Wanxi wears a red loose T-shirt with a denim skirt, which makes her look more tender

 Wanxi wears a red loose T-shirt with a denim skirt, which makes her look more tender

Lift the waistline to a suitable position and add a belt. The advantage of adding a belt is that it can make corresponding changes according to the body condition, and you dont need to worry about being too tight or too loose. Compared with the self-contained waist closing design, its function is relatively powerful. The belt naturally hangs down a part, which can also play a corresponding decorative role. You can pull out the belt like Wanxi, adding more casual and lazy feeling.

She put on a light blue buttock skirt on her lower body, sketched out the lines of her buttocks, and presented a straight tube to cover her legs, which can also cover the fat of the legs. At the bottom, it was cut neatly. Its length was close to the ankle, but it didnt add too much bondage to the ankle. Part of her calves are exposed. Its very fresh. The match is very student like and makes her look much younger. So its an important way to age reduction.

Small white shoes are all kinds of styles, which can accommodate a variety of styles. Choosing flat shoes for travel can also provide her with more convenience. The toe is a little more round, which also leaves a little more space for her legs, which is unnecessary and cumbersome.

A messenger bag with a red pattern on the back has a large capacity, which is convenient for Wanxi to place a lot of personal items when she goes out. And the pattern on Wanxis bag is very interesting. The choice of red matches the line of her upper body. She also wears a baseball cap at the airport, and sets a letter pattern in a prominent position. By the way, she gathered her hair in it, which made her feel a little lazy and casual.

Put on a shirt, set two pockets on the left and right sides, tie on the middle part, the model of the shirt is a little loose. Half of it into the lower body of the wide mouth shorts, because its version is relatively loose, so left and right sides of the legs left a certain amount of space, so that her calves look extraordinarily thin. With a pair of long legs and a pair of white Martin boots, its cool. Wanxi took the suit jacket in her hand, a little more sassy.

A dress with a polka dot pattern was selected. The thin Tulle covered the arm and the fat by the way. The skirt is a little loose, showing a straight tube. If you are not confident in your legs, you can use this skirt to make a little decoration. The effect of showing thin is more prominent.

The combination of shirt and jeans is quite common. The shirt on Wanxis upper body is black. Black and white matching with this classic color is introduced. The lower body is a pair of jeans, outlining the lines of her legs. With a pair of black one word high-heeled shoes, once again decorated the figure curve.