How did the arrow shoot in the CBA rematch?

 How did the arrow shoot in the CBA rematch?

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Massage, play games, fake dummies! Chinas first professional league returned to work, it is so operation

Because it looks like a diamond when it is built, Qingdao citizens prefer to call Guoxin Gymnasium Diamond Gymnasium. Since Qingdao decided to host the CBA semi-finals, it has become the focus of the whole Chinese sports industry.

At 11 a.m. on the 20th, diamond ushered in the first match after the CBA semi-finals, with Tongxi and Guangxia playing against both sides. The night before, the 66 person event broadcast team rehearsed until midnight before returning to the hotel. This CBA will not only broadcast on multiple platforms in China, but also sell well overseas. Some countries in the United States and Europe have purchased the copyright. After all, it is one of the few basketball games in the world, which requires us to provide higher quality broadcast content than usual. This time, we have joined 12 TV stations to form an elite team to be responsible for the live broadcast Second round. Jiao Shaohui, the leader of the broadcasting team in the Qingdao area of the CBA rematch, said.

Compared with the ordinary relay teams in the previous League, the number of relay teams in the rematch has doubled, and the number of focus sessions has reached 18, and each slot has playback function. At the same time, the site facilities are upgraded. Before the resumption of the competition, Guoxin gymnasium has been laid with new floors. Added a large electronic screen on site. At the same time, because of the empty match, the CBA official specially decorated the audience seats covered by the camera of the broadcasting stand with the billboards. There are also media in the hot speculation of plush toys, jerseys, vertical washing free disinfectant machine and so on.

Compared with the visible changes of these TV viewers, the upgrading of diamond is more reflected in the off-site. Guoxin gymnasium has been closed during the competition. Entering the arena, temperature measurement and security check are all routine operations. The activity areas of green and yellow certificates have been clearly divided, and no one can cross the minefield for half a step. I know you are familiar with the players, but you cant interview the players alone after the game! Guo Rui, a CBA staff member who is in charge of connecting with the media, constantly reminds the old stories on the sidelines.

Three hotels were expropriated in CBA. Two of the hotels are located in Guoxin Park, less than 500 meters away from diamond. The management of the hotel is completely consistent with that of the venue. In addition to the closed management and no external business, the number of people entering and leaving the hotel will be limited as much as possible, and the hotel will be divided into zones, certificates and no cross. In addition, all the people who stayed in the hotel were tested for nucleic acid at the first time after they stayed in the hotel, and all of them enjoyed the service of delivering meals in the room before the results were out.

In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the CBA semi-final really encouraged the whole society. But everyone knows that epidemic prevention is still the top priority of CBAs rematch work. This is also an important reason for CBA to choose empty field and match system. As Yao said, there are too many uncertainties in the epidemic situation, and CBA insists that the replay bears too much significance, which is a test that can not be missed..

This time, as long as the personnel with yellow card can not leave the hotel at will without necessary reasons. Before the nucleic acid test results come out, you cant leave the room and wait for the nucleic acid test results to come out. If there is no problem, there will be a designated bus to the stadium. Guo Rui and every local reporter in Qingdao communicated and explained before the competition.

We can only come as required. After all, its a special period. We can understand the difficulty of CBA semi-finals. To be honest, its also the work of countless people. The epidemic has been repeated, and we are nervous. Now such closed management is also an inevitable change.

The sudden change of the epidemic situation makes CBA semi-finals strive to be perfect in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention. After each match, the elimination of the game has become a compulsory course for the epidemic prevention personnel. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, air conditioning is not allowed in the venue. After killing, the venue is too wet and slippery. Guoxin gymnasium temporarily found four large blowers to blow to the venue.

After the press conference after each game, there are also special epidemic prevention personnel who will disinfect the table and chair microphones. After the first match and before the second press conference, Cui Wanjun, the coach of Nanjing Tongxi team, nodded silently after waiting for the anti epidemic personnel to finish the operation.

Before the game, on behalf of Tongxi team, I would like to pay tribute to all the staff on the anti epidemic front line. Its not easy to resume the game. In case of repeated epidemic, both the Basketball Association and the competition area have done a lot of work. Thank you! Cuis sincere words represent the hearts and minds of coaches and players.

There is a kind of power that no one can resist. It never fails. It is born stubborn. There is an ideal that lights up the confusion in the place full of glory... The music combination South march north war of this song born stubborn.. Its the live music often played in the Qingdao area of the CBA rematch. Especially before every match, with those wonderful scenes about fighting against the epidemic and the competition in the CBA rematch propaganda film, its really exciting and at the same time its not easy to sigh about the rematch.

CBAs comeback is of far-reaching strategic significance to comprehensively promote the resumption of work and production and restore the order of life. Its social impact has gone beyond basketball itself. Yao Mings words sound a little difficult to understand. But to put it simply, the CBA rematch is not only a matter of Chinese sports, CBA competition has also surpassed the league level. Therefore, Yao Ming will arrive in Qingdao overnight on the 19th by bullet train when the flight is cancelled. It appeared in Guoxin gymnasium early on the 20th. He raised the national flag, mourned with his team members, and raised his arms to pay homage to the anti epidemic hero.

Of course, the team coach who hasnt played in five months is the one who can feel the difficulty of the rematch. Although most teams dont have foreign players, the strength and state of all teams in the first day of the match was amazing. There are a lot of moving changes in the game. For example, in the past, some players fell to the ground, basically the players on our side reached up. But in all games after the rematch, as long as there are players in the end, no matter whether they are our players or the other players, everyone will reach out.

The epidemic situation has changed a lot, and we have considered a lot. We have been confused and anxious, so we can realize the difficulty of the rematch. Whats more, during the outbreak, lets all realize that all players are a big family. We need to work together to play the game well and to all the people who can afford to contribute to the fight against the epidemic. A player preached.

The difference between the second round match and the previous one is also reflected in foreign aid. Despite the lack of those dozen or twenty people, the general view is that the absence of foreign aid is likely to make the game less exciting. But after the first day of the semi-finals, everyone found that this kind of worry was totally unnecessary.

Such a game also gives CBA League a lot of confidence in the future reform of League foreign aid policy.

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