Understand the global epidemic situation: more than 8.74 million cases have been confirmed globally

 Understand the global epidemic situation: more than 8.74 million cases have been confirmed globally

The total number of hospitalizations in 17 states of 2247220 cases confirmed in the United States increased

According to the epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, 2247220 cases were confirmed and 119551 cases died in the United States as of 6:30 on June 21, Beijing time. Compared with the previous days 6:30 data, 31633 new confirmed cases and 560 new deaths were found in the United States.

This week, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases across the United States increased dramatically, with an average increase of 20% cases per day, reaching nearly 24 thousand cases per day. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is increasing in 17 states in the United States, with the largest increase in the number of States, including Alaska California, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, and so on, according to American Broadcasting Company analysis. In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in 13 states and Washington, Columbia, New Zealand are also on the rise.

238275 cases of confirmed diagnosis in Italy Pope thanks medical staff in Italy

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Italy, 20 new cases, 262 new cases confirmed by new local pneumonia, 238275 cases were confirmed in Italy, 49 new cases were dead, and 34610 cases died.

Since the lifting of the blockade in Italy, Pope Francis delivered his first public address Saturday (20) in Clementine hall, thanking medical workers in the worst affected Italian region, Reuters reported. You are one of the pillars of the country, he told paramedics from Lombardy. I pay tribute and sincere thanks to all of you here and to your colleagues all over Italy, and I know that what I say is also what everyone feels.

Piracy increased by 30% in Spain during 245938 confirmed cases

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Spain has been diagnosed in 245938 cases and 28322 deaths nationwide, according to the Spanish Ministry of health 20. 134 new confirmed cases were found in one day, and 36 new deaths occurred in the past 7 days.

The Spanish cultural and sports industries should be valued, accounting for 5.4% of the countrys GDP. During the epidemic, piracy increased by 30%, and the cultural and sports industry lost 3 billion euros every year.

Culture and sports play an extremely important role in Spains future, and both need to be seen as great industries, serezo said. We should protect intellectual property rights, adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards piracy, improve financing, achieve financial goals, and strive to improve the audio-visual literacy of young people.

202584 cases confirmed in Iran will be subject to point-to-point epidemic prevention and control measures

According to the local time of the office of the president of Iran, President Rouhani said that at present, the epidemic situation in most provincial capitals has been controlled, but for the red cities still at high risk of infection, the point-to-point epidemic prevention and control measures will be implemented according to the specific situation of each city. Ruhani said that college students will start on September 7, and primary and secondary students will also start on September 5.

According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University, as of around 6:30 on June 21, Beijing time, there were 190670 confirmed cases in Germany, an increase of 371 cases compared with yesterday. There were 8 new deaths and 8895 total deaths.

According to the monthly tax statistics report released by the Federal Ministry of Finance on May 19, the fiscal revenue of federal and state governments in Germany decreased by 19.9% year-on-year in May due to the new crown epidemic. The value-added tax alone decreased by 21% year on year. In addition, the payroll tax was reduced by about 10%; due to the almost stagnation of air transport, the air transport tax was reduced by nearly 97%. According to the report, the epidemic situation and relevant prevention and control measures have a significant impact on the tax revenue of that month.

The report also showed that Germanys fiscal revenue fell 6.3% year-on-year from January to May this year. Germanys GDP fell 2.2% on month in the first quarter of this year, the largest decline since the 2008 international financial crisis, after price, season and workday adjustments.

160093 cases of Normandy epidemic confirmed repeatedly in France

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in France on June 20th, according to the data released by the French public health bureau, 160093 cases were confirmed by new crown pneumonia, 641 cases were compared with the previous day, and 29633 cases were reported, 16 cases were compared with the previous day.

According to the French public health agency, there are currently three areas in France that need special vigilance due to the intensive spread of the virus. In addition to the magic Guyana and Mayotte, which had been in a serious epidemic before, the epidemic in Normandy, France, has been repeated. In particular, the French public health agency said that the virus transmission index in Normandy reached 1.6, exceeding the warning value of 1.5. The French public health agency has taken measures such as screening and close monitoring in the region, and believes that the epidemic situation in the region is now under control. Virus transmission index refers to the number of confirmed cases that can be transmitted by a positive confirmed case.

The warning level of 303110 cases confirmed in the UK has been reduced to level 3

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 303110 cases in Britain, according to the 20 report of the Ministry of health and social hygiene. It is the fifth country with more than 300 thousand confirmed cases worldwide. Among them, 1295 cases were newly added in one day, 42589 cases were dead in total, 128 cases were newly added in one day.

The British government lowered the alert level of the new crown epidemic from level 4 to level 3 on Monday, but health officials warned that it could not be relaxed at present and that it was still necessary to prevent another outbreak. According to the Ministry of health, chief medical officers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland agreed that the alert level could be reduced to level 3 after assessing the current situation. In a statement, the chief medical officers said that the number of cases in the UK is steadily declining, but this does not mean that the epidemic is over, the new coronavirus is still spreading, and local outbreaks are still possible in some places.

186493 cases confirmed in Turkey

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Turkey on June 20th evening, 1248 new cases confirmed by Turkeys Ministry of health website, 186493 cases were cumulative, 22 new cases were dead, and 4927 cases were cumulative deaths.

Turkey has seen a slight decline in the number of daily cases, but there is a constant debate about the trend of the following epidemic. Turkeys health minister koja had previously said there would be no second outbreak, but the Turkish doctors Association had a different voice. First of all, the number of tests in the near future has declined, and the Doctors Association believes that this action cannot reflect the real epidemic situation and is not conducive to public health. Secondly, based on the epidemic data in the first two weeks of June, the Doctors Association believes that the current normalization initiative started too early, and suggests that different measures should be taken according to the actual situation of different regions, instead of being fully open as now.

395048 cases confirmed in India remain severe

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in India on June 20th morning has risen to 395048 cases, and the total number of confirmed cases has reached fourth in the world, according to the latest data released by the forenoon official website of the Ministry of health of India. In the past 24 hours, 14516 new confirmed cases have been found in India, the largest increase in a single day; 375 new deaths have been reported, with a total of 12948 deaths.

Indian health experts pointed out that the improvement of virus detection capacity and the gradual relaxation of travel restrictions by the government are important reasons for the increasing number of confirmed cases in the near future. In order to contain the epidemic, the Indian government began to implement the closure measures at the end of March, and then extended the period many times, and began to relax the control in stages from June 8. But some people think that the epidemic situation is still severe, and now unsealing is not appropriate. Some experts say the surge in cases is likely to have a greater impact on Indias health care system, with hospitals in the capital, New Delhi and other places facing clinical shortages.

In Russia, 576952 cases of confirmed ventilator use rate in anti epidemic work is only 2%

According to the latest novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic website released by the 20, the new 24 cases confirmed that 7889 new cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed in the past 24 hours, 576952 cases were confirmed, 161 cases of new deaths and 8002 cases of cumulative deaths.

Vladimir Putin, Russias president, said the use of respirators in Russias fight against coronavirus was only 2% due to ahead of schedule work. Although we havent fully completed the plan to equip the hospital bed with ventilator, its utilization rate is only 2%. If I make a mistake, the minister will correct me, Putin said in a meeting with medical staff Mr Putin said the reason for this was treating patients from the beginning, either at home or in hospitals. Putin also noted that the coronavirus pandemic is being passed with minimal loss because the possibility of widespread use of domestic hospital beds makes it possible to have the largest number of patients hospitalized in the early stages of the disease..

In Brazil, 1067579 cases have been confirmed. The trend of epidemic situation in different regions is very unbalanced

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were newly diagnosed in Brazil on the evening of 20, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health in Brazil on the evening of 20, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health in 20 local time. The new confirmed cases of pneumonia were diagnosed on a single day, 1067579 cases were confirmed, 1022 cases were newly killed, and 49976 cases died. Brazils cumulative number of confirmed cases is second only to the United States, ranking second in the world.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u6056789,container:ssp_ 6056789, async:true }In addition to Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, 60550 cases were confirmed in Belgium, 49710 in the Netherlands, 31243 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, 56043 in Sweden, 38841 in Portugal, 8733 in Norway In Asian countries, except for South Korea and India, 154233 cases were confirmed in Saudi Arabia, 171666 in Pakistan, 41833 in Singapore, 39145 in Kuwait, 20633 in Israel, 17725 in Japan, 8556 in Malaysia, 3147 in Thailand Among Oceania countries, 7436 cases were confirmed in Australia and 1509 cases in New Zealand Among the American countries, except the United States and Brazil, there are 247925 cases in Peru, 3591 cases in Venezuela Zhang Wenhong said that the global epidemic will be at least to the end of the year and the first half of next year. Michael Spencer: the epidemic may accelerate the retrogression of globalization. To solve the problem of relying on global cooperation, the United States epidemic will intensify and expose the persistent disease of racial discrimination. I cant breathe has become the common slogan of global protesters. Because of the impact of the new epidemic, the World Bank expects the global economy to decline by 5.2% this year. Source: author of overseas website: Wei Xuewei, Zhao Kuan, editor in charge: Yuan Yijiao_ NB14956

In addition to Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, 60550 cases were confirmed in Belgium, 49710 in the Netherlands, 31243 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, 56043 in Sweden, 38841 in Portugal, 8733 in Norway

Among the American countries, except the United States and Brazil, there are 247925 cases in Peru, 3591 cases in Venezuela