Meat factory infected with epidemic disease, frozen food with virus Can the mystery of the new crown be solved?

 Meat factory infected with epidemic disease, frozen food with virus Can the mystery of the new crown be solved?

According to the latest environmental sampling results of the new market released by Beijing disease control department, there are more positive samples in the comprehensive trading hall, especially in the partial sales areas of aquatic products and bean products, which cause serious environmental pollution.

Almost at the same time, overseas seafood industry and meat processing plants also exposed a number of cases of collective infection of new coronavirus.

Recently, a large number of workers in many seafood factories in the United States have been infected with the new coronavirus: three seafood workers in Bristol Bay, Alaska, have been tested positive for the new coronavirus; a seafood company in Oregon has also been infected, and more than 120 employees have been tested positive for the virus.

In South Korea, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in many of the Department of Marine Fisheries in shonchung, and the route of infection is not yet clear.

In addition, in the near future, there are also joint meat factories.

In the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and other places, meat processing enterprises have been repeatedly infected, and the number of people infected in a joint factory in Germany has risen to more than 700.

Coincidentally, when the outbreak broke out in Wuhan at the end of last year, a large number of confirmed cases also appeared in the seafood market in South China.

In addition, when French doctors retested the nucleic acid samples of last years patients, they found that a new coronavirus test was positive in a sample of patients without Chinese travel history. The patient was thought to be patient zero in France, and his identity was a fishmonger.

According to some previous epidemiologists, there are two possibilities: the contaminated seafood or meat food is transported to the market through the cold chain, or the infected people from the epidemic area cause the spread.

And the survey data also shows that the people infected in the new market are relatively concentrated in the aquatic products counter of beef and mutton hall. .

On June 13, Beijing Xinfadi wholesale market was temporarily closed, and the police carried out traffic control around it. Photographed by Zhang Yu, reporter of China News Agency

Seafood market or just virus distribution center

The analysis of the environment of these outbreaks is almost inseparable from the same link - cold chain transportation.

Low temperature is exactly the environment that new coronavirus likes.

According to the guidelines for public prevention of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus issued by China Center for Disease Control and prevention, human coronavirus is more sensitive to heat, and its resistance will decrease with the increase of temperature. In the appropriate maintenance solution at 4 u2103, human coronavirus can maintain moderate stability, and in the environment of - 60 u2103, the storage time can reach several years.

The gene sequence of the new coronavirus in Beijing has been uploaded and shared, which shows that it is closely related to the new coronavirus strain in Europe, who officials said Tuesday. At present, there are different virus strains spreading, which does not mean that the disease is from Europe, but it is likely that the virus was imported from outside Beijing.

On the other hand, the epidemic in the farmers market and meat processing factory has a close relationship with its own working environment.

Similarly, the merchants working in the farmers market are faced with similar problems: the staff touch the contaminated products by hand, rub their nose and eyes, they will be infected, and the dense flow of people in the market accelerates the spread of the epidemic.

Wu Guizhen, chief biosafety expert of China CDC and Secretary of the Party committee of the Institute of Virology, once analyzed that the outbreak rebounded in Beijing and was also concentrated in the wholesale market, but unlike the South China seafood market in Wuhan, the possibility of wild animals causing the outbreak in Beijing is very small.

This gives us a very important hint: is it possible that the source of transmission is an infected person or contaminated food, and the environment of the seafood market has created opportunities for rapid transmission.

In this way, places like seafood market may only be a huge transfer hub for viruses.

The mystery of the new crown is still puzzling

In view of the epidemic situation in Xinfadi, scientists have recently analyzed a variety of possible transmission paths: the virus lurks in the imported frozen food, because it has not evolved; the virus lurks in the dark and humid environment such as the wholesale market of agricultural products in Xinfadi, which has not been disinfected or sterilized, and suddenly exposed to infect people within a certain period of time, resulting in slow evolution, etc Wait.

After the outbreak of the new market in Beijing, the agricultural products market has almost overnight become a new target for epidemic prevention and control all over the country. Large scale investigation has been carried out rapidly, nucleic acid testing has been carried out for market practitioners, and sampling and screening has been carried out for the market environment.

At the same time, the foreign defense input should not only keep people but also goods.

In response to the recent clustering infection in Beijing, the General Administration of Customs has deployed the national customs to carry out new coronavirus risk monitoring on fresh and cold chain products from countries or regions with high risk of epidemic, such as aquatic products, meat, frozen vegetables, aquatic animals, short-term or low-temperature transport industrial products and other imported commodities.

In addition, since June 17, Chinese customs has suspended the export of products from a German pork slaughtering and its segmentation and refrigeration enterprises to China.

For individuals, although there is no evidence of infection through eating food (including seafood products), the CDC has suggested that in order to reduce the possible risk, people should not touch raw fish and meat when buying food.

The concealment and tenacity of the new coronavirus are beyond peoples cognition. For human beings, to know new crown may be doomed to be a journey against the wind. (end)

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