An internal letter triggered a heated discussion in the market

 An internal letter triggered a heated discussion in the market

Recently, an email about Zhao CHANGPENG, the founder and CEO of Qianan, was circulated on the Internet, which showed that Chinese competitors were trying to attack Qianan, including DDoS attack, organizing fake protesters, using fake news, reporting to the police to smear him. They think it will hurt us. They think we dont have a strong government relationship in China, but they are all wrong. We will not attack others, but we will take defensive measures, including defensive attacks.

Some netizens satirized on the Internet and said, is this a hint of good relations with the Chinese government? Isnt it forbidden to open exchanges in China? In fact, as an enterprise, its energy should be mainly used in enterprise management, product research and development, and customer service. Government relations are not the main business. It is in terms of users and market that coin security has great advantages. Focusing on technology is the gene of coin security, which has been approved by the market.

In addition, how to communicate and communicate with competitors is also an essential part of business management. We should not draw conclusions at will for some comments on the market, and should take a positive attitude.

Since 2020, there have been a lot of hot debates on Qianan in the market: in May, office building rights protection event, after the acquisition of CMC, its ranking rose to the first place, and its other two exchanges, which are also called the three major domestic exchanges, were ranked lower, which caused people to talk about one after another, and gave reasons that were difficult to convince the public, and the authenticity of CMC data was also questioned; in March, Qianan was also deeply involved in the steem scandal, resulting in misappropriation User asset investment event; the womens group operation launched at the beginning of this year made investors resent; the security problem has been mixed, with three large-scale hackers stealing coins; even the online coin Anbao was suspected of grey rhinoceros due to its high annual income, and some people thought that there was a suspected situation of capital chain breaking.

We will solve all the problems they have raised, and you dont have to worry too much, said the email to the companys internal staff

However, as for the authenticity of this letter, our reporter has been verified by the currency security department.

Coinage expansion

In 2020, it is estimated that the acquisition of CMC by CNIC cost US $400 million (this data is not published due to the confidentiality agreement between CMC and CNIC), which has attracted the attention of the industry. According to the above data, even if there is no acquisition action in the second half of the year, the annual profit of the company will be at least 1.6 billion US dollars to meet this requirement. According to the white paper of CNCA, CNCA destroys the BNB of platform pass with 20% of its net profit every quarter. On April 18 this year, 3373988 bnbs were destroyed. Looking at the number of bnbs destroyed 11 times, this is the largest one, which also shows the financial confidence of Qianan. At an average price of $16.10 at BNB on April 18, the value of destruction was about $54.32 million. In reverse terms, the net profit for the first quarter was $270 million.

On June 20, our reporter interviewed ACON, an excellent analyst in the industry. He told our reporter: the ambition of coin safety is to create a coin safety ecology. Coin safety is no longer just an exchange platform. They have been accelerating their pace of seeking compliance supervision and occupying the global market in the global scope. Its the latest of the three exchanges to enter the market. Its no exaggeration to say that its the most influential in the world.

ACON continued: with bitcoin halved and the currency circle not in a bull market, the earnings data of the company is quite impressive. The financial report data of Qianan can be checked through the wallet on the chain. Probably, there will be no financial fraud of listed companies like Ruixing, and there will be no opaque financial report of non listed companies. However, with the rapid expansion of coin security business, its ambition to build an open platform is also revealed. Coin security investment field almost covers all walks of life in blockchain field, from media platform to data website, public chain, research and charity business. In this context, even if there are transparent financial statements, there will be investors worried about whether there is turnover problem in the financial affairs of Qianan.

In the field of trading, the professional nature of coin safety is worthy of affirmation. According to our reporter, Zhao CHANGPENG recently commented on the suicide of a 20-year-old American youth due to a loss of $730000 From Robin Hoods investment on twitter. He said that duanan was one of the first crypto exchanges to promote responsible trading. As mentioned in the previous post of coin safety, coin safety has developed some procedures to remind users and prevent possible impulsive behaviors of users. If the user has suffered significant or continuous losses in coin security, coin security will constantly remind the exchange of the risks involved and encourage the user to stop trading activities.

Another sound

As the three major exchanges in the industry, the former image of coin safety is quite positive. Many people think of coin safety as technology is hard, trustworthy, etc., but this years wind evaluation of coin safety is on the contrary.

Another bitcoin investor who focuses on coin Ann said: this year, coin ANN has set up the so-called coin Ann womens group to market. The marketing method of recharging and sending private items to girls is not really the action of a serious big company. The members of this womens group have the gimmicks of beauties, but they have published insulting words in many groups to communicate with the people in the group. At one time, duanan was also derided as the title of senior club in the currency circle, rather than as a professional exchange previously considered. This will be offensive in any industry. In the traditional industry, the currency circle is indeed not serious

Globally, on April 3 this year, the U.S. Southern District Court of New York received a class action case concerning the monetary security and other exchanges. According to the lawyer in charge, the case will probably be accepted, which may cause considerable losses to the company involved in the lawsuit.

As a well-known top exchange in the industry, coin safetys awareness of overall situation and compliance is praiseworthy, and its vision of building an open ecosystem is also respectable. However, how to maintain its reputation is also a university question, which is also the social responsibility of giant enterprises.