and women in reality, and even to satisfy the emotional hunger and thirst of men and women. In real life, all professors are nonexistent. He is omnipotent and infatuated with a person for hundreds of years, but the projection of perfect love in peoples hearts. In reality, such a marriage does not exist, because it deviates from the principle of relationship: the relative balance between giving and receiving, which is one of the basic needs of human nature.

You ask, as a film and television works, all professors and thousands of song if it continues like this, what will happen? I think it depends on the mood of the writer and the director, and I guess it will happen. Even if there is a real version of Professor Du and Qian Songyi, they have been like this all the time, any possibility, one of which may be painful and happy; they may also be entangled with love and hate, because there is either a sentimental attachment to the pain, or there is my injury needs to be paid back yet; they may also split up after being bruised.

People are very strange species, always attracted by the fantastic scenery, and always want to pursue the things beyond our reach. Therefore, we are doomed to pursue setbacks.