More than 100000 people have been sampled at 34 nucleic acid detection and sampling sites in Xicheng, Beijing

 More than 100000 people have been sampled at 34 nucleic acid detection and sampling sites in Xicheng, Beijing

The nucleic acid detection and sampling point located in Xinjiekou football field is far away from the residential area, covering an area of 3200 square meters, which can be divided into sample collection area and resident waiting area. The urban forest park outside the football field is a buffer area, which can disperse the density of collection personnel. The construction of the sampling point began on the evening of June 17, and the sampling point was put into use at 9:00 a.m. the next day to test the associated personnel in high-risk areas and employees in key industries in the region. At present, all sampling has been completed.

Beiqing news reporter saw that the sampling site was in good order. Under the guidance of volunteers, residents entered the site for testing after completing the procedures of information verification at the entrance, labeling on the test forms, and distributing the collection test tubes. Eight channels are set up according to the English letters on the site, and a meter line is drawn on the ground. Residents can quickly find the collection points with the letter number on the label. The detection process is fast and orderly, with less than half a minute for each person, minimizing the residence time of residents. Xiao Cunli, President of Ping An hospital, who is in charge of nucleic acid detection and sampling, said that the sampling point can complete at least 800 peoples tests in an hour, and the collection volume yesterday was more than 4000 people.

Yang Xun, section chief of the safety construction office of Xinjiekou sub district office, said that residents who are willing to test can apply to the community for voluntary nucleic acid testing. At the same time, the community cadres of 21 communities in the street will take the way of knocking on the door one by one, and actively mobilize residents to participate in the detection.

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