Song Huiqiao is wearing a yellow shirt and a skirt, and her Bobo cutting is very beautiful

 Song Huiqiao is wearing a yellow shirt and a skirt, and her Bobo cutting is very beautiful

The combination of this yellow shirt and skirt highlights the charm of women, and because the color is more eye-catching, it will not feel dull even when it is worn at work, and it is very romantic and elegant when it is worn on a date, which can instantly attract peoples attention, combined with the treatment of high waist, it can also create a good figure.

When wearing the shirt, try to untie the collar so that it doesnt look stiff. For example, song Huiqiao can untie the neckline when she puts on the yellow shirt, which looks easy and can also modify the line of the neck. The neckline of the shirt is very neat and clean, which instantly brightens the personal charm.

Song Huiqiao in the lower part of the body with a high waist skirt, highlighting the high waistline, although the figure is not particularly slim, but this way of dressing can give out their own body advantages, looks younger, and many girls in daily life also like to learn from the collocation of high waist skirt.

The micro curly Bobo shape is very cute. This kind of short hair Bobo is suitable for young girls to try. It can highlight the intellectual and elegant charm, but it will not be too old-fashioned. The Bobo shape is more fairy, showing a different gas field in an instant, and modifying the round face is also very cute.

Middle aged women want to create a perfect shape, and they want to look younger. They must pay attention to the choice of makeup, not to choose large and heavy makeup, which will appear very old-fashioned. This kind of fresh nude makeup is very good. Combined with red lip makeup, it is very bright. The whole shape looks very clean, but it can also improve the aura. Wearing this kind of gold bracelet on the hand can also highlight the sense of hierarchy and interpret the sexy charm.

The delicate floral dress is elegant on the body. The floral elements in the dress can highlight the sense of hierarchy. Whats more, this floral element can make the whole person look younger and more beautiful, while the fresh color highlights the different feeling, full of girlhood. Blend into this kind of black micro curly long hair to make it more pure.

The combination of shirt and skirt has always been very popular. Song Huiqiaos choice of jeans skirt with shirt is very bright. Women of all ages can wear jeans skirt. Whats more, it can cover the meat and show thin. The skirt with irregular cutting looks more chic and can highlight the fashion sense. The grey shirt of upper body is also very advanced Can highlight the intellectual and elegant side. This time, Song Hye Kyo chose the fresh and elegant nude makeup, which makes the whole person look very playful, and the combination of micro curly Bob is also very cute.