Zhang Lan, the mother-in-law of big s, wore a blue dress to the party, which was too powerful

 Zhang Lan, the mother-in-law of big s, wore a blue dress to the party, which was too powerful

If older women want to look younger, they must try more fresh hairstyles. At this time, it is recommended that you do not try to have long hair, try to curl it up, or choose short hair. For example, Zhang Lans curling style is more in line with the temperament of mature women. It looks fresh as a whole, but it will not feel too young at the same time, It can better make the whole person look like a woman.

However, we should pay attention to the fact that when choosing off shoulder dresses, we must combine our own body shape. Many older women have some worship meat in their arms, and the muscles in their arms are relatively loose. After the muscle loss, our arms dont look very good. At this time, we should try to avoid the open arm dresses, which can be outside Cover the fat with a coat.

Most of the women in order to highlight their own strong aura and our position, will try some more noble accessories, such as earrings, bracelets are essential, Zhang Lan attended the event is also very bold, chose the metal earrings, modeling is also pompous, can let the whole person exude a dignified temperament, instant enhance the aura.

This black and white suit coat looks heavier, while the black suit combined with the white collar looks lighter, and the neckline also combines with this kind of irregular cutting, which is also more lovely and playful. If it is matched with the necklace, it can also look more beautiful and fashionable.

The white shirt dress is very casual to wear on the body. This white shirt dress also combines the gradual color and looks very low-key. The waist is specially matched with this black waist cover to create a slim waist. Even if the body is slightly fat, it can easily show the charm of self-confidence.