50 years old tranquility and 20 years old you, elder sisters not old secret originally is

 50 years old tranquility and 20 years old you, elder sisters not old secret originally is

To be honest, no one is born with a good figure. Only by working hard can you have a visible effect (although its true, but you dont want to believe...) u25bc

Recently, bud buds favorite program sister breaking the wind and waves, all the guests are super able to fight, and the moment when you report your age is really a jaw bump, online tell you what is reverse growth!

In other words, after all, its to start out in a group. Elder sisters cant lose their business ability. Looking at the way that everyone tried to enter the state in the early stage, Ya Ya expressed her admiration!

Yi Nengjing practices until shaking hands

Zhang Hanyun practises dancing to get the vest line

Bud suddenly thought of a word: women are not cruel, status is not stable!

In fact, in recent years, everyones attention has not only been limited to the circle of young flowers, but also the circle power of elder sisters is quite amazing.

You can twist red high heels and jump pickmeup, which is worthy of being the eldest sister in the circle!

When it comes to figure, my sisters are really better than each other, with an average age of 40 + (I cant believe it anyway). It has to be said that figure management is a part that directly beats the nine streets of contemporary young people.

I hope I can have a good figure when I reach this age

The world of husband and wife do you have a look? The 53 year old sister Jin loves her so charming. Her skin and sense of line... 20 + I choose to slip away silently

Its time to reflect on myself. Im very young. My stomach is two layers and my chin is also emmm. I seriously doubt whether the meat has been asexually propagated on me. How can it suddenly produce so much meat

From the beginning of low intensity, at home with the help of sofa or bed can be completed, you can brush drama while doing, very suitable for entry-level sisters!

Lift your legs to the edge of the sofa and keep your thighs level on the ground for 30s

Step2 -- double leg flying scissor leg

Step3 -- flat support side hip spot

This movement is relatively difficult, but it can obviously thin the side waist, and the effect of fat burning is first-class. Sisters, please come on and stick to it for 30s

Support your hands on the edge of the sofa, keep your head, back and abdomen on the same plane, run forward alternately with your legs, exert force on your abdomen, keep your feet light up and down, and hold on for 30s u25bc

Step5 -- Russian spirochete

Its also an effective waist and abdomen thinning movement. The hands cross with ten fingers, and the abdomen drives the shoulder and back to one side. When doing this, the sisters must always keep their abdomen closed

Step6 -- advanced hip Bridge

The feet are supported on the edge of the sofa, and the abdomen forces the hips and legs to lift up, and the same 30 s u25bc

Step 7 - Air pedaling

Step8 -- cross ankle with legs raised

Turn your back to the sofa, put your backhand on the edge of the sofa, keep your waist, thighs and calves at right angles, lift your legs alternately, and try to touch the raised toes with your other hand, which can exercise your arms and shoulders well

Step9 -- plate support moving

Put your hands on the ground, feet on the sofa, straighten your back, move left and right with your hands and feet, this movement can reach every part of your body u25bc

Step10 -- knee bending and abdomen rolling

Lie on the ground, put your calves on the sofa, keep your thighs vertical to the ground, straighten your arms, roll up your waist and abdomen to the highest point, drive your hands to touch your knees as much as possible, pause for 1s, and then fall down. Be careful not to use your neck to exert force

Daga and Ya Ya are going to stick to the daily exercise and clock in. Todays movements are relatively simple. You can do several groups before going to bed every night, not only relax your tense muscles for a day, but also unconsciously reduce fat. Is it exciting~

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