Ignore one arm basketball boy? CBA and Guangdong team are really wronged

 Ignore one arm basketball boy? CBA and Guangdong team are really wronged

Guangdong one arm player kicks off for CBA (source: Houchang village sports team)

In fact, in accordance with the Convention of basketball games, guests always throw the ball to make a appearance before the kick-off, and then the referee will start the game again. Usually it is the leader of the competition area or the representative of the sponsor, and the main purpose is to show the ingredients. After a sign, take a group photo, and then leave the field to watch the war. Everyone is happy.

Moreover, its a little wrong to say that Guangdong team is too indifferent and not caring. Because xiaojiacheng is from Guangdong, he was invited by CBA company and Guangdong team to participate in the activity, and he was wearing a Jersey signed by all the players of Guangdong team when he entered. This jersey was presented to him by the whole team when xiaojiacheng was invited to visit the basketball base of Guangdong team not long ago Of. A few days before the game, he not only took photos with all the players of Guangdong team, but also played one-on-one single with Xu Jie, the CBA point guard.

This point is also completely reflected in other performance activities and competitions: CBAs all star competitions over the years have finally become foreign aid performances. Occasionally, young players show one or two shows, and domestic veteran players only throw three points at other times. The competition is not only boring, but also lack of competitiveness. Moreover, the individual events are completely separated from the All-Star competition. We often find that when we watch the individual events in the All-Star midfield, the players participating in the competition are generally indifferent, have poor sense of participation and lack of respect for the procedures. Last year, there was even a slam dunk contest where the players had already entered the arena to practice.

As for Zeng fanri, the most anticipated Entertainment Bureau, the duet between Du Feng and Zeng fanri, it took ten times of the time to heat up the game. At last, Du Feng threw a three-point shot. Zeng fanri dunked an empty basket without defense, and then danced with the cheerleaders. There was a lot of excitement, but there was no name for the single event.

At this point, CBA really needs to learn from NBA. In recent years, NBA All-Star games have been lack of competitiveness. The league has constantly revised the rules to increase the sense of competition. In the past two years, the competition between teams really made the fans enjoy it. At the same time, the single game is giving up its technicality and pursuing more entertainment spirit. Although one-on-one single is not put into the game schedule, for NBA players, any opponent can be used to single at any time. The round of ONeal and Jordan before the All-Star game inadvertently creates an eternal classic.

On the contrary, in private, the day that xiaojiacheng spent in Guangdong team, everyone seemed very relaxed. Although it can be seen that the players are still at a loss and dont know how to interact with the small guests, Zhu Fangyu and Du Feng have played a correct role in guiding them. The one-day tour of Guangdong team in xiaojiacheng can be said to be very successful.

In fact, the essence of the NBA team that we read in the news inviting kids to visit and interact with each other is not different from that of Guangdong team inviting kids to visit xiaojiacheng, except that the NBA team has a special community interaction department, which has carried out numerous similar activities in the past few decades. The process and staffing are very professional and appropriate, and the players take special guidance courses every year to learn Learn how to communicate with fans, audiences and media practitioners. NBA has always had the concept of community. Every team has a specific agenda to communicate and interact with the residents of their community during the season.

Jazz, for example, invited a 5-year-old kid with leukemia, JP Gibson, to join the team in 2014, with a one-day contract. J.P. Gibson was replaced in the Jazzs annual White and green team match, and Gerber grabbed him to complete a two handed dunk. The child realized his dream. Five years later, he was still wearing a jazz jersey for chemotherapy and fighting with the disease.

Similar humanistic care in NBA is not rare. The team usually invites patients to visit the team and give away jerseys and souvenirs. NBA also has a special project, nbacares, to pass on charity and care in the way of basketball. CBA has been studying hard since Yao Ming and Wang Dawei took over, but it started too late, and now it is only in the primary stage.

If the organizers have a better overall planning and execution, events like the kick-off in xiaojiacheng will be more beautiful and the fans will be more satisfied. The character of xiaojiacheng is a little introverted, in fact, it needs more initiative guidance from the organizers and players. The factors of the epidemic have made some links that could have been better rigid. Otherwise, xiaojiachengman can use chic and skillful cross step dribble to bring the ball out in the sound of the mountain and tsunami to complete a more beautiful and impressive kick-off show.

Its a pity that this opportunity has been missed. Its a great progress for CBA that small town can appear on the field to kick off, but from the perspective of process, the professionalization of CBA still needs time to improve. I hope that in the future our organizers and players can increase the last 1% of their efforts and attention to do this properly.