White Houses anti science bias intensified the US epidemic rebound

 White Houses anti science bias intensified the US epidemic rebound

In the past week, 10 states in the United States have reported a sharp rise in new cases. As states struggled to cope with the rebound, President trump set a very bad example by holding large campaign rallies and refusing to wear masks in public, ignoring the advice of medical experts. Fudge, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, pointed out that the first phase of the epidemic in the United States is not over yet, and the widespread anti scientific prejudice in the society has seriously hindered the anti epidemic efforts. The existence of these problems makes the anti epidemic process of the United States difficult.

u25b3 according to the Washington Post, many states in the United States will force the wearing of masks

The multi state outbreak rebounded, and fudge said the first stage is not over

Local media reported that 10 states in the United States had a record breaking one-day increase this week. Even research institutions predict that the death toll in the United States may exceed 200000 by October 1. As for the current situation, when participating in the online activities of the U.S. Department of health and human services on the 17th, Fudge said that the U.S. epidemic situation is still severe and still in the process of fighting the first batch of epidemic. Although the epidemic situation in New York and other places has eased, other states still face a sharp increase in the number of confirmed cases and hospital admissions, which is not optimistic.

Multi state willful restart is an important reason for the deterioration of the epidemic. In Florida, for example, it was restarted as early as May 4, and it was one of the first areas to return to work. However, although the federal government requires a state to return to work on the premise of ensuring that the trend of epidemic mitigation is observed for two weeks, the state fails to comply with the regulation and insists on returning to work early. Now the outbreak has deteriorated dramatically, making it a national focus.

Cindy prince, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Florida, said most people in the state had been exhausted after three months of isolation and even those in the hardest hit areas were numb to the threat of the virus. In addition, the states farmers often take crowded buses; some cities are mostly immigrants, they are always in a crowded and closed environment; and the state has the highest proportion of the elderly population in the United States Together, these factors contributed to the deterioration of the epidemic.

Fudge believes that as the States continue to restart, the trend of the epidemic is unpredictable and there are many uncertainties. The trend of the anti epidemic process will change with the capacity of the hospital, the outbreak of seasonal influenza, the research and development of vaccines and drugs, the effectiveness of medical measures, detection methods, isolation and tracking measures and other factors. At present, it seems that the United States has not yet reduced the number of cases in the first outbreak to a controllable range, so there is no second outbreak.

The Huffington Post reported that Florida has broken the record of confirmed cases in one day, and experts say it may become the next disaster area

Anti scientific prejudice prevails, and the White House leads the way

As for the reason that the United States has long been ranked as the most serious epidemic area in the world, Fudge said on the 17th that the anti scientific prejudice of American society. He said that the United States faced a major problem, that is, people have an anti scientific bias, and for some reasons, sometimes it has reached an unimaginable and unreasonable level, they do not believe in science, do not believe in authority..

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, trump even said that the role of virus detection measures had been overstated. However, medical professionals have said more than once that testing people who have close contact with patients is an important means to track the flow of the virus and control its spread. In addition, trump suspected that people wore masks not to fight against the virus, but to express their opposition to him. All kinds of words and deeds not only reflect the anti scientific prejudice, but also play a negative leading role.

u25b3 CNN reported that fudge called anti scientific prejudice a major problem in the United States

Fudge once criticized Trumps strange talk in an interview. He said that trump must have heard many important suggestions from medical experts during the outbreak, but he repeatedly left them behind and firmly believed that experts had so-called ambition and self-interest, which further affected his decision-making. Fudge also targeted the trump campaign rally to be held on the 20th, calling on people not to participate, even if they must go, they must wear masks.

As a result, when some people see authorities speaking at the White House, they will ignore or deny the information they receive for no reason. The same is true for those anti vaccine molecules - even though scientific data have long proved the safety of vaccines, many Americans still insist on not getting them. Its a very regrettable mindset because we all know that science is right and trustworthy, fouch commented

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