Only Guo missed one goal in the first 10 shots of Liaoning basketball team

 Only Guo missed one goal in the first 10 shots of Liaoning basketball team

Defeat Beijing in the first round

Since there was no competition in five months, both sides were adapting to the rhythm and intensity of the competition after the opening of the Beijing Liao war. Due to Li Xiaoxus absence due to injury, the overall height of Liaoning basketball team has declined, and the tactics of Beijing team are very clear, using ganiyu and Changlin to consume Korea in turn. Cong Mingchen was injured in the first game of this season. He didnt play for more than seven months, but liaolans first score came from Congs injury under the basket.

Fans encourage liaolan

No matter success or failure, it is the same as Liaotong

I havent seen the CBA game for more than five months, and many fans are also full of expectations for the rematch. There are also Liao basketball fans in the bars and string bars in Shenyang. They shout loud slogans to cheer the teams in their hometown. Wang Zhongxing and Han Bing, nurses of Liaoning medical team, are both big fans of Liaoning basketball team. They came to Hu Yi and Wang Hongs home together with Lao Li and other fans to cheer for Liaoning mens basketball team in front of the TV. CBA is finally back in the game. Im very excited. I havent played for a long time. Liaoning basketball is still playing a little tight, but the teams spirit is strong. I believe it will come out of the low. Wang Zhongxing said.

Liaolan played very tenacious in this game, especially at the end of the game, the players showed their desire to win, which Hu Yi also saw in his eyes. In an interview with Shenyang evening news and all media reporter of Shenyang daily, he said, I havent played in such a long time, but the first game is mainly to exercise and find the state.. We also know that liaolan has been actively training after the suspension of the league. It doesnt matter if we lose one game. We will try our best in the next game. The fans are always supporting them, no matter whether they succeed or not, with Liaotong.

Li Qingshi, full media reporter of Shenyang evening news and Shenyang daily