La Liga - bitolo substitutes for Atletico Madrid 1-0 win over Valladolid to third place

 La Liga - bitolo substitutes for Atletico Madrid 1-0 win over Valladolid to third place

The fourth minute, Waldo Rubio around Thomas after the long-range attack, was obruck flying out. In the fifth minute, Felix knocked on the right side, ereira crossed the penalty area, and moratas header was slightly off the baseline. The 23rd minute, ereira points the ball, Felix pushes to the top of the arc forward volley the goal deviated from the bottom line.

In the 30th minute, Waldo Rubios left wing was long and slanted to the top of the arc, and Matthews Fernandezs low shot missed the baseline. In the 34th minute, tripiers corner pass was cleared, and ereira shot far beyond the penalty area. The 36th minute, luerente arc receives Felix to pass after the volley attack the gate, is blocked by the defensive player. Then baladolide counterattacked, elbias sent zhisai, Sergi Guardiola pushed the attack door was stopped by obrak. The 45th minute, Jimenez straight into the restricted area, Kalou - Diaz rushed to catch the ball in front of the touch of luerente confiscated the ball.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides. In the 48th minute, Michel Jaro shot far beyond the bar. In the 49th minute, Felix took the ball from the top of the arc to avoid the blocking of the defensive player and then volleyed into the goal to hit high. The 51st minute, Sanchez left long pass restricted area, morata header hit the door deviated from the bottom line. The 54th minute, Thomas cross the middle of the cross, luerente low shot outside, kick too is being confiscated by Kalou - DIAS. The 70th minute, cork straight into the restricted area, Diego Costa with the ball to shake the goalkeeper and send the ball into the empty door, but the referee whistle signal offside first, the goal is invalid.

The 80th minute, Thomas long-range attack by Kalou - Diaz struggling to save the bottom line. In the left corner pass of Atletico, Diego Costa headed the ferry, bitolo headed the ball behind and the defender headed the ball on the goal line. The referee confirmed by VAR that the ball had crossed the goal line as a whole, and Atletico scored a goal, leading 1-0.

In the 87th minute, Michel Jarrow crossed the goal, and unair headed the goal high. During the stoppage period, Diego Costa made a single stab into the forbidden area and was pushed out by the goalkeeper. The referee then whistled for offside. In the end, Atletico won 1-0 against balladolide.

Atletico Madrid (442): 13-obruck / 35 manu Sanchez, 22 ermoso, 2-jimenez, 23 tripir / 11 Lemar (576-cork), 16 ereira (5721-carrasco), 5 Thomas, 7 Felix (6410-corea) / 14 Llorente (7320-bitolo), 9 morata (6419-diego Costa)

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