Recently, a new way of wearing is called: T-shirt + base coat, fashionable and sun proof

 Recently, a new way of wearing is called: T-shirt + base coat, fashionable and sun proof

Many sisters dont know this kind of dressing very well, so its easy to wear a heavy feeling, or the coordination is not strong. So lets take a look at the sisters with these small problems. First, lets see how the stars manage this kind of dressing.

There is a kind of casual style when matching T-shirt with bottoming shirt. Loose T-shirt with a slim bottoming shirt looks more personalized and handsome. Like adding cartoon patterns to a T-shirt, it looks more youthful. With a pair of wide legged pants, it has a high rate of turning heads on the street.

For the sisters with fair skin, try to look white when matching T-shirt with base coat. This water pink T-shirt, which is chosen by powers, matches with a pink base coat, which gives you a bright feeling in front of your eyes. Under the background of color, the skin appears more white and sweet.

Power in a program also used a T-shirt with a bottoming shirt wearing method, we can see that this wearing method is more favored by power. This set of matching is different from the past, the bottom coat of broken diamond looks more dazzling, with a bit of domineering. At the same time, the choice of T-shirt also has a bit of hip-hop style, the combination of the two is absolutely overbearing.

Youth represents Yang Zi

The collocation of black department looks more handsome. Yang Zis choice of bottoming shirt is more eye-catching in this collocation. The black semi perspective material makes the skin look like it will have a kind of looming feeling. It looks more personalized and a little sexy.

This set of white combination is full of small fresh feeling, and the overall look gives a very clean visual sense. Bright white will show the temperament of the whole person, more prominent milk muscle. At the same time, with a fresh blue jeans, it looks more refreshing in summer.

Here is what fairies are looking forward to most, that is, how to match it better. Do not blindly set the formula, but pay attention to some small skills, so hurry to continue to look down with the small knitting.

Another small problem to pay attention to is that the T-shirt version should not be too slim, otherwise the tight matching is very easy to give people a sense of heat. The base coat made of chiffon is also popular. First, the material looks more advanced, second, the drape is more skin friendly, giving people a kind of Huashun cool feeling.

Look 2. Color matching

Color matching also plays a key role in the whole. For summer, T-shirt is an essential item, and many sisters will have several T-shirts of different colors. Then the color of the base coat should choose the color of all kinds, especially in summer, the color is also light and looks more refreshing.

Look 3, style control

The combination of T-shirt and base coat can create different styles. Compared with the sisters who wear and match styles, they can find breakthrough points in the base coat. Like this black fishing net design style is very eye-catching, in the black background but gives a sense of hegemony, gas field burst.

Leopard print element has always been more eye-catching, looks sexy, but it is not so easy to control. But with T-shirts, theres a different flavor. The freshness of T-shirt is combined with the Sexy Leopard Print, which is surprisingly fashionable and looks more advanced visually.

This summers hottest way to wear let you heart, hurry to do a beautiful yourself!