The day after he was convicted of child molestation, his value rose 2.645 billion yuan

 The day after he was convicted of child molestation, his value rose 2.645 billion yuan

The response of the capital market has always been cold-blooded. Once the judgment came out, Wang Zhenhuas value increased by 2.645 billion yuan the next day, and Xincheng departments stock rose for two consecutive daysu2014u2014

Obviously, the operators also think that the sentence is too short, even short enough to be considered a good news.

Ha ha, I dont know if I should praise the rationality and acumen of these financial practitioners.

It is human instinct to seek benefits and avoid harm. But behind the cold-blooded professional ability, is there something called values.

If anger stops there, youre underestimating scum.

After the verdict, Chen Youxi, a lawyer for Wang Zhenhua, released a statement through his personal social platform saying that Wang Zhenhua had explicitly appealed for his innocence in the second trial. Five years later, people still feel aggrieved.

He said that Wang Zhenhua did not turn over his confession: from the stage of investigation, prosecution and court, his confession was stable and consistent, denying that he had indecent acts against his young daughter.

On the afternoon of June 18, Chen Youxi, the defense lawyer for the case of Wang Zhenhua, the former chairman of Xincheng holding, issued a statement to disclose the latest progress of the case.

If you look at this thousand word statement, it is full of fairness and justice, and the case is full of injustice and grievances. You feel that the defendant is like autumn chrysanthemum falling on the earth. If you dont do anything, you will be framed as a lewd offender.

I dare not make up a lie like this, but people can say it without shame.

If this kind of animal behavior can be washed white, Im afraid its not washing powder, but steel ball.

According to the report, Wang Zhenhua has not compensated the victim for any money, but he can spend the money on asking a high price lawyer and has not expressed any apology in the court.

He always thought he was just cuddling and cuddling, said the victims attorney. he talked about it in a light way.

I think of that classic expression bag - money can really do anything.

As long as you have money, you can rape not only your young girls, but also the law, and even your intelligence quotient.

Whats more funny, Lawyer Chen said in a statement that he was full of grievances and said that the victims use of Internet public opinion caused great public opinion pressure on them and the case handling organs.

He probably forgot how he kidnapped public opinion and glorified a murderer who stabbed the city manager to death as a heroic hero when he sued Xia Junfeng.

A 9-year-old girl in an ordinary family, in the face of a billionaires indecency and money like hanging, only the public opinion can help, but found that the public opinion was also very weak.

In the 11 months when she expected justice to be done, Wang Zhenhuas wealth increased by another 5 billion yuan.

More despairing is that Bao Yuming, another netizens who have been besieging, has completely faded out of the publics view.

Yes, Bao Yuming may not even go to court.