We are all famous

 We are all famous

After returning to Beijing, I saw the new destination and received the notice of cancellation of Cartiers activity on Tuesday. As a wristband editor, this years activities started almost last month, and are all shop to see the new. The first to take the lead in large-scale activities is the international watch (IWC). I dont know if Ive been away from the battle for a long time. So many new works of Portuguese series attract me the most is a pair of spare watch strap. When the organizer asked which watch you like at the end of the activity, he said I like this watch strap because it adds 80 points which is not in line with the workplace norms

However, the strap should be responsible for the beauty and ugliness of a watch. So, I thought that these watch bands are really famous.

This years Portuguese series of watches from all over the world have new functions and new colors. There are also six boutique special edition limited to blue panel and blue SANTONI alligator leather strap. When I saw them in the boutique, there were two watches with blue braided leather strap that looked particularly beautiful. Personally, I thought it was because the braided strap broke the consistent stability of the complex functional panel, brought a special sense of existence to the wristwatch, and highlighted the fashionable and exquisite life temperament of the Retro era. Id better show it to you first.

Boutique special edition of universal watch Portugal series Tourbillon anti jump chronograph

New Portuguese boutique special edition with SANTONI blue alligator leather strap

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Well, its true that SANTONI is more suitable for the special edition. This Italian high-end handmade shoes brand has always followed the local ancient crafts to make every process, and it takes more than 15 years of experience to master this craft skillfully. Generally speaking, the general fatteamano line is around 8000 yuan. However, the limited edition depends on the size of its heart and the complexity of its technology and materials.

SANTONI is one of the top representatives of traditional leather crafts

The opportunity for the cooperation between universal watch and SANTONI comes from another classic series of bertofino, which is the name of a port town in Italy that has become a holiday paradise due to its charming scenery. SANTONIs exclusive leather strap for the world watch, with orange lining, shows a rigorous attitude towards leather production. At the same time, SANTONI treated leather with special color layers was implanted into the strap. In the special edition of the boutique, the blue alligator leather strap made by SANTONI has delicate shadow treatment, which makes each strap of different colors glitter with its unique leather luster.

SANTONI endows the watchband with his own skills in dealing with leather texture and color

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Cristi rubuto customized wristwatch in the reverse series of Jijia

Cristi rubuto cleverly brings a new fashion attitude to the watch

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However, the cooperation between the two sides has not been affected. The price of Apple watch herm u00e8 s series 5, which was just launched, ranges from 9999 yuan to 11199 yuan, while the price of a single tour with a 40mm case is 2799 yuan.

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Palmajanis leather strap has Hermes on the back

In 1905, Isidore horween, a skilled leather maker, seized the opportunity of the booming industry and set up his own leather factory in Chicago. 15 years later, the leather factory was named horween leather company. Up to now, despite the reputation of century old leather emperor, we still rely on traditional crafts to complete the orders of customers in short supply. Horse hip skin is horweens magic weapon. There are many customers like Alden who have been customers for more than 80 years in the order.

Helmsman series special long kinetic energy fully automatic mechanical wristwatch horween horse hip leather primary color Wristband

The helmsman series special long kinetic energy fully automatic mechanical wristwatch is made of stainless steel, with a diameter of 44 mM. After being coated with PVD, it looks more masculine. The black dial is decorated with Geneva ripples, which are common in the movement.

Black dial with horween Black Pearl band

For example, under the proposal of carlocalati, a leading figure in the luxury watch industry in Monaco, universal watch gave the BigBang series a cowboy element in 2013. Of course, the dial and strap will not be made of ordinary cowboy fabric, but only by the Italian cowboy fabric manufacturer who provides fabric for the worlds top luxury and fashion brands. In short, it is the denim fabric used by Italian brand dsquared.

Denim watch of Yubo BigBang series

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Then, Yubo went to the sea with denim, and launched the deep sea exploration 4000 meter Cowboy wristwatch. The wristwatch adopts the cutting-edge technology of underwater 4000 meter compression capacity. The cowboy fabric dial processed by epoxy vacuum compression is well protected. The cowboy fabric wristband that can be lined with black Tianran rubber wristband is directly in contact with the sea water, and the cattle raising that year was agreed u201dCant you wash it in the water?

Deep sea exploration 4000 meter Cowboy wristwatch

Next, in 2015, the first BigBang embroidery wristwatch was released, integrating the gorgeous Organza embroidery into the wristwatch design. The dial is Skull Pattern and inlaid with 11 diamonds, while the ring and band are soft and gentle vine pattern, interpreting the rebellious sex appeal with the beauty of collision. Bischoff embroidery company in Switzerland, which provides embroidery for Yubo, has always followed the San Gallen embroidery company in Switzerland, which can be traced back to the Middle Agesuff08 St.Gallen uff09The traditional embroidery technology, and in the high-end fashion shine. This big bang Broderie wristwatch also won the best womens wristwatch Award of the high-level watch award in Geneva, laying a foundation for future cooperation between the two sides.

Universal bigbangbroderie wristwatch

In the past two years, embroidery has become another iconic aesthetic design of the Yu ship watch. Last year, Yuban simply equipped the BigBang series with a one button quick change strap device, and brought six colorful Bischoff embroidery straps and two new velvet sleeve straps decorated with orylag fur.

Colorful Bischoff embroidery strap

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New Velour sleeve strap with orylag fur

It may be Roger Dubuis who competes with Yuban in changing the watch belt. What Roger Dubois demands of himself is that the time for the wearer to change the watch belt is as fast as changing the tire in the car race. After all, in recent years, Roger Duby has to show his sincerity not only at the Geneva watch show in January, but also at the Geneva auto show in March.

In the formula one world championship, it took only three seconds to change a racing tyre. The qrsquickrelease system developed by Roger Duby allows a novice to change the watch belt in 3 seconds. The watch belt replaced by the watch master may be made of the tire replaced by the champion car in 3 seconds in the last race. These tyres are provided by Pirelli, Roger dupes partner and the only tyre sponsor of F1.

The watch belt reformed from F1 champion racing tire

Think about how fast they used to run the track, but now they are still on your wrist. Those sparks become comfortable fit. These can be seen in Excalibur spider Pirelli.

In 2017, a limited number of 88 Excalibur spider Pirelli wristwatches were launched, and the blank rim was available in black, blue, red and yellow, and the rubber and band suture of the titanium alloy black DLC coated crown were treated with corresponding colors. The strap is made of Pirelli Pirelli Tyre leather, which has won the competition, and its inner surface is decorated with a unique tread pattern. In 2018, the Excalibur spider Pirelli watch also launched the mrporter version.

Excalibur spider Pirelli watch with mrporter

Based on the fierce cooperation established with Pirelli tire and Lamborghini Squadra core, Roger Dubi brought Excalibur spider Pirelli series watches with black titanium alloy and pure white decoration elements at the Geneva International Auto Show in 2018, as well as 28 limited edition Excalibur aventadors series green watches. This watch is an extraordinary work jointly developed by Roger Duby watchmaker and Lamborghini engineer. It deduces the five elements of high-performance racing car with performance aesthetics and rare materials, and creates the protection of five corresponding watchmaking technology patents. Of course, these watches are also inlaid with the rubber skin of Pirelli Pirellis winning racing tires.

Excalibur aventadors green Watch

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In addition to the passion, Roger Duby also created a delicate ladys life style like the palace. In 2015, the velvethaute couturecorsetry wristwatch was launched. 162 bright cutting diamonds were inlaid in the barrel shaped area in the center of the dial. The outside of the dial showed a Silver Satin sun pattern, carrying the black or rose gold Roman numerals with velvets representative style. The bezel, ear and decorative parts were also inlaid with exquisite diamonds. Similar to the strap of womens Corset waistcoat, it is specially made by the most famous saddle manufacturer in Switzerland. When the strap is around the wrist, it is like embracing the charming female curve.

Velvethaute couturecorsetry Watch

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Velvethaute Couture passemeterie wristband is specially made by the famous old shop in Paris. It is exquisitely covered with a net silk thread pattern on the elegant light brown wristband, and it ends with meticulous weaving decoration, imitating the exquisite silk sock side band. By the way, this old shop has exquisite decorations in extraordinary places such as the Louvre and Versailles.

Velvethautecouturepassemeterie Watch

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From 2015 to 2016, it is a concentrated exploration of advanced watch making brands in addition to watch making technology.

Some brands have explored new development ideas and continue to this day.

New Media Editor: Koi

Image: from brand / network