How can Beijing nucleic acid detection achieve sampling time less than one minute per capita?

 How can Beijing nucleic acid detection achieve sampling time less than one minute per capita?

I didnt expect it to be finished so soon, but I felt quite down-to-earth and waited for the result. Yesterday afternoon, Zhai Xiaosheng, a diner in Yongwai street of Dongcheng District, finished the nucleic acid test in less than one minute at the nucleic acid test point of Yuxiang park.

Mobile detection group enters the nursing home

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned from Dongcheng District that up to now, there have been 57 centralized sampling points in Dongcheng District, and 132000 people have been tested and sampled for nucleic acid of employees in residents, markets, supermarkets and catering service units. At the same time, in order to eliminate the risk of infection caused by out of town testing, Dongcheng District set up 21 mobile testing groups to enter 21 pension institutions to carry out nucleic acid testing for 879 elderly people and employees. We will make every effort to implement the requirements of inspection should be done, inspection should be done, isolation should be done, and receivables should be collected. We will use scientific means to build a basic line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

30 inspection stations are set up at the inspection point of Yulian Park

Yesterday afternoon, reporters from Beiqing daily went into the centralized nucleic acid detection point in Yuxiang Park, Yongwai street, Dongcheng District, for a visit. All 30 detection stations were put into use. In order to create a relatively comfortable and safe environment for sampling, the detection platform and registration platform are located in the open-air public sinking square in the park, and the broad sunshade can provide shelter for the medical staff and the tested. In order to prevent the detection personnel from gathering and crossing, the detection point is set with two channels of access separation. The detector enters from the north gate of the park, and goes out from the west gate of the park after the detection without going back.

According to Chen Weibing, Secretary of Yongwai Street Working Committee, Yongwai street has been listed as a medium risk area in the city. Since June 15, Yongwai street has carried out nucleic acid testing for residents with a history of market contact such as Xinfadi and yuquandong, and for agricultural supermarkets closely related to life and supply, as well as key personnel such as restaurants and canteens. Yongwai street has set up many sampling points.

How to realize sampling in less than one minute

The reporter of Beiqing daily calculated on the spot that it took less than one minute for the detected person from registration to the completion of detection. How could such a fast speed be achieved? Gu Qiang, President of the first peoples Hospital in Dongcheng District, Beijing, said that on June 20, 106 medical workers in the hospital took up the task of sampling at 30 points in Yulian park. The division of work on site is clear, and the personnel of the logistics and functional departments of the hospital conduct sampling registration. They set up a complete information system, the identity information of the tested personnel can be read automatically, the code can be scanned automatically, only need to swipe the ID card on the spot, provide the mobile phone number to complete the registration quickly, the whole process only needs 10 to 20 seconds; the detection point is composed of doctors and nurses in each department of the hospital, they are all trained strictly, and the sampling process can be completed in 20 seconds at most u3002

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