Beijing Express has no confirmed or suspected cases

 Beijing Express has no confirmed or suspected cases

At 5:00 p.m. on June 19, after delivering more than 200 express tickets, Wang Hailong, the little brother of Yuantong express, came to the testing site of southern France letter in Shunyi for nucleic acid testing. As express delivery brother, we accept nucleic acid testing not only for our own safety, but also for the public. Wang Hailong said that he and his colleagues will make every effort to ensure the distribution of living materials to the citizens on the premise of good protective measures.

Beiqing news reporter learned that the nucleic acid test involved 103000 front-line employees from 17 postal and express enterprises in Beijing, and planned to complete all the testing and sampling work before 24 oclock on June 22. Up to now, no confirmed or suspected cases have been reported by the employees of Beijing Post Express, and the delivery channels have maintained a good trend of safety, stability and smoothness. According to the data, from June 11 to 20, Beijing received 68.09 million parcels and express delivery, an increase of 22.86% year on year; 82.45 million parcels were delivered, an increase of 25.57% year on year.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Beijing area is carried out according to the work arrangements of the state post office. The whole staff nucleic acid test is carried out by all front-line workers, and the delivery channel is stable and smooth. In case of labor shortage and delivery difficulty caused by the epidemic situation, enterprises shall be organized to coordinate all kinds of resources, optimize network routes, encourage temporary labor, use smart box delivery, express service station delivery, etc.; especially for the implementation of closed management community, enterprises shall increase human and material investment, and focus on ensuring the delivery of various kinds of materials such as household food and daily necessities Supply. The State Post also requires that the latest version of the operation specifications for postal express production sites during the epidemic prevention and control period be strictly implemented, that masks be worn scientifically, that personnel focus be reduced, and that measures such as ventilation and disinfection of production sites and mail express be strengthened to ensure the life safety and health of employees and consumers.

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