Visiting 10-year-old patients in Beijing isolation ward amused doctors

 Visiting 10-year-old patients in Beijing isolation ward amused doctors

Visiting an isolated ward, the 10-year-olds troubles amused the doctor (source: video synthesis)

10-year-old patients are optimistic and positive

In the hospital, I just changed my place to study

Doctor: honey, how are you?

Tong Tong: nothing, its very good.

Hearing the doctors inquiry, Tong Tong, a 10-year-old patient, immediately put down the game in his hand and answered it carefully. He looked like a little adult.

With his fathers company, coupled with the body without obvious adverse reactions, Tongtong has always maintained a positive and optimistic attitude. Since the hospital, Tongtong has been insisting on doing homework and online classes. He said that in the hospital, he just changed a place to study, and the only trouble was too much food, too much food to finish.

The patient with this infection is in a mild condition

The reporter found that most of the patients infected with the epidemic were in a relatively light condition like Tongtong. Among the 183 patients in Ditan Hospital, only 13 were in critical and severe cases, which was significantly different from the outbreak this spring.

At present, the Department of Ditan hospital has expanded the number of treatment beds to 1070, and 102 medical and nursing personnel have been transferred from 18 municipal hospitals to participate in the diagnosis and treatment work.

Rice and pasta considering the difference between North and South

Hospital humanized service

In the daily life of patients, the hospital also provides a lot of humanized services. The network of the ward is fully covered, and express packages are delivered directly to the ward. Even the patients lunch boxes are divided into ordinary meals, diabetes meals, halal meals and other types, which are provided on demand.

Li Mingyue, nurse in charge of the second Department of infection, Ditan Hospital, Beijing: in terms of staple food, we have provided rice and pasta in consideration of the differences between the north and the south. We hope that the patients will be more comfortable during the hospitalization.

Room temperature up to 40 u2103

Medical staff wear protective clothing like sauna

Recently, the temperature in Beijing is relatively high. Because the isolation area is built by simple plank houses, the public area has not been installed with air conditioning, and the temperature is as high as 40 u2103 under the sun. The medical staff wearing protective clothing is like steaming sauna.

When working in isolation area, many workers are using ice bags to cool down. The ice bag is not enough. We will fill water with disposable gloves to make our own ice bag. When we took off our protective clothing, we were almost soaked.

Zhang Li, nurse in charge of the second Department of infection, Ditan Hospital, Beijing: there was a nurse who threw up in more than an hour, and all of them were put into the mask. Therefore, we require nurses to wear protective clothing for no more than two hours and change shifts in time.

Just after the shift, Zhang Li was looking for water to drink. She drank a bottle of 500ml mineral water.

At present, the hospital is installing air conditioning in the public area of the isolated ward to improve the working conditions of medical staff. As of 20, all in-patients, including 13 severe and critical patients, were basically stable in all screening indicators. Beijing Ditan hospitals treatment work is in full swing.

Paramedics, thank you!

Come on, Beijing!

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