Artetas players lack desire to fight after winning 0 games away from the Premier League

 Artetas players lack desire to fight after winning 0 games away from the Premier League

In this game, Arsenal win first and then lose. In the second half, Pepes wonderful curl gave Arsenal a 1-0 lead. However, Brighton equalised nine minutes later, using a clever corner kick to put the ball into the net. In the second reading moment of the whole game, Mo Pai of Brighton scored the goal, Arsenal fell to the ground and lost the game 1-2.

Statistics show that Arteta has led Arsenal to play six away games in the Premier League, with a record of 4-2. He has failed to win a game, scoring 5 goals in total, losing 9 goals, and only one match has zero opponents. In addition, Arsenal have won only two away games in the Premier League this season, respectively, during the leadership of emmeri and Ljungberg. Its not hard to see that Arsenals away combat effectiveness has always been weak.

After the restart of English football match, Arsenal will encounter four away games in a row. After losing to Manchester City and Brighton, Arsenal will face Southampton (Premier League) and Sheffield United (FA Cup) on the road. Squawka data points out that Arsenals last away win in the Premier League or the next challenge to saints 195 days ago, can arsenal eat dumplings?

From the strength of both sides, Arsenal should not lose to Brighton in any case. In 2020, Brighton has yet to win a game (0-1 loss to Shea Wednesday in the FA Cup, 6-3 in the Premier League). I didnt expect Arsenal to give their opponents their first win of the year. Its worth mentioning that Arsenal also lost to their opponents in their first match against Brighton this season, when they lost to Brighton at home and the score was 1-2.

Brighton boss Harry Potter seems to like Arsenal in particular. In his coaching career, Porter has played Arsenal three times and won all the games. The first two games took place in February 2018 and December 2019. Coincidentally, the score of Porters three victories over Arsenal was 2-1, and the three Gunners managers when Porter beat Arsenal were Wenger, emmeri and Arteta.

After this round, the always elegant Arteta also criticized the performance of Arsenal players: after the last defeat, we are eager to win a victory quickly.. However, we didnt do well at the competitive level, which is our own fault. Its 100 minutes. Every ball, every meeting, you have to fight hard. Once you relax, your opponent will punish you. This is not the first time this season that this has happened

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