Sister contract Chinese opening, kendou beaver finally business!

 Sister contract Chinese opening, kendou beaver finally business!

On June 16, serenity appeared at Changsha Airport

T-shirt: FILA

The first is a quiet son with a horns on the head. This elder sisters state is very good. Its a beautiful camouflage satchel with a cool cover. It has infinite vitality.

It is mainly possible that peoples mentality is good. No matter how they dress with this mentality, everyone looks reasonable and even surprised.

On June 18, serenity appeared at Changsha Airport

The second set looks like a more natural look, with a white overage blazer, underpants and jeans, and her T-stage stance, a pair of vigorous Yazi.

Just now, Im still rustling. When I get closer, I get up with photographer Hara. It seems that Ill dance in the airport again next second. Its the elder sister, DALIJING, who will forget to put the fried bacon!

On June 14, Zheng Xiyi appeared at Changsha Airport

Suit: DNT

The second is Zheng Xiyi, who is also aggressive. She just wore a suit this time. Its more convenient to play handsome.

If you look at her carefully, she has brought all the popular elements, such as butterfly details and big gold chains around her neck. Isnt that the necessary magic weapon for fashion bloggers in the near future?

Package: tods

Huang Shengyi is also a sweet elder sister. She can tie a blouse with bare belly to expose the girls heart. Her handsome jeans are also very good, which can neutralize sweetness. However, my sisters have to practice their skills in choosing hats.

On June 18, LAN Yingying appeared in Changsha Airport

In fact, many models look complete without hats, such as the one above. The focus is on the ingenious skin exposure, which shows the body and clothes, and likes it.

On June 14, Yang Ying appeared at Beijing Airport

Top: Haruki Murakami xjbalvin

Skirt: groundzero

Package: Dior

After that, lets see how our regular street photographers are doing this week. The first one is baby.

Qin LAN appears at Beijing airport on June 15

Top: offwhite

Will wear star person to appear, Li son chose a shirt cover full of details outside the riding pants to go out, cowboy boots are popular recently, dont worry about it running in the wrong season, in winter, not so many people dare to bare their legs, but its not the best time for it to appear. So its necessary to wear it if you can tolerate reheating a little.

On June 15, Jiang Mengjie appeared at Changsha Airport

Package: bottegaveneta

BM girl this week also BM girl, V-neck close fitting top with handsome jeans and small white shoes, you can also learn, and this crooked ponytail tie is really wonderful, just lovely.

Another person wearing long boots, wrinkled boots swept the blogger circle a few years ago. The way to wear them is shown in the picture. Pull them down to make them pile up. With short shorts, you can appear in winter and summer.

On June 12, song Yanfei appeared at Beijing Airport

Package: Gucci

Finally, please stand and drag out of the field of Songyan feizhen in the sky. Its a cool look like leather pants, vest and boots. It seems to say no strangers.

On June 14, local time, Hailey Bieber appeared on the streets of Los Angeles for a ride

Cardigan: magdabutrym

Built in: urbanoutfitters

Package: bottegaveneta

Shoes: yeezy

Among the stars in Europe and America, beaver is the most interested one in business this week, and has contributed several sets of high scores look.

The first one is the dress when riding with her husband Biebo. She wore a cardigan with drawstring pants. The cream color looks very soft and the details are rich.

On June 18 local time, Hailey Bieber was out at Beverly Hills

Shirt: opening ceremony

Inside: areyouami

Package: bottegaveneta

The second set is more blogger style, green coat with green net red BV, so the color looks very comfortable. She also changed the bag into a thick gold chain, which made the finishing touch.

If you look at the side, this pair of Black Ribbon Sandals is worth a lot. Its a style that editors have been searching for for for a long time. Seeing that there are paparazzi and making conscious adjustments to the masks, beavers operate cautiously.

Kendall Jenner is eating out in Malibu on June 16 local time

Top: Jean Paul Gaultier

Leather pants: Helmut Lang

Package: Hermes

On June 17 local time, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner showed up at the gym in Los Angeles

Kendou and beaver are still going to the gym together. Suyanjia doesnt dress very well. When she sees the paparazzi running, lets have a look at their legs.

On June 12, local time, Dakota Fanning appeared at the new gate of Los Angeles

Dress: sleeper

Shoes: Gucci

Sunglasses: lespecs

Sister fanning and her mother signed in to buy the furniture at the door of her home. She felt that her dressing style had changed a lot during the epidemic. She was a cool new Yorker in New York before, and now she is a beautiful and sweet La girl. She and her sister love this brands skirts, and they match their temperament very well.

Elle fanning attends a birthday party in studiocity on June 15 local time

Dress: sleeper

Shoes: Alexander McQueen

This one is from fannings sister. She used to wear Lavender before. The editor was growing grass wildly. Its loose, comfortable and sweet. Its definitely a good companion for vacation.

Emma Roberts appears on the streets of Los Angeles on June 12 local time

Top: Zara

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Package: anyahindmarch

Shoes: moncler

This kind of short and long mullet head hair style of wheat grain was played by domestic male stars some time ago, but the neutral and sexy wheat grain was also controlled.

Her boyfriend in the same line matched her with a cool couple outfit. The editor was so handsome that he couldnt wait to be caught off guard. Do you feel the same?

On June 17 local time, Ana de Armas appeared on the streets of Los Angeles wearing a white T-shirt and a printed skirt

T-shirt: cottoncitizen

Sunglasses: Celine

Package: Louis Vuitton

Three silly mother to be dressed up well this time. The suits and bags are very good. Although the choice of pants is limited, the whole is harmonious.

I didnt have a deep impression on MIA before. I saw several films she acted in recently. The editor liked this actor very much. Its also comfortable to wear. Theres no extra variegation. The items are classic, simple but durable.

Karlie kloss goes out to exercise in Malibu on June 12 local time

Clothes & Pants & Hats: adidas

If it wasnt for this dress, the editor would have forgotten the title of giant little KK. Because she usually hides her height when she wears clothes, and the reference (her husband) is not short, people often forget that she is a big tall one.

Alessandra Ambrosio is out in Malibu on June 12 local time

Shirt and skirt plus sandals, the collocation of AA is simple and easy to learn. The editor would like to help her pick up the plastic bag that destroys the beauty and let her take a good picture.

Jeans: Transformation

Its much better to change into Katies paper bag. It looks full of life!

Sienna Miller appears on the streets of New York on June 12 local time

Package: Loewe

Shoes: Bensimon

Sienna is out in New York with her favorite bucket bag on her back. What kind of casual dress is it with horizontal stripes and vertical stripes, but the editor is willing to bet that someone must think it looks good, right?

Vanessa Hudgens and her mother appear in Los Angeles on June 17 local time

Package: poppylissman

On June 11 local time, Jessica Alba and her two daughters showed up at Beverly Hills door

At that time, the invincible little Jiwa was so big, and our sister BA was still a pretty girl, which was also rare. The family took photos outside to celebrate the graduation of the 12-year-old.

On June 12 local time, Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri cruise were out of the street in New York

Little Suri is also higher than her mothers shoulder, with long hair and beautiful eyes. Both mother and daughter are wearing holiday dresses, especially with a parent-child dress, very loving.

Jeans: etica

The editor likes to watch Dianes baby go out of the street. Although she is small, her expression is very rich. She looks up at her mouth every time.

On June 14 local time, Rosie Huntington Whiteley appeared on the beach of Malibu

Bikini: fella

Necklace: Bottega Veneta

Finally, two groups of bikini photos will accompany you to enjoy the weekend. The first group will go to the elder sister-in-law first.

During the epidemic, she ate a little bit fat (like us), but her face was still so small, and the whole look was very harmonious. After all, the foundation was there.

Although its only bikini, but she doesnt relax with it. The necklace, bracelet and Anklet are all worn. Its the cultivation of a blogger~

Swimsuit: galfloripa

The second group comes from daughter of the sea AA. She goes to the seaside just like she goes home, so people seem to be more comfortable and relaxed. They are too comfortable in the sea.

Photo source: visual China / Internet

Vision: Suki

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