Isnt Yu Shuxin only 24 years old? Why is it so bald

 Isnt Yu Shuxin only 24 years old? Why is it so bald

Sometimes, I really feel that compared with Qin Shupei, who lost his hair after childbirth, Im not much better.

The only entertainment news that makes sheep a little comforting is xiaoxiaozi, who is also bald.

This, two days ago, he was publicly punished by a treasure SMS in the live broadcast.

The four words hair raising suit are so heartfelt.

But, think of Cheng Xiaos natural brain gate and the appearance of hair loss due to pressure the day after tomorrow. The sheep cant really laugh.

Obviously, she looks so beautiful, but because of the hairline problem, she is often ridiculed as elder brother of the Qing Dynasty, which makes the impression of melon eaters on her mostly is not stage, but baldness.

Cheng Xiaos baldness is a combination of high hairline and low hair volume.

Her predecessor Song Xi just because of the high hairline, it seems that Qi and blood are not very sufficient, inexplicably with a little old style.

Daga look, Songxis hair quantity is OK, at least she can prick it.

It can be said that in the contemporary era, beautiful hairline is really a necessary condition for beauty!

So, today, aesthetic sheep are going to talk about hairline aesthetics with daga, so that we can compare our hairline beauty to a new height!

Hairline by category

First of all, the sheep should correct a little. Not everyones hairline looks the same.

If you look at the types in Encyclopedia, there are five distinct hairlines.

The first type is a and SA, which is typical of Wang Zuxian, a great beauty.

To be honest, Wang Zuxians hairline is a little bit more square than the comics in the encyclopedia.

Yang found a picture of the early days of apple daily and gave it to daga Kangkang. Isnt Fang Di quite obvious?

Because of the obvious lines, the square hairline looks like a bar and a box. Its full of momentum.

This kind of hairline is not very common for girls, but there are many male groups.

For example, Yang Yang who shaved his head

When you see this, do you know why Lius poems with three courtyards and five eyes in harmonious proportion are called Liu handsome by a group of female fans?

Because the hairline of Lius poems is also square.

The difference between the hair line and no hair line of daga Pinpin is that one is cool sister and the other is sweet sister.

But, this kind of hairline cannot be bald!

A little baldness will destroy the integrity of the four lines, resulting in an impression that even the great beauty Wang Zuxian cant bear.

To tell you the truth, seeing the same kind of hair loss troubles as sheep, I feel comforted.

Because the edge is soft, basically arc shaped, so from the visual point of view, it has affinity.

However, this hairline type is very challenging for square face girls, and it is easy to appear square and big.

Even Xu Lu, who has a good face and facial features, cant bear this hairline.

Like the picture below, Yang really cant believe that it will be made by fashion magazines and released by artists.

The bones on both sides are framed by hair linesu00b7u00b7u00b7

The most suitable one for Xu Lu is the one with all the hair tied up, high skull top, a few strands of small hair on the ear, and fuzzy real hairline.

Daga, is the effect much better?

The third is the uneven type of freedom and indulgence, which is typically represented by Lin Qingxia.

In Tang Weis early years, it was the same hairline

Before Xiao Zhao moved the hairline back, her hairline also belonged to this type.

The lack of clarity in the hairline gave Zhao Liying an unadorned innocence and dullness.

Although this kind of hairline looks not so delicate, even a little rough, it is full of solid vitality and is particularly grounded.

Moreover, this hairline also corrects Lin Qingxias partial jaw problem through the principle of perceptual simplification.

With such a hairline working in the upper court, her chin problem will appear less prominent.

However, for those girls who are pursuing refinement, they need to modify and change their hairline properly.

From a native girl to a delicate little woman, rimei Ishihara has not only worked hard on her make-up and eyebrows, but also her hairline has changed a lot.

The fourth is the beauty point type with segmented radian, which is typical of Zhao Yazhis white lady.

The reason why Yang added the role name, not to mention himself, is that Zhao Yazhis hairline is really difficult to determine.

Todays daily photos are all of bangs. Looking at the old photos in the early years is more like uneven type

Young Zhao Yazhi is really beautiful!!!

The typical feature of beauty point is that the arc is divided into two sections, and the middle part is sagging.

We can see clearly that the hairline on both sides of Wangs hair is a more square and straight line by comparing with Xu Ruoxu, a real beauty.

Sheep make a clear line map for daga to see, Xu ruoxuns hairline.

This kind of hairline is not very common in real life. It is more seen in the head cover of ancient costume drama.

For example, Li ruotong, whose hairline was the beauty tip in the period of Xiaolongnv, would change to another type in other plays.

The drooping in the middle of a beautys tip does bring some sharp beauty.

But its easy to look very big and a little bald when youre olderu00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

Because the original two sides are smooth, all rely on the pull-down beauty point to shorten the real proportion of court.

Fifth, the M-shape is very bald. The typical representative is Jude Law.

Although M-type is not common in female groups, it is quite similar to meimeijian.

Yang put a contrast picture for daga to feel that M-type is obviously more open and close than meimeimeijian. (also looks bald and forehead high...)

If meet this kind of hairline, the sheep suggest that it can cover the hair, not the hair.

After all, this M-type really looks like the cats ears caused by stress baldness, our xinxinzi.

So, in fact, the hairline is the same as the eyebrow, each has its own way, and the final landing point and expressive force should be judged according to its own five senses.

When the hairline is too high, or square, you need to cut short hair to cover up, so that other peoples attention does not go to the high forehead.

More can be shaved off, less can be planted.

Jiang Mengjie looked for a hair transplant doctor on the program and took off two wigs on the spot.

At present, the method of hair transplantation is to cut the fut of scalp and the fue of minimally invasive hair transplantation.

These two sheep have talked about it in detail. I want to see the poke here

However, the hairline is more suitable for those girls with normal hairline and few baldness after tomorrow.

Finally, Yang wants to say that whether the hairline needs to be changed depends on different people. According to the specific judgment of the distribution of five senses, when sisters go to do it, they must find a regular hospital, do a good job of consultation and preparation!