Master Yan! Win Du Feng also spray the little general: rebounds difference 17 mistakes are too many

 Master Yan! Win Du Feng also spray the little general: rebounds difference 17 mistakes are too many

CBA restart, the failure of foreign aid Brooks to return to the team undoubtedly weakened the strength of Hongyuan team, but the return of Zhou Peng and Su Wei greatly eased the internal pressure of Hongyuan team. Su Wei only played 6 minutes in the whole game, got 2 points and 4 rebounds, which was only a small test. Zhou Peng played 21 minutes in this game, and only got 6 points and 2 rebounds in his first show. However, judging from the process of the game, Zhou Peng recovered quite well, and neither the speed of movement nor the strength of confrontation fell behind.

Its still very difficult for Zhou Peng and Su Wei. Zhou Peng hasnt played for nearly a year. For a player, it is difficult to find the feeling, to find the feeling of the game. So is Su Wei. He has had surgery one month before the Spring Festival, and now its almost six months. They all need more time to adapt to the game Hongyuan manager commented on their performance after the game.

In terms of foreign aid, Wilms scored 24 points and 10 rebounds, ranking first in the whole team, with rebounds and Yi Jianlian tied for the first in the whole team; Yi Jianlian scored 18 points in the whole game, and also got two pairs of data. It is worth mentioning that in the field war, WIMS performance of guest role in the attack of the control and health organization is very impressive. In particular, he and Yi Jianlians combination of pick and roll is a great threat. The timing, strength and angle of WIMSs passing are all right. In Yi Jianlians competition, he received his passing three times and scored directly in the air relay.

Looking at the whole game, Hongyuans defense was very good, only half-time let the opponent get 37 points. Wang Fei, manager of Shanxi team, admitted after the game that there are many gaps between the team and Hongyuan. The first opponent is the champion team, so we can only follow the whole game. In attack and defense, initiative and aggressiveness are not enough. Guangdongs defense is the strongest in the league, and there are many changes Wang Fei said: our players need better training and improvement for their adaptability and transfer ability. Experience through the game.

Du Feng summed up after the game: the first game is a challenge for all the teams, maybe it is still through the game to get back the state and rhythm.. In the fourth quarter, the young players went on the court and rebounded badly. The defense was down, but the rebounds were grabbed by the opponents to complete the second score. Free throw is another old problem. Everyone has a low percentage of free throws. There are 17 mistakes today, too many. There are 5 in the first quarter.

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