Does empty space affect performance? Media: more intense players: just focus

 Does empty space affect performance? Media: more intense players: just focus

CBA finally rebooted! Whether its the league, the players, the coaches, or everyone involved in the league, weve been waiting too long. Its not easy to wait for 5 months, said Du Feng, manager of Guangdong Hongyuan

The preliminaries are moving

If you come to Dongguan basketball center on June 20, you may not feel any signal of CBA replay. There is no difference between the outside of the stadium and the off-season period of the previous year. The huge basketball center is empty around, but on the usual competition day, the parking space is hard to find.

In the hot sun, walk into the stadium slowly, and you will feel the contrast. The tension and seriousness in the stadium are much stronger than the ordinary regular season games. The venue is divided into three areas: green, yellow and blue, and CBA alliance has also produced work certificates in these three colors. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the licensed personnel can only enter the area of their own color.

Before novel coronavirus pneumonia, every member of the Dongguan League will be observed for a minute before the games. And before the game, there will be short films of war epidemic on the big screen, which make many peoples eyes wet.

CBA League also emphasized the sense of ceremony for this rematch, reflecting the proximity with fans and social media. Recently, zhangjiacheng, a one armed basketball player who is popular on the Internet, was invited by the League to kick off Hongyuan vs. Shanxi.

Whether in social media or online discussions, these have received very positive feedback.

The competition is more intense

In the opening match after the semi-finals, Shenzhen mens basketball team and Suzhou kentia launched a fierce battle, and finally Shenzhen of huaban lost to the opponent.

At the beginning of the game, both sides seemed a little uncomfortable. Maybe they didnt play for a long time. Even the referees seemed a little strange and didnt dare to whistle.

When the game is held in an empty field, the coachs command, the players dialogue and the shouting during the confrontation are all magnified, but it becomes more intense. But without the shouting of the fans, there seems to be something missing.

CBA officials have made a lot of efforts to activate the atmosphere of the venue. There are also a lot of music and sound effects on the venue. Even during the break, they play cheerleading videos on the large screen to activate the atmosphere.

The most uncomfortable time for players is the match time. The first match starts at 12:30, which used to be the lunch break time for players. Therefore, players need to overcome difficulties. How is the game at noon? Because when we were preparing for the game, we were also ready to play at noon, said Gu Quan of Shenzhen team after the game

Does empty play affect performance? I dont think its a big problem. If you focus on the game on the court, you dont feel much about the audience. Of course, if you play well at a certain time, the home audience will cheer loudly, which is certainly very exciting, but even if there is no cheering, I think of him as an away game Gu Quan said.

Hongyuans state needs to be adjusted

The competition between Guangdong Hongyuan and Shanxi team was smooth. Hongyuan was very skillful from the very beginning. In addition, Shanxi team went out to fight with all the Chinese teams. The strength of South China tiger was already superior. There was no suspense to win the competition. But in the process of competition, Hongyuans cooperation is not particularly smooth.

Hongyuan coach Du Feng pointed out the problems of the team briefly after the game, such as the grasp of rebounds, the control of mistakes and the low hit rate of free throws, but he thought these problems could be solved through adjustment. After all, the team has not played for a long time.

Du Feng said more about the difficulties to overcome in the second round. It has been nearly five months since I played with Xinjiang team on January 21, he said with emotion. Everyone is being tested and working hard to overcome the epidemic. These times, everyones training is very difficult, because we didnt know the date of the rematch before; the coaching team is also very hard, we have been closed together since the second day of the new year, and now, we can finally participate in the game together.

On the first day of CBA, everyone is still looking for a feeling. Next, there may be more interesting things happening in the match system.

Source: Ma bile, editor in charge of Guangzhou Daily_ NS4800