Shanxis richest man turns old: 2.2 billion assets, four times of Liupai

 Shanxis richest man turns old: 2.2 billion assets, four times of Liupai

Li Zhaohui, born in 1981, may have been one of the happiest young people in Shanxi Province. In 2008, he became the richest man in Shanxi Province with 12.5 billion yuan. In 2012, he ranked third in the rich list of young people with 12 billion yuan.

Huang Pao Jiashen served as the chairman of the local pillar enterprise. With 10 billion yuan of wealth, he was proud of the whole province. He married the actress Che Xiao in a high-profile way, which happened in Li Zhaohuis 20s. However, just like his success, his failure also caused a sensation. After waving goodbye to young Yingqi, the enterprise went bankrupt and the marriage broke one after another.

Haixin Group, a former member of Li Zhaohui, has made four auctions of receivables with a total value of 2.235 billion yuan since May this year. The starting price has also shrunk from the initial 140 million yuan to the latest 60 million yuan, only 2.7% of the book value.

4 times current auction of 2.2 billion assets

0.2% discount is still ignored

At 10:00 a.m. on June 20, Alibaba judicial auction platform showed that 843 receivables of five companies of Haixin Group had been auctioned and 1351 people watched, but no one had ever taken them.

Alibaba auction page shows that the subject matter of this auction is 843 receivables and 1 dividend of Haixin Group V as of November 12, 2014 (bankruptcy acceptance date). The five companies are: Haixin iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Shanxi Haixin international iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shanxi Haixin international wire rod Co., Ltd., Shanxi Haixin Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Haixin international Coking Co., Ltd., all of which are subsidiaries of the former Haixin Group.

The book value of receivables and dividends of five companies is up to RMB 2.235 billion, and the appraisal price is RMB 140 million. As early as may this year, the accounts receivable were auctioned once at the assessed price of 140 million yuan, and no one signed up; then the price was reduced to 112 million yuan, or no one signed up; then the price was greatly reduced to 66 million yuan, and no one still made a bid. Today, the starting price has been reduced to 60 million yuan, and there is still no bid.

Shanxis former richest mans asset package with a book value of 2.2 billion has shrunk to 60 million yuan, which is simply discounted to the point of fracture. Why hasnt anyone dared to ask for it?

The reason is very simple. This asset package looks valuable, but its almost full of all kinds of bad debts, and many debtors have disappeared. The unit that owes money either revokes, cancels, or the industrial and commercial information cannot be inquired, cannot be cleared.

Many of the claims in these receivables occurred before 1998, more than 20 years ago; the most recent claim was also in 2005, 15 years ago. So long ago, the vast majority of debtors have disappeared. Where can I collect money? Who can I get the money from? This is a real problem.

The manager of Haixin Group, who is in charge of the auction, also pointed out the risks in the bidding announcement. The possible risks of the above-mentioned accounts receivable include the defects of authenticity, the expiration of the limitation period of litigation and execution, the unknown whereabouts of the executor, and the absence of property for execution.

Once high-profile married actress

Take over ten years of bankruptcy

Haixin Group used to be the largest private enterprise in Shanxi Province, the second largest iron and steel enterprise after TISCO group.

As the largest private enterprise in Shanxi Province, when Li Haicang, the father of Li Zhaohui, took charge of Haixin Group, the groups total assets reached 4.036 billion yuan, becoming a local pillar enterprise. But before the Chinese New Year in 2003, Li Haicang was shot dead in his office. Under the guidance of his grandfather, Li Zhaohui, 22, became the chairman of Haixin Group, and the youngest richest man in Shanxi became the new title of the young man. According to the 2008 Hurun China rich list, Li Zhaohui topped Shanxis richest man with 12.5 billion yuan of assets.

The public is more familiar with the expensive wedding ceremony of Li Zhaohui and chexiao in 2010. In the news picture report at that time, the wedding scene was surrounded by stars, with hundreds of wedding cars, which looked very lively.

However, Haixin Group, which grew up with Li Zhaohui, has not become a solid foundation.

According to the report of Xinhua news agency, Haixin Group began to be short of funds at the end of 2013 due to factors such as excess capacity of steel industry, market depression, loan from financial sector and internal management, and was forced to stop production in March 2014. At that time, the current liabilities and external guarantees of Haixin Group were about 10.459 billion yuan, while the book assets of the whole Haixin Group were only 10.068 billion yuan, with a debt ratio of more than 100%. In 2014, Haixin Group entered bankruptcy proceedings. It became the largest bankruptcy case of private enterprises in China at that time.

Finally, Beijing Jianlong group carried out M & A and restructuring of Haixin Group.

It is worth noting that in March 2014, when the event of Haixin Group was fermented, Shi Yuzhu said on his microblog that the production process and varieties of Haixin steel are not backward, and he also gave some hopes, including for young industrialists after the 1980s, the society still needs to be inclusive.

From the richest man to Laolai

According to the public information, after two years of production suspension, Haixin Group has resumed production in 2016.

At present, Shanxi Jianlong Industrial Co., Ltd. reorganized from Haixin Group has a comprehensive production capacity of 5.6 million tons of iron, 6 million tons of steel, 3 million tons of hot rolled coil plate, 2.6 million tons of fine building materials and 1.6 million tons of excellent and special steel strip. At present, it is still the second largest iron and steel enterprise in Shanxi Province, second only to Taiyuan Iron and steel group. In 2019, Shanxi Jianlong Industry Co., Ltd. became the largest private enterprise in Shanxi Province with a revenue scale of 31.569 billion yuan, and returned to the heyday of Li Zhaohuis parents.

But it has nothing to do with Li Zhaohui. For the once youngest rich man in China, he is no longer young, and his heavy debt is still on him like a mountain.

As of August 2019, Li Zhaohui has been listed as the dishonest executor by courts in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanxi and other places, for a total of ten times, and has been restricted from leaving the country.

In addition, according to Red Star News, according to China judicial document network, Li Zhaohui has involved more than 200 lawsuits, and the amount of debt disputes he faces is still more than 1 billion yuan according to preliminary statistics.

According to the judgments of several courts, many valuable Beijing real estate under the name of Li Zhaohui has been transferred to creditors, even sealed up and auctioned by the court. Among them, a villa owned by Li Zhaohui in Shunyi District, Beijing, was forced to be converted into cash, with an auction proceeds of 102 million yuan.

However, more court decisions show that Li Zhaohui has not been found to have any property available for execution, and he has been unable to perform his responsibilities and make payments. Its a pity that there is no property to be executed from ten billion yuan to ten billion yuan. Its very difficult for more creditors to find Li Zhaohui himself again. Because of the debt, he no longer appears in public, and now Im missing.

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