Parking toll collectors mysterious home and the black hole of interest behind it

 Parking toll collectors mysterious home and the black hole of interest behind it

How many Shangjia and shadow toll collectors are there in Xian market? Where did the huge drawing fee end up? The reporter of the Chinese business daily made an in-depth investigation.

A who has the right to recruit and send toll collectors?

Look at the deep throat!

There are many people involved in this matter. In the face of such a huge black hole, Xiaoqiang firmly claims that his real name has been reported, the evidence is conclusive, and takes out the transaction flow of his drawing fee to Shangjia.

Find Wei through relationship

Be a parking collector

Xiaoqiang, in his 30s, is exhausted behind the mask. He used to be a small boss. He was frustrated by his shoe agency business and his father was ill and hospitalized. Xiaoqiang wanted to work first to earn some money.

According to the introduction of relatives, on June 29, 2019, Xiaoqiang met shangjiawei, a 30-year-old in the parking lot at the gate of a supermarket outside the east gate of Xian city. According to Wei, Xiaoqiang can be put to work at the north gate of No. 1 community of Longshou Village Park, the parking center, where there is a large flow of people and a large number of parked vehicles. At 10 oclock that night, Xiaoqiang transferred RMB 600 intermediary fee to Weimou through wechat as agreed.

On July 1, 2019, Xiaoqiang officially went to work. At noon that day, Wei took a physical examination report of Xiaoqiang and gave it to the human resources department of the parking center. This physical examination report was directly taken by Wei, and Xiaoqiang didnt go to the physical examination at all. Wei told Xiaoqiang at that time that a physical examination report is not a big deal, so that he can charge at ease and pay money on time.

After work, I have to transfer thousands of yuan of drawing fee to Weimou every month

Xiaoqiang said that at the beginning of the month, Wei arranged the time for toll collectors to work, and at the end of the month, it was the time for collecting money. Every month, Wei takes every toll collectors protection fee from 1500 yuan to 5000 yuan. Some pay money every month, and some simply dont accept the salary card.

At 10:11 on July 20, 2019, Wei sent a message to Xiaoqiang, saying, brother, you give someone 3000 of this months cost, now transfer it to me, and I will settle accounts with their leaders every month 18. At 11:10 that night, Xiaoqiang transferred 3000 yuan to Weimou via wechat.

At 9:37 on August 20, 2019, Wei sent a message to Xiaoqiang, give me a transfer of this months fee. At 10:26 that night, Xiaoqiang transferred 3000 yuan to Weimou via wechat.

At 7:54 p.m. on September 21, 2019, Weimou sent a message to Xiaoqiang, brother, change the fee. At 5:55 p.m. on September 24, Xiaoqiang transferred 1800 yuan to Weimou via wechat.

On October 18, 2019, at 3:26 p.m., Wei sent a message to Xiaoqiang, brother, please transfer the money to me. Xiaoqiang replied, only 2660 yuan salary this month, and yesterdays audit came to check me again.. Wei replied, havent you finished your task? Last month, you gave me 1800 yuan, which was agreed by the leaders of other people. First, you transfer the money to me, and I will send it to other people in the evening.. Xiaoqiang replied, there are only more than 200 yuan on the mobile phone. Will you give me the salary (after I get it) after work?.

At 9:05 a.m. on October 19, 2019, Xiaoqiang transferred 1800 yuan to Weimou wechat.

Xiaoqiang said that in November and December 2019, he found that there were many fines (non-standard fees, parking vehicles, etc.). Wei said that the inspection department of the parking service center has changed its leadership, and that the small money used to be able to eliminate the fine (now) has no effect.

You have to pay more if you want to reenter

On December 8, 2019, because Xiaoqiang failed to pay the drawing fee for two months, Wei called or interviewed Xiaoqiang many times, saying that the above leaders knew about it. If you dont pay on time and break the rules, you cant charge in this place. He asked Xiaoqiang to resign first, and then he tried to get Xiaoqiang back to a charging point in the high tech Zone.

In January this year, Xiaoqiang asked Wei to discuss going to work at a new toll point. Wei said that because Xiaoqiang couldnt pay money in time before, it belonged to the dishonest toll collector. If he went back to work, he would make his income into two wage cards. One was the salary paid by the parking Center (3050 yuan per month). Weimou took this wage card directly, and the other wage card (return point for completing the task) belonged to Xiaoqiang, so he didnt have to ask Xiaoqiang for money every month. Xiaoqiang thinks that 3050 yuan drawing fee is too high, so he doesnt agree. Since then, there has been a contradiction between the two.

Xiaoqiang cried as he spoke. His business failed miserably. His father was in urgent need of money to see a doctor. His wife had no income to take care of her children at home. He had to pay a huge draw fee to collect fees in the parking lot Xiaoqiang said he was too difficult.

If you want to pay back the drawing fee, you cant

Many real name reports failed

In February 2020, the relationship between the two was completely broken, and Xiaoqiang embarked on the road of reporting. Although he has a transfer record, Xiaoqiang has repeatedly reported to Lianhu brigade, human resources, discipline inspection team and other departments of Xian motor vehicle parking center in real name for several months, but the report has not been successful, so he had to complain to Chinese businessmen.

B who can be covered by shadow?

Please see the reporters investigation!

On May 19, a reporter from the Chinese business daily visited the toll collection point where he worked, and confirmed the identity of the toll collector after communicating with several toll collectors.

No one at the place of work

Later, Wang with Xiaoqiang and reporters came to the parking center Lotus Lake team leader Ning office. Before entering the office, Wang asked reporters and Xiaoqiang to wait outside the door. He went into the office alone and asked other staff to leave, then closed the door and window. A few minutes later, Wang opened the door for reporters and Xiaoqiang to enter.

As for Xiaoqiangs long-term non work and empty pay problem, Ning, the leader of Lianhu brigade, said that Wei worked in the northwest corner of Fengqing Park, and was an ordinary toll collector in normal working condition.

As for the withdrawal fee reflected by Xiaoqiang, Ning said that after several times of Xiaoqiangs reflection, he and Wei had already made a phone call to let the two negotiate to solve the problem. At that time, Wei replied that Xiaoqiang could not be found. Xiaoqiang said that they have wechat, there is no saying that they cant contact each other.

For Xiaoqiang transferred to Wei, Ning said that it belongs to the matter between them.

A toll collector is a shadow

How does this fraud work?

On June 10, the reporter came to the pedestrian street parking lot in Longshou village, Weiyang Road, the north of Xian city. This is the place where Wei and his master (taking him into the ranks of toll collectors) worked. The three toll points here are controlled by Wei. Xiaohua (pseudonym), a toll collector here, said that he paid a monthly draw fee of 1500 yuan to Weimou when charging at Ziqiang Road, and 3050 yuan of salary card was collected by Weimou every month after being transferred to Longshou village pedestrian street, that is to say, 3050 yuan of draw fee should be paid every month.

Xiaohua, the toll collector, takes out his work license, which shows Wang, and the bill printed by the toll machine is also Wang. Xiaohua said that, in fact, Wang was not at the charging point at all, he was just a double for Wang. When setting up the position of toll collector, in order to standardize the operation, the name of the toll machine, work license and salary card in the hands of the toll collector must be unified. How does Wei and his online work fake? How many of them are under the control of Wei? Why didnt the parking center check? Xiaohua told reporters that a group of Wei has the right to have momentum and can get the indicators of the charging point every month. Without a reliable relationship with the parking center, it is certainly not possible.

Xiaohua gave reporters a wechat working group established by Wei, showing 76 people. That is to say, Wei alone controls more than 70 toll collectors (Xiaoqiang was kicked out of the group after resigning).

Shangjia changes to drawing fee

Before September 2019, each toll point will return to the toll collector in full after completing the tasks assigned by the toll center. The income composition of toll collector is: 3050 (salary and other expenses) + refund is paid by the government finance every month.

Based on the calculation of 30 parking spaces and 3 yuan per hour for each parking space, the daily income of one parking space is about 25 yuan, the daily income of one parking space is about 750 yuan, and the monthly income is about 22500 yuan, less the 4500 yuan task fee issued by the parking center, the monthly balance is 18000 yuan, and then the annual card users, environmental protection vehicles (2 hours free for green brand vehicles), law enforcement official vehicles, empty spaces, etc. account for 10%, and the final refund is 16200 left Right. In order to seize the high-income post resources, there is a gray draw cost.

Some toll collectors told reporters that when they can complete the task of 4500 yuan per month in the parking center, many toll collectors will increase their income in disguised form by collecting cash. After the media exposure and the understanding of relevant departments, from September 2019, the parking center will change all the excess refunds into 10% refunds. It is also calculated based on 30 parking spaces. After completing the task in one month, others will be deducted. The balance is about 16200 yuan, and the 10% rebate is 1620 yuan. With 3050 salary per month, the toll collectors monthly income is about 4670 yuan. Many toll collectors do not want to pay thousands of yuan of draw fees after the income is reduced.

Some of the toll collectors in the interview said that some of them only had wages ranging from 1800 yuan to 2500 yuan, with no rebate and no task; some had wages with rebate and tasks.

Staff of discipline inspection team of parking Center: Wei has huge energy

Xiaoqiang said that after repeatedly reporting his real name, a few days ago, Weimou sent him a picture of his door through wechat, which means that he already knew his address and threatened him not to report everywhere. Wei also asked someone to give him a message, and he could return some money. Xiaoqiang wants to confront Weimou face to face, but Weimou has not appeared.

Some real name reporting / real name whistleblowing is used for tiktok chaos.

On June 16, it rained heavily in Xian. The reporter accompanied Xiaoqiang to come to Xian motor vehicle parking service center again with the report materials. Secretary Zhu, who is in charge of discipline inspection in the center, has received Xiaoqiang for many times. Zhu said that the content of the report should have evidence and be responsible for the content of the report. Xiaoqiang immediately expressed that he was willing to take legal responsibility for reporting under his real name.

Then two staff members of the discipline inspection team of the parking center talked with Xiaoqiang. One of them shook his head and said, this person (Weimou) has huge energy in the parking center after hearing the name of Weimou, and then made relevant notes.

As of the press release, Xiaoqiang said he had not received a return call from the parking center. He said that if the matter is not checked, he will continue to report it under his real name.

Wei said that things have come to this point

Its not that refund can be solved. At 4:00 p.m. on June 20, the reporter of the Chinese Business Daily called Wei. Wei told reporters that when he introduced Xiaoqiang to work in the parking center, he agreed to pay 3000 yuan a month. Now Xiaoqiang regrets that he wants to return the money, but its not all his own money, so he cant return it. Wei also said that he was clear about Xiaoqiangs real name reports. Its no longer a matter of more than 10000 yuan, nor a matter that can be solved by refunding money. After the compilation of she Huiwen / chart, a reporter from China Business Daily - the investigation of the reporter only reveals a corner of the fog. The loopholes and chaos in the market need to be investigated and made clear by relevant departments in a timely manner, so that people can see clearly and the market is clear. Source: Zhong Qiming, editor in charge of huashang.com_ NF5619

Its not refundable anymore

At 4 p.m. on June 20, a reporter from the Chinese Business Daily called Wei.

Wei told reporters that when he introduced Xiaoqiang to work in the parking center, he agreed to pay 3000 yuan a month. Now Xiaoqiang regrets that he wants to return the money, but its not all his own money, so he cant return it.

Wei also said that he was clear about Xiaoqiangs real name reports. Its no longer a matter of more than 10000 yuan, nor a matter that can be solved by refunding money. She Huiwen, reporter of China business daily / photo

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