One arm basketball boy kicks off for CBA: the game of Guangdong team will be watched in Grade 6

 One arm basketball boy kicks off for CBA: the game of Guangdong team will be watched in Grade 6

In yesterdays game, WIMS had a strong head. He played 27 minutes in the game, winning the teams highest 24 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists in 9 of 10 shots. Although wimmes also made six mistakes, but the flaws are not hidden. Such an efficient and strong performance is enough to shock the whole league.

Im very excited that the game can be restarted. Im here to fight for the championship. I want to help the club to win the championship. My team is a big family and I want to win for my brothers Said wimmes.

In addition, Yi Jianlian, Zhao Rui, Ren Junfei and Du runwang all scored double. In the past five months, everyone has been put to the test, everyone has been working hard to overcome the epidemic, and so has the team. Its very difficult to train in this period. I dont know the time of the rematch. There is no goal in the training process, but everyone works hard. Now the game is finally back. The first game is a challenge for all the players and the same for us Guangdong coach Du Feng said.

Zhou Peng returned to play 21 minutes to get 6 points, Su Wei went out to fight 6 minutes to get 2 points. Zhou Peng and Su Wei are back. The former has not played for nearly a year. Its really not easy for a player to find the feeling. Su Wei is doing treatment and surgery before the Spring Festival, and its more than half a year. They all need more time to adapt to the competition. Du Feng said.

The game was a big win, but Du Feng still had a lot of unsatisfied places. The whole team made 16 mistakes, and the free throw hit rate was only 59%. All these need to be adjusted by the team.

Every coach wants players to constantly improve themselves. Its the job of the coach. I hope that players dont make mistakes and everything is good. But everyone is human, there will be some problems, coaches can only remind and request. But the first game, on the whole, was good Du Feng said.

It is worth mentioning that a special link has been set up in this game, that is to invite one armed youth zhangjiacheng to the scene to kick off the game. Before the game, Du Feng and zhangjiacheng step into the court together, and zhangjiacheng throws the ball to the sky in front of his idol Yi Jianlian.

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