90 minutes, 94 minutes, the two Premier League teams are tied again seven years later

 90 minutes, 94 minutes, the two Premier League teams are tied again seven years later

Neither team scored in the first 90 minutes of yesterdays game. Just when people thought that the game would end flat, the atmosphere suddenly reached a climax. The 90th minute, Leicester City front field wide range of transfer, chilwell in the left side of the ball, he took 2 steps, after entering the restricted area directly outside the instep volley, the ball draws a beautiful arc, the potential to drill into the net, 1-0, Leicester City ahead.

You think this is the end of the game? Of course not. In the fourth minute of the stoppage time, Watford got the corner kick, and hollebarth sent the ball to the forbidden area. Kabasselle on the left side of the forbidden area blocked the ball. Dawson in front of the gate caught the chance and shot the ball into the net with a very wonderful reverse hook. The Leicester gate was beyond Schumachers reach, and the score became 1-1. Finally, the two sides shook hands and made peace.

Leicester City took the absolute initiative in the whole game. Their possession rate was nearly 70%, and they shot 15 times, but in the end they were absolutely flat. After the game, chilwell, who scored the world wave goal, was named the best player in the game. The England full back has been close to Chelsea recently, and several media have said that Chelsea intend to buy him for 50 million pounds. At present, Chelsea have made contact with Leicester City.

Two teams, Watford and Leicester City, often meet to play some famous games. Seven years ago, they played a spirited game in the Premier Leagues promotion plus. It was the 2013 Premier League playoff, with Watford playing Leicester City at home. In the 97th minute, Leicester City got a penalty, when the score was 2-1 on the field and the total score was 2-2. With a penalty, Leicester City can make it to the playoff final.

Under great pressure, Leicester Citys konokiter missed the ball. Then, Watford hit back quickly, and Dini volleyed through the door. Sky and hell, Waterford and Leicester City have experienced it in just 20 seconds. In the end, Watford made it to the playoff final. Although they lost to Crystal Palace in the final, the game is destined to be written into football history.

Of course, Leicester did not suffer from the killing. One year later (2014), they successfully upgraded. In the 2014-15 season, Leicester City has been insured in the Premier League. In 2015-16 season, they completed the super myth in the history of football, pushed a bunch of super giants to become the Premier League champions. Football, its so charming, its hard to stop.

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