Liu Xiaoyus knee is damaged during training

 Liu Xiaoyus knee is damaged during training

Shougangs internal and external aid, Youdu, had some strains in the previous training, while Liu Xiaoyu had some minor knee problems. In order to prevent the injuries from becoming serious, the team finally decided to suspend them. As for when the two players can return, there is no official statement. But it is undeniable that this makes the overall strength of the team decline and the rotation of players difficult.

Although there are many difficulties, Shougang team is up against them and relies on the overall strength to take the initiative on the field. They played patiently in the first three quarters and the style of the team was the same as before. At the same time, in terms of counterattack, their performance on the field is also good, which is where they have focused on strengthening in the past three months of training, at least in this game, they have seen a good training effect.

The Shougang team once led the opponent by more than 20 points in the third quarter, but in the last quarter, it met the crazy counterattack of Liaoning team, and the leading score returned to within 10 points. Fortunately, Shougang showed enough stability in the last minute. Among them, Lin Shuhao made several strong attacks, which made the situation on the field turn to safety. Lin Shuhao got 13 points in the game, and his shooting percentage was not high, only 3 of 13 shots. Article / our reporter song Xiang

Extended reading: Lin Shuhao, 13 + 7 + 6, Beijing wins, Liaoning, Guo Allen, 23 points, Korea 27 + 16, Guangdong 23 points, take the whole huaban, Shanxi Allianz, 18 + 10, WIMS, 24 points, Allianz goes to war, 21 minutes, light chop, 18 + 10, return to work, first battle, hand in the full score answer sheet. Source: Beijing Youth Daily, responsible editor: Ma bile_ NS4800