Thai actor bright apologizes in Chinese: Im sorry

 Thai actor bright apologizes in Chinese: Im sorry

Netease Entertainment reported on June 21 that on the evening of the 20th, bright vachirawait, a Thai actor who played fake couple, posted a video on Weibo, apologizing to Chinese netizens in Chinese: Im sorry for China, Im sorry for you.

Bright said that because the work pressure was too heavy and busy a few days ago, he just finished the first online meeting today, and the psychological pressure finally eased, so there was an event to share his inner words after he finished.

He thinks its a misunderstanding that he has been accused of insulting China. He respects China and everyone. He never wanted to humiliate any race. In addition, bright said he didnt see the specific content clearly. Im sorry that he didnt have that awareness at that time.

Bright confessed in the video that he is of Chinese descent and will not look down upon the Chinese or the Chinese. Finally, I put my hands together and apologized to you in Chinese.