Jacket + wide leg pants, Wang fried this summer! I see screams

 Jacket + wide leg pants, Wang fried this summer! I see screams

I found that what she could wear was 10cm high because she paid great attention to creating her own high waistline.

Like her favorite blouse + wide leg pants, it is the simplest combination of high waist line.

This kind of dressing only shows a small section of the thinnest waist, and uses the width to create poor vision. In addition, the wide leg pants have the function of naturally extending the legs, which looks naturally tall and thin.

These two pieces seem simple, but they are often dressed in different styles.

They can be sweet and cool girlish or charming little feminine.

Ive summed up a few small points. Lets have a look~

The bubble sleeve is absolutely the most popular element in the past two years. Its romantic and retro with a sense of dignity. Its also very good-looking with the wide leg pants.

Many of the common blouses are tight, from clothes to cuffs are particularly tight, this kind of clothes is not friendly to girls with thick arms.

But if you change to a jacket with bubble sleeves, its different. The loose sleeves just hide the flesh of your arms.

But its not OK for any kind of bubble sleeve. The bubble sleeve here must not be too exaggerated, or it will appear strong on the upper body.

Princess style bubble sleeve blouse + wide leg pants

The design of the bubble sleeve and the short frock made of foam material are not only cool but also very thin. The pattern of Xiaobo dot has romantic princess flavor, and the cool black wide leg pants form a style balance.

The hair will be higher


Off shoulder jacket + wide leg pants

The off shoulder blouse is a good flirtatious hand. Its a little sexy but not too revealing. The wide leg pants with high waist are very thin and high.

Not suitable for large chest

In addition to the girl with thick arms, the girl with big chest also has skills when choosing a blouse!

As for the combination of blouse and wide leg pants, some girls may ask, can a blouse be worn for a big chest? Doesnt look bigger?

Actually not. You can choose V-neck and U-neck blouses to make your skin look thinner and fresher. Reducing the weight of your upper body visually will make you look lighter.

U-neck and V-neck clothes are also the most popular in street photography.

French U-neck jacket + wide leg pants

This U-neck jacket is a must for me who loves French style! Big U-neck and slim design show a good figure.

u25b2 yellow wide leg pants are full of vitality

The girl with thick legs should not try it easily~

Tuyuan @ Street Photo kunshu


Plaid Top + wide leg pants

Grapefruit red lattice sling is very young, it is very suitable for girls to take the route of girls. The floor dragging broad leg pants match well. If the legs are too long, you can fold them. Its the best to cover 1 / 2 of the upper.

Tuyuan @ Street Photo kunshu


V-neck jacket + Plaid wide leg pants

Jacket + plaid pants, simple on the top and complicated on the bottom, this is the very popular BM style this year! This blouse only shows a little skin color of the abdomen. Its more friendly to girls who have meat in their stomachs and want to try the blouse.

u25b2 overall cool feeling

With a chain bag, its a lot more feminine

Tuyuan @ Street Photo kunshu

U-neck T-shirt + wide leg pants

People with white skin

Wear bright colors on the lower body

Its just as beautiful!

Tuyuan @ Street Photo kunshu

Lets take a look at how to choose a blouse for a girl with wide shoulders~

The strapless blouse is really in fashion this year. Compared with the thin shoulder belt, its less sexy, more handsome, and matches with the wide leg pants of the same a, which is full of gas! (but not suitable for girls with thick arms)

Shoulder width girls biggest worry is that the top is wide and the bottom is narrow. When wearing a jacket, it will make the shoulder look wider.

If you wear a jacket with suspenders and expose your arms, it will actually make the whole upper body more harmonious.

Girls in street photos also wear wide shoulder waistcoats with various tastes~


Square neck jacket + wide leg pants

The design of wide shoulder belt + square collar is really thin. You can also wear it for big girls with breasts. If you have non dairy, please choose the one with a higher side girth.

Its cool to look at the flowing Tulle wide leg pants

Tuyuan @ her Street Photo


Fathers jacket + wide leg pants

This is a mans style, with a fathers work jacket and wide leg pants, simple and eye-catching. The design of big U-neck lengthens the line of face, especially suitable for girls with round and square faces.


Sports jacket + wide leg pants

If you want to wear this kind of sports style jacket and dare not try it, its better to try it with wide leg pants with straps to cover some waist meat and make you look magnificent.

u25b2 cap, Messenger Bag and boots

Strengthened the overall style

Tuyuan @ Street Photo kunshu