Domestic fitness girl, bikini champion gets soft hand

 Domestic fitness girl, bikini champion gets soft hand

Her name is Jiang Liming

Micro blog Jiang Liming momo

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Pure and sweet look

Big clear eyes

The smile of water

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Except for good looks

Jiang Limings body is also hot and speechless

She is 174CM tall. A pair of long legs are standard

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Full and round peach hips

The charming curve is overwhelming

Massive abdominal muscles

Someone once questioned Jiang Liming

Inhale while patting your abs

Thats what she does

She is known as the most beautiful buttock in China

A round and cocky buttock is not born

Jiang Limings body is thin before contact with fitness

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Always a serious look

Sculpt a perfect figure with flowing sweat

Hip and leg training twice a week

When someone is worried that they will have thick legs

Jiang Liming knows the full and round buttocks

Need a strong thigh support for harmony

Supine kicking

Weight bearing lunge

Seated Hip Abduction

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Smith machine squat

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One or two fixed shoulder and back exercises a week

Only training that takes time and energy

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Jiang Liming thinks back training can

Back training is usually dominated by a variety of pull-down movements

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Use other rowing actions as auxiliary training

The gym hasnt been opened during the outbreak

Just choose to jog on the mountain

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Learn new skills at home - rings

Even the bruises and bruises of the legs

Its still fun

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Jiang Liming used to study street fitness for a while

She still has a lot of training every day

After every training, she would wear a belt for protection

It also reminds her that she needs to do what she can to keep fit

Three points to practice and seven points to eat

Efforts to keep fit cannot be defeated by diet

During the period of keeping fit

Jiang Liming has participated in many competitions

And also enjoy the process and stage of showing body

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It turns out that Jiang Limings fitness training has been very effective

Got good results in every game

You cant be too soft to win the championship

Bikini group C champion of 2015 national bodybuilding championship

Hkfb bikini Championship 2017

And womens fitness model finals

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Have you paid? How much

Is it a shortcut or a step by step

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She was asked

She said: it was fitness that taught her

Control everything in life

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She also believes in the beauty of curves

Its a love of your body

A state created with time and energy

Let more people know the benefits of fitness

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Want to have an enviable figure

There is no other shortcut

Go to sports in a down-to-earth way!